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Beckett Monthly? Yes, Beckett Monthly. by Pepper Hastings
January 2, 2008, 2:25 pm
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There are clues to the future in the ad below, but you have to look at the fine print.

The ad will appear in the February issues of Beckett monthly magazines. Besides those of us inside Beckett HQ, you blog readers are the first consumers to know. We told you things would change in 2008. Click on the image below for a close look and read the fine print if you really want to be in the know. 


Questions or Comments? Post below.

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So are you doing away with the Football Plus? Kinda sounds like it to me

Comment by Todd

It may sound like we are doing away with the Pluses but we are really enhancing their content with more editorial. We will have the monthly multi-sport covering all the hot collector trends and new products for all sports. In addition to the Monthly, we’ll have sport specific plus-sized magazines for all the big four (football, baseball, basketball, and hockey) that will have Plus-size price guides as well as more editorial than you are used to seeing in the current Plus structure. Beckett Baseball, etc., lives on…just with more pricing than ever before.

Comment by Elon Werner

I have a Beckett Baseball subscription that’s paid until 2009. What magazine will I be receiving? And will I have a choice?

Comment by Chris Harris

If I understand you correctly, this sounds like an amazing change. Now here is how I understand this. First off, the monthly and plus magazines will not be cut off, but taken down to every two months. But to make up for it, there is more content. And the Sports Card Monthly takes the general content from all the current monthlys and puts it into one, right?

The only backdraw I see is subscription. I currently get my Becketts through my dad who has a baseball only subscription. Now it seems that to get everything, we’ll have to subscribe to both baseball and sports. Please do let me know if any of my understanding is inaccurate.


Comment by Andrew Harner

Andrew, you almost got it nailed. The Monthly and the PLUS for each sport will now be ONE big magazine for each sport, six times annually. Huge, Plus-like price guides with Monthly-like editorial. Current, vintage and in-between dated cards will be priced just like you are used to getting — in traditional Beckett price guide style.

Sports Card Monthly is ALL-sports and the NEW, hot releases. Graphic price guides, player price guides, more Hot Lists and charts. Online support. All the new stuff, every month, for all sports, in one place.

Comment by Pepper Hastings

Hey Pepper,

Thanks for the quick response. I like the idea so far, but the answer to my next question could change it.

What are the prices of these new magazines? That is, if they have been determined yet.

Comment by Andrew Harner


Sports Card Monthly, $7.99 (compared to $20 to buy all four current sports monthlies)

Beckett “single sport” bi-monthy, $9.99 (compared to $15 for the current single sport monthly AND the PLUS).

All of these offerings will be close to 200 pages, depending on advertising.

Comment by Pepper Hastings

Sorry that I have so many questions :)

Now what will happen if you are subscribed to just baseball monthly? Do you get the rest of the year for the price you paid and then an increased rate next year?

And do the individual sport magazines have a set name or are they still Plus?


Comment by Andrew Harner

Andrew Harner Says:

January 2, 2008 at 4:45 pm e

Sorry that I have so many questions… the individual sport magazines have a set name or are they still Plus?……..

ANSWER: The individual sport magazines are called Beckett Baseball, Beckett Football, etc. Bob with subscriptions will have answers about that aspect. — Pepper


Mario C. Says:

January 2, 2008 at 4:46 pm e

Well, is the single sport going to be for baseball and only every other month?

ANSWER: There will be a single sport publication for baseball, another one for football, another one for basketball, and still another one for hockey. Each will publish six times annually, and ONLY cover in detail that particular sport and the hobby that surrounds it. — Pepper

Comment by Pepper Hastings

I like the fact that the Plus guides will be bi-monthly now, although I’ll believe more editorial content when I see it.

However, I think if you are planning to turn your monthly into a magazine that looks suspiciously like Tuff Stuff and then charge two bucks more then they do more per issue, you’re going to have problems there. Of course Tuff Stuff could decide to raise their prices to $7.99 an issue too and then you’d be golden. Good luck though, like I said I’m happy about the changes to Plus.

Comment by dayf

I’ll give this the benefit of the doubt until I actually see it. One of the things I liked about the baseball magazine is that it was monthly. I do like the idea of the expanded edition with more articles, editorial, pricing and pictures.

The online edition of “New Release Pricing” should be free or the exclusiveness should be cut down considerably to compensate for the loss of the monthly and the additional cost of the magazine.

