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Upper Deck Employee Card 2007 by Pepper Hastings
January 11, 2008, 3:45 pm
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udc_2007-employee-card-small.jpgIf it’s a good year, Upper Deck employees annually are rewarded with a unique card created specifically for them. Beckett catalogs these as “Upper Deck Employee” cards.

Just got the inside scoop from UD about this year’s version (left). This year’s cards are NOT sequentially numbered, which might hurt values in the secondary market means all cards are the same.

Previous UD Employee Cards have featured Jordan; Bryant; Woods; McGwire (bat piece); Jeter/Mantle (dual bat); and James/Crosby/Bush/Jeter (four-player swatch).


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Great blog guys, thanks for keeping us in the loop!!

Comment by Fred

A card worth giving up your frist born for

Comment by Robert Iglesias

What sweet card indeed …. wish I could get my hand’s on one of those!

Comment by SteveSwedersen

To Robert: Step son maybe, first born – only if were auto’d

Comment by The Holy Ghost

Its just a jersey card, even with four swatches its not like LeBron, Bryant or Jordan jersey cards are rare. I’d say it would top off at $100 or less, depending on how many Upper Deck made.

Comment by Dawley Edwards

You know we get Christmas card too?

Check it out:

Comment by fullbodytransplant

Interesting how enmployees are premitted to sell the company “gift” cards yet have been Fired for selling SuperBowl tickets they won in company lottery/raffle. Good customer service employees (you know ………. the ones who CARED that your redemption card was outstanding for 10 Months) were lost in another UD hpypocritical policy. These guys crack me up. They are finally out of JUNK to send us for the cards that “are not being produced” or are “stock depleted” ……. so now they create stuff to keep the employees happy. How about making the folks who buy thier crap products Happy?

Comment by Tom D

I wonder how much people like you get paid for viral marketing on the message boards, actually. Do you get paid per post?

Comment by fullbodytransplant

How much you got?

Comment by Pepper Hastings

Actually, I am a contractor so I don’t even got the employee card.

Over in the world of superhero cardboard with Vs. System, we have seen many of the these people who are fueled by Haterade. Some of them actually get paid to trash competitor’s products! It is a sad state of affairs.

Comment by fullbodytransplant

ive been a collector for 20 years and im done with upperdeck , the past 3 years have been total waste of money buying there products, so in 2007 did not buy any at all boy i feel good not haveing to wait for stupid redemption cards that never come.

im so glad upperdeck did not buy topps, would have ruined the hobby for everyone,

like i have said before upperdeck is on its last legs as a company by 2010-11 they will be sold to someone who can fix that company.

other than that great for the employees to get cards what about the poor kid who has been waiting for his redemptions to be filled///

Comment by joe i

Ya mean I have been bashing Upper Deck for FREE when it comes to the redemptions and crud… and I could have been paid for this? Where do I sign up? :)

Comment by Kromeace


1. I do not doubt the sincerity and unsolicited opinions expressed, most of the time.

2. The viral marketing business is fairly hush-hush, since a company that employs professional haters is obligated by law to announce their intentions on the blog or message board they infect.

3. Most viral marketers are already employed by the company that starts the campaign of hate.

Comment by fullbodytransplant

To Holy Ghost If the cards were auto’d I will give up my first born son not my frist born which is a girl

Comment by Robert Iglesias

Seven of these on eBay already. I have been “semi-tracking” this card at my blog. I’m very surprised a UD employee would want to sell this. I’m sure they get a good holiday bonus as well as this card so it’s not like they are selling to get money that they should get in holiday bonus.

Comment by Andrew Harner

Dang. I may be a lowly contractor writing a weekly column on their website… but I am feeling the big love from Upper Deck now.

Check this out:

Talk about a 1/1, that is RIDICULOUS cool. Thanks boss, you sure know how to make a guy feel appreciated!

Comment by fullbodytransplant

If it’s such a waste of money… why do you bother looking at all the great stuff you’ll never see, and thus torturing yourself, A lof of us sell this stuff not knowing how much it will eb worth in the end, since everyone in the company gets one, that means bob in the accounting dept. gets one too… So some of us like to wait 3 or 4 years before we unload it. Some of us keep em forever….

Comment by QA

i gooot one! ebay! wooo

Comment by Anonymous

I have never seen the Mantle/Jeter bat card, what is that worth?

Comment by jc

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