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Cover Controversy by Tracy Hackler
October 23, 2007, 10:54 am
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This is a tough time to be selecting a cover for Beckett Baseball. Our December issue goes to the printer on Friday, at which point just two games of the World Series will have been played. Too early to honor the champs this time around and the January issue will be too late. What to do, what to do?

How’s this for a solution: We’ll put the World Series winner on the cover of the next Beckett Baseball Card Plus (it worked wonders for our Cardinals cover last year) and do something quite controversial for December Baseball. 

For just the third time in our history (and the first time since 1986), we’re putting Pete Rose on cover. That’s right, one of the biggest lightning rods in the history of professional sports will grace the December issue — and for good reason. In early November, the first Rose certified autograph and memorabilia trading ever produced are set to hit the market in the Sportkings product.

Our hunch is that these cards will create lots of attention and hype and cause people to spend lots of money, kind of like the man they honor.

So there, the cat’s out of the bag. In the next few days we’ll settle on a cover blurb for this beauty. Perhaps you have a suggestion? If so, please add it in a comment. Trust me, we stare at these things long enough in the days before deadline that everything stops making sense. Your clarity would be appreciated. Send your input here.

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Are we crazy? Pete Rose on the cover? Outstanding!

Comment by Tracy Hackler

Looks like an intersting issue.
How about “The Return of Charlie Hustle”.

Comment by Shawn

It’s good to see an ‘unsafe’ pick for the cover. Could some small-market-team love be next?

Comment by Chris Olds

From a PR standpoint I think running covers like this is a great idea. It gets people talking and it also lets people know that his autos and cards will be good investments if that is the route they follow. Maybe we could let a few hot quotes slip through the editing process to really stir the pot.

Comment by Elon Werner

He’s Baaack!

Comment by JeanneLee

very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

Comment by Melina

You made the right choice on the December cover.

If you want investments – get a mutual fund.
If you want a hobby – collect cards.

NEVER mix the two.

Comment by JRJ

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