I hope this gamble pays off. I really do, or Beckett is going to have a lot of disgruntled readers or ex-readers as the case may be.

Comment by Steve G.

From what I understand, the cheapest Beckett you can get will be priced at $7.99 for the multisport variety. Unfortunately, the cheapest sports specific Beckett will cost at least $10 and will only come out six times a year, under the guise it will be configurated like the way the ‘Plus’ versions of the monthy magazines are right now.

It is likely a possibility but let’s hope there are less instances where articles in the multisport variety are reprinted for the specific sports versions of the magazines, like what has been typically done with the current ‘Plus’ magazines.

Comment by Larry

I do not mean any disrespect with this question, so please do not take it as such.

The assigned value to cards in the price guide is already well behind market trends with a monthly release. How do you expect to be anywhere near market value with a bimonthly release?

Many collectors rely on Beckett to show a fair value point, but if only updated bimonthly, your pricing would seem to fall even further behind.

In other words, suppose you release an issue in April. In late April a rookie explodes and his cards skyrocket. It will be June before you can update the collectors on this, by which time he may have cooled off.

How can you deal with this dissatisfaction?

Comment by Therion

Therion, to answer your question… For your example of the “hot” player we offer the Online Price Guide (OPG) which is the most dynamic pricing in the industry. For a single sport a monthly subscription will set you back $5.99 and there is no monthly minimum.

If you want to have a printed product an exploding rookie in any sport will get coverage in the multi-sport. You will also get additional info in the sport specific is this rookie continues to rise or if he/she drops of the radar.

I know many of you have questions but we have spent about a year looking at all the possible ways to get collectors the best and most relevant information in a timely manner and still continue to have a profitable business.

Yes, Beckett Media is in business to make money. That should not surprise anyone. We do take our commitment to provide collectors with the best pricing information very, very seriously. We want to make the customers happy. This will no doubt be a learning curve and there will be some bumps in the road.

No print magazine is 100% accurate all the time. We are lucky enough to have a great website to supplement our print product. We have more ways to get you up to the minute collectible information than anyone else in teh entire hobby.

Comment by Elon Werner

Larry- You have touched on one of the biggest plusses with the new structure. We will have new content everywhere. There will not ne reprints (unless requested) from one title to another. In all honesty in past years we have picked up a story or two or three from one title to the next. There were a number of reasons for this from manpower to deadlines to perceived importance of the title.

The multi-sport will have all new content and the sport specific titles might expand on some of the multi-sport topics but it will not be a regurgitation of stories.

Comment by Elon Werner

Biggest unanswered question; what happens to those who already have paid subscriptions?

Comment by Bradd

Bob Richardson our director of subscriptions will be posting a subscriber update today. We do have a plan and we think it is more than fair. This has been one of the most discussed topics inside the building. The biggest questoin has revolved around teh hardcore baseball collector. Would they rather get tons of baseball only information every other month or get all the hot baseball info monthly and have it be not quite as deep? Your thoughts?

Comment by Elon Werner

Chris Harris asks: I have a Beckett Baseball subscription that’s paid until 2009. What magazine will I be receiving? And will I have a choice?

Answer: Subscribers to the current Baseball, Basketball and Football monthly magazines will automatically receive the new Beckett Sports Card Monthly beginning with the premier issue. We will transfer the entire value of the current subscription to that title. If you subscribe to more than one of the titles, the subscriptions will be combined so you will not lose any value. Of course you will have the choice of transfering back to any of the sport-specific titles, but we encourage you to give the new magazine a chance. We think you will really like it.

Bob Richardson
Subscription Manager

Comment by Bob Richardson

So I just got my Baseball Card Plus renewed for all of 2008, how does this effect me? Am I getting the Beckett Baseball now?

Comment by Zack E.

Zack – All subscribers to the current Baseball, Basketball and Football Card Plus magazines will keep getting those magazines. The titles will change (“Card Plus” will be dropped) and we will be adding some features, but for the most part they will maintain the existing format: comprehensive pricing for the sport.


Comment by Bob Richardson

Zack, also those magazines will come out seasonally. If you are getting baseball you’ll get more magazines during baseball season and you may not get more than one during the offseason. You’ll get six a year but just not one every other month. This was another decision to make sure that the people that were interested in the sports specific titles got better (and more timely) information when the products they were collecting were coming out.

Comment by Elon Werner

What about hockey?

Comment by lc1967

Oh, I don’t know about that not every other month policy. If someone only gets baseball, they may have to go 3-4 months without updated pricing and new release info from you guys? That’s kind of a bummer for those folks.

Comment by Andrew Harner

Baseball will come out on the following schedule:

Cover Date, On Sale Date
February, Jan 16
March, Feb 13
April/May, March 26
June/July, May 28
Aug/Sept, June 25
Oct/Nov, Sept 24
Dec/Jan, Nov 26

Also, we will continue to have free news stories online at as well as the blog. The OPG will always be available, too. I also don’t want to forget about the message boards and pricing forums as a viable option for information.

Comment by Elon Werner

I used to get this monthly sport card magazine . . . it was called TuffStuff! :)

I like the idea of getting the baseball football mag. every other month with more content and articles. Anyway the baseball and football mags could alternate months – so the two most popular are hitting our mailboxes at the same time??

No one should use the mags for the latest, up to the minute price quote. Use it as a guide and go online if you need the latest volatile quote. Just like you wouldn’t use last month’s newspaper to find a stock quote for purchase/sale today.

Comment by JRJ

K1967 asked about Hockey.

Hockey is a little different. Beckett Sports Card Monthly will focus to a large extent on Baseball, Basketball and Football. Other sports, including Hockey, will be added when appropriate. For that reason, subscribers to our Hockey monthly magazine and our Hockey Card Plus will receive the new Hockey magazine. Again, full value for the current subscription will be retained. Of course they will also have the option of transferring to Sports Card Monthly if they want to try it.

Bob Richardson

Comment by Bob Richardson

Elon Werner Says:
“I also don’t want to forget about the message boards and pricing forums as a viable option for information.”

Does this mean that Pricing information will be allowed to be discussed on the message boards? Currently any discussion of pricing of individual cards is a suspendable offence.

Comment by OC

I lost interest in Beckett’s publishings along time ago. It is not as interesting to read anymore, and I found more interest in its articles many years ago. First and Biggest, Why get rid of the Super Collector Section? I always had great fun looking at that section. I just feel it has gotten to dry and the article to advertisements ratio is way to off balanced. I used to look at my Becketts for hours on end in High school many years ago, now I look at it and within 10 to 15 minutes after being pulled from my mail box it is in my filing cabinet and usually stays in there until I get next months and then it is in the trash.

Comment by 952melvin

For about the last six months we have had forums on the message boards for each sport where pricing is discussed and Beckett editors and analysts try and answer questions.

Comment by Elon Werner

Will the OPG for a single sport still be updated monthly along with each multi-sport issue, or will the OPG for a single sport be updated each time the bigger sport-specific magazine goes out? That would also apply to New Release Pricing (NRP) as well.

Comment by Scott Pitner

I haven’t collected cards in years for 2 reasons: 1) the cost of the cards went up too much, and 2) there were just too many different types of cards out there. I long for the 1980s when there was just Topps, Donruss, and Fleer.

Comment by thewritersjourney

I don’t know if I like this new idea. The monthly magazine already lagged a little bit, and it sounds like a 2 month old magazine will be much worse. Unless the first couple issues really impress me, I’ll be letting my subscription run out without renewal.

I think I have 12 months left on my current Beckett Baseball subscription. Based on the the new plan for subscribers, does that mean I will only get 6 more issues or because the new magazine is more expensive, I’ll only get less than 6 more issues before my subscription ends? I don’t understand what bob meant by “matching value”. I highly doubt I’ll get 12 more issues since the magazine is going 6 times a year instead of 12.

IMHO, what should have been done is stay monthly, rip out of the dated, big-time pared down price guide section and replace it with more editorial content (player profiles, prospect profiles, more release previews and box breaks that don’t seem to make the Beckett Baseball the way it currently is, etc). The only thing price guide related that should stay is the Market Watch/Top Sales.

Comment by Roberts.

I was considering cancelling my baseball subscription next time it was up because of the ridiculous inclusion of nascar card/die-cast pricing for two reasons. One-Baseball is refered to as the “thinking mans sport”, what does the thinking man have in common w/ a NASCAR fan??? Two-The inclusion of the pages devoted to said prices cut the graded card price section down to half a page! BGS & PSA graded cards are a huge part of the hobby and it is irritating as a graded card collector to see this section essentially cut down to nothing when it is of the most interest to me and I’m sure many others. Since Beckett grades cards you would think there would be more interest in promoting that aspect of the hobby,right? Also, the addition of scantily dressed and voluptuous women in ads within the last year do nothing to endear your hobby to parents and the supposed movement to make the hobby more kid friendly.
What can we expect from the coming baseball issues in regards to grading prices and inappropriate ads? Thanks,Rick.

Comment by Rick Chessman

Combining Beckett monthly magazines would be like combining Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy…you just wouldnt’ do it.

The mags (and website) definitely need to be changed and upgraded: more editorial content, more player interviews, more “in the trench” coverage of and from both sides of the hobby (collectors and manufacturers/dealers), more coverage of hot cards that AREN’T Babe Ruth Cut Sigs.

Like a few others, I am only interested in baseball cards. I’ve been a regular reader of Beckett baseball for years. Personally, I don’t even like it when golf cards are covered in the baseball mag so I’m fairly certain that I won’t like the “all sports” combined monthly mag.

I take a quick look at the baseball section of Tuff Stuff at my local Barnes & Noble, then buy the monthly Beckett Baseball. However, I don’t buy Tuff Stuff and doubt that I’ll buy the combined monthly Beckett mag.

Again, the mags need to be changed but it’s this collector’s opinion that combining all sports under one cover isn’t the answer. Give me MORE baseball content, not more of everything else!

Comment by Dave C

I think that a monthly content of all 4 major sports is a fantastic idea. As a profiteer and collector I would love to be able to have it all under the title of one beckett magazine. Theres nothing I hate more then having stacks of current becketts and having to flip back and forth through them when I am looking through my cards.

I think the Bi-Monthyl issues for each sport is a fair move as well. Most collectors are looking for the newer releases. which will be included in the monthly, the regular sports issued will now be a Plus sized combination, so, essentially, every two months you can see your Kellogs Rice Krispie George Brett and your Hostess Cup Cake Don Mattingly Cards still suck and will never go up in value.

Of course, Beckett and the secondary market are always about 50/50 from eachother. Thats the sort of change I would like to see. Sure, My Patrick Kane Young Guns is valued at $100.00, but I’d be thankful to get $50.00 for it on E-bay. Thats the only real problem I see, the value needs to be balnced for the obvious blast from the secondary market. Of course, it is Becketts fault, it’s the card manufacturers – well, we can’t win em all.

Kepp up the good work over there guys. I’ll still be plodding along, buying cards and reading the guides, however many you are issuing out there.


Comment by John M. Scrudder

Roberts. : As a Baseball subscriber, you will automatically be transferred to the Beckett Sports Card Monthly beginning with the premier issue. As the title implies, it is a monthly magazine so the information will be as current as it has always been. Subscribers will have choices. You can opt for the Baseball magazine, which will look much like the current Plus magazine. Either way, you will not lose any of the value of your subscription. The number of issues you receive may decrease, but in most cases it will not be more than an issue or two. Thanks for being willing to give the new title a try.

Bob Richardson

Comment by Bob Richardson

I’d love to see the market research results that led to this decision. Who’s collecting these days? Is it the group that is commonly referenced: the mid-30’s-to-mid-50’s guys who never lost their childhood passion? Do collectors focus on one sport or do they collect “anything and everything”?

For the record, I fall into the almost-mid-30’s bucket and also fall into the “never lost my childhood passion for cards” category. Per my previous post, I also only collect cards for one sport, baseball.

What about the rest of you?

Comment by Dave ©

Where will be the Racing prices? I miss the Beckett Racing Monthly.

Comment by Richard

Since I just renewed my platinum membership in December 2007, what does this change mean to my subscriptions? I am suppose to receive FOUR (4) subscriptions with this highest level Beckett membership, but I am understanding now I will only receive ONE (1)? How is this an improvement to not only my dedication to Beckett, but Beckett’s dedication to the hobby?

Will Beckett be doing something for Platinum members who paid AND expected to received FOUR (4) publications? With a value of $20 per month for the four being reduced to a value of $7.99 for ONE, it seems the only person getting short-changed are those who subscribe directly to your publications? I beleive some sort of compensation (i.e., subscription extensions, grading certificates, etc.) are in order for your platinum members.

It just does not seem like a wise business decision and I am sure it will affect future publication memberships. I know I will have to study the platinum membership very closely in the future before renewing it again. I look forward to your response.

Beckett ID: skoaf

Comment by Steve

If I understand this right, there will be 2 sets of magazines: one, a sport-specific magazine published 6 times per year, and also a monthly “all-sports” magazine? Where I collect only hockey, I really am not interested in seeing the other sports included. It’s tough enough now where hockey is the least covered of the 4 major professional sports, and to not have a specific collector’s magazine dedicated to the sport will mean that many of us will be looking at just the ultra-high end cards (the lack of coverage is also the reason why I no longer subscribe to Sports Illustrated). Hopefully, you’re keeping the separate magazines…

Comment by Matt Tella

Looks like you shot yourself in the foot on this one. I will not be renewing my Beckett Hockey. Why wait two months for a magazine with outdated material? I believe most collectors out there collect one sport passionately and lumping everything together will just alienate your membership. As it is now you can’t even get good coverage on Nascar. But like Richardson said in a roundabout way its all about the almighty buck!

Comment by LJ

I am on the fence as to whether I like this or not. I do collect from the 3 major sports so the 1 magazine would be beneficial for the new stuff. However since the multi sport magazine focuses on only the new stuff, I wouldn’t be able to see if my Lebron RC’s have increased in the book. Same w/ any baseball or football card that isn’t a new product. Therefore, not only would I have buy the multi sport but I would also have to buy the plus magazine for each sport. I’m not a fan of that.

As for the guy that asked about graded price guide: I myself don’t like the graded stuff. I think it takes away from the card and its the main reason why this has gone from a hobby to a business. Anyways, since the graded card industry is such a big part of collecting, why not have a magazine that is multi sports that is nothing but graded cards??

This move makes me wonder how Beckett is financially. All of this cutting costs and condensing everything makes me wonder how steady they are. Its quite obvious that ebay has taken some business from them b/c alot of people gauge prices from ebay sales and not beckett. I liked beckett better when there were more articles about the industry, a new product break or people’s super collection. They have totally gone away from that and this seems to be another step in that direction. I will be curious as to how this turns out.

Comment by John

The Hockey Monthly mag already stunk and is WAY WAY behind on pricing, getting one every two months just pricing will be even more realistic. Time to switch to Tuff Stuff. I will not spend another penny on Beckett mags.

Comment by John J.

As usual hockey gets the shaft. Beckett is just creating an opening for some other company to put out a hockey pricing guide. Any takers?

As far as the duplicating content, get a few freelancers. I can usually get them for $30-50 an article and for a company like Beckett with quite the following, it shouldn’t cost even that much.

Then again, considering the quality of some of the articles the last few months, including the Female collector rant, maybe you are wise in just folding the tent and moving on to sports that people in Dallas can actually understand.

Comment by Dawley Edwards

I just got a subscription for baseball monthly for 12 months(12 subsriptions not 6)Will I be getting 24 months then.?if not I did not get “The Deal” that was inside the beckett ,instead I think I got taken.Beckett should of let people know before they bought the magizine. The price guide should be monthly because the price of a card changes fast and by time you wait two months for a hot cards price,you will be left out of getting that card cheap.

Comment by Joe D

What happen with the people like me who got 12 issues of beckett for Christmas for “the deal “in the beckett baseball monthly .We paid for 12 issues and not 6 or would of got tuff stuff. I also hope it is not just repeat or old news filler in the mazine like a certain tv station mazine with all ads. people like to get it every month because of the prices change fast when a player has a hot streak and waiting 2 months you better look like paying more for a hot card.

Comment by Joe Deucker

I perused the magazine rack in my local Safeway the other night. The Baseball Beckett was there but I had already read it.

Somewhat bored, I noticed the January Football Beckett, yanked it off the rack and opened it to see how it compared/contrasted to Beckett Baseball. Perhaps this issue is an exception (I wouldn’t know because I don’t read Beckett Football) but it is MUCH better than the typical Beckett Baseball.

Although I’ve been critical of the proposed “combined sports” magazine format, I would certainly re-consider if it will be anything like the January Football Beckett. The articles were interesting and informative.

Will the “combined sports” magazine be similar? Will it include articles that apply to all sports cards AND each particular sport simultaneously? By this, I’m thinking of articles like the one that analyzed pack-price increases over that past few years to project prices over the next couple of years.

Comment by Dave ©

First of all, Dave, we’re glad to hear that you enjoyed the newest issue of Beckett Football. We agree, the story on the rising cost of packs was quite interesting.

To answer your question, yes, Beckett Sports Collector Monthly will indeed include articles that apply to sports cards in general as well as maintain sections devoted to the individual sports. As an example, the main feature in the first issue will be a comprehensive look at the state of redemption cards. Why they exist, where they’ve been, where they’re going and what steps can be taken to eliminate the need for redemptions all together.

As the newly designed pages of the first BSCM begin rolling off the creative mind of designer Bill Bridgeforth, we’ll post some here to give you an idea of what to expect.

Best regards,
Tracy Hackler
Associate Publisher
Beckett Media

Comment by Tracy Hackler

One question – it seems obvious that the sport titles will contain the most extensive pricing but just how much pricing info will be included in the new Sports Monthly? Will there be a somewhat condensed pricing section included for all sports? Just how much or little coverage will there be? What is the balance with regards to old vs new sets, if any? Thanks!

Comment by oddballcard

The pricing in the new Beckett Sports Card Monthly will be broken up by sport and will be limited to only the most current and volatile products on the market (in the case of baseball, we’re talking about roughly 12-14 pages). In addition, each sport will have its own Player Price Guide each month that will highlight one or two widely popular players.

Comment by Tracy Hackler

I was just wondering what thought process went into discontinuing Beckett Racing?? Doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense getting rid of a collectors magazine devoted to the 2nd or 3rd largest spectator sport. I would appreciate any information about how and why the decision was made. I would also like to know if anyone has any suggestions as to where to go to get updated information on racing cards and Diecast cars??

Comment by Dave B

As of 2007 — 13 years after its launch — Beckett Racing did not sell well enough to warrant its continued existence as a stand-alone magazine. Advertising did not make up the difference.

Right now as I type, I am looking at an early copy of the new Beckett Sports Card Monthly magazine, due to release next week. There are 20 pages devoted to racing cards and die-casts, including Readers Write, Drive Price Guide, Product Previews, an autograph price guide and a list of 80 racing “Cards that Matter.” Check it out next week.

Comment by Pepper Hastings

I just finished reading the newly formatted Beckett Sports Card Monthly, and I am thouroughly disappointed in the Beckett staff for this decision. I am interested in players like Albert Pujols and other “hot” players such as Jimmy Rollins and Matt Holliday. To my amazement and disappointment, rookie cards of players such as these and countless others were literally “amputated” from the “comprehensive” pricing. Though I’m certain their cards will be listed in traditional format in the bi-monthly issues, it is just too long to wait to read what has become a monthly staple in my home. If I wanted to subscribe to “Tuff Stuff”, I would have abandoned Beckett years ago. But I enjoyed the separate price guides that focused on one sport and gave monthly in-depth articles and up-to-date pricing. I hope that Beckett will realize their mistake and listen to the long-time collectors and subscribers to their magazines. They are the ones who matter; they are ultimately the ones who should decide (with their feedback and their wallets) if a magazine gets a complete overhaul such as Beckett did this year. Though I will find it in my heart to stay with Beckett Baseball on the bi-monthly basis, I will not be a continuing and faithful customer if these changes continue so often and so drastically. Remember when Beckett went to an “all-color, premium” page format? Didn’t last long, did it? I, and many other faithful collectors, will hope that history will repeat itself. Don’t mess with a good thing Beckett, and don’t be so quick to call something “Great”; supply and demand will compell you to listen to your customer base. If that doesn’t work, I’m certain that there are other, more in-tune business people ready to take over as the “hobby’s most relied upon source”.

Comment by Jeremy Benedict

New format……….sorry but it’s just another Tuff Stuff. Go back to the way it used to be.

Comment by JJ

it is to baby like. try somthing more fun.

Comment by joseph

im trying to find a dealer who sells beckett racing monthly im a serious card collecter of nascar so tell me where i can find one so i can keep up with my collectibles trading cards i have a great collection so never go out of business im a very nascar oriented guy who loves and dreams nascar my favorite is yes the only man who dresses in black and wears a #3 on his door so yes it is dale earnhardt sr this is michael keener a high speed gearhead who loves the sport since winston cup has been around my first race was in 93′ way back when rusty wallace and harry gant was driving i wish i could have met neil bonnett so i can meet a legend of nascar by the way im in the nortrhbay of california in northern california between sac and san fran so email me back im at or call me at 1 -707-450-7750 thats my cell any one who can help me find a closer dealer.

Comment by michael keener

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