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Home of the $10 Frostbite by Pepper Hastings
January 15, 2008, 2:19 pm
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icebowlticket.jpgTemperature at kickoff (5:30 CST) for Sunday’s NFC Championship Game in Green Bay is supposed to be 5 degrees above zero . . . and dropping from there.

Even though there are 100,000   half a million  10 million people who say they were in attendance at the original Ice Bowl, (sorry, the place only held a little more than 50,000 in 1967) at least one person had enough sense to stay out of the minus-17 temperatures and minus-48 wind chill.

That wise person’s unused ticket (shown left) to the 1967 NFL Championship Game sold for just under $2,400 in an Heritage Auction Galleries event in May 2006. The face value was $10.

If you’re heading to Lambeau Field this weekend, keep your ticket stub — and tell us what you’re going to wear to the game.

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It’s unfortunate that Lambeau is still one of those stadiums that rips the ticket upon entry. Those holding one for this weeks game have a tough descision – Do I go to the game and watch as the Packers dominat the Giants or do I keep the ticket in one peice (watch the game from the comfort of my warm home) and auction the ticket in twenty years and put my kid through his/her first semester of college?

Comment by Brandon Cacek

The guy who held the ticket is also known as the biggest wuss in NFL history! He had a chance to see a historic game, but didn’t because he lips might get chapped! Come on … I’d be embarassed to have that ticket if I were him.

A list of other games he missed:
– Game 6 of the 1986 World Series because the street lights were on
– 1980 Olympic Hockey game vs. USSR because Knight Rider was on during that time
– Super Bowl 3 because Joe Namath looked scary in that mustache

Comment by jamesryanj

I know a guy who works here at Beckett who left Joe Robbie Stadium in the seventh inning when John Maine had a no-hitter going against the Marlins. Wanted to get back to the hotel in time to see LOST.

Comment by Pepper Hastings

Hey Pepper, everyone I take to a game knows that we don’t leave early for any reason, so be prepared to stick it out.

I would love to have that ticket. And a game ticket and plane ticket to this weeks game too.

Comment by Joey

all 10 bucks gets you now is a beer and stale pretzel. how do stadium vendors get away with charging $6 for one friggin beer?

Comment by The Holy Ghost

Best Scratched Out Words of the Year.

I know someone who was there in the womb.

Comment by fullbodytransplant

I’ve been keeping my Dallas Cowboys tickets ever since I can remember going. I’ve got just about every ticket from the games since the very early 90’s.

JamesryanJ: Funny post!

Comment by smood21

In reply to the comment by my formerly credible colleague, Pepper Hastings, time and alcohol have affected his memory of the game in question. I am the Beckett employee being atttacked maliciously in his accusation above. I saw Miguel Cabrera line a base hit up the middle, following a disputed check swing on the previous 2-2 pitch. I did NOT see the home run by Joe Borchard that followed the single. It was at that point that I left for other opportunites. May I point out that both Pepper and his collaborator in his story, Tracy Hackler, made liberal use of the free drink tickets handed out liberally that night. I alone abstained from consumption. My mind was and is clear.

In truth, I can not say what would have happened if the no-no had lingered much longer, but I did not have to cross that bridge.

Lost returns Thursday, January 31, 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST in a thrilling two-hour episode.

Comment by shootpar

Oh brother . . .

Comment by Pepper Hastings

Good thing you guys have not installed that online tomato-throwing feature yet. This could get messy.

Comment by fullbodytransplant

Ted Barker’s a wonderful gentleman. Pleasant. Kind. Fair. And he usually has a great memory. But on the occasion of him clearly walking out on the aforementioned no-hit bid, he seems to be a revisionist historian. He did indeed exit the game with a no-hitter intact. Whether he stopped off to watch parts of the game on his way to catch the bus back to the hotel (to watch “Lost”), no one knows.

Let it also be known that both Pepper and I are of legal drinking age and are responsible adults and sports fans — and we’d never leave a no-hitter in progress.

Comment by Tracy Hackler

The *real* question here is …. who in their right mind would go to a Marlins game?

Comment by Olds

I will not be at this weekend’s game, but I am a Packers shareholder and was there 12/30. Lambeau is bench seating so when everyone wears their heavy winter clothes, you can’t move. Your sides and arms can’t get cold, but the concrete can chill your feet in a hurry. Wear heavy socks–think electric socks like Frank Burns wore–and dress in layers.

The dirty family secret I learned only in recent years is that my parents and aunt/uncle were at the Ice Bowl, just as they’d gone to every game since the place opened in ’57 and before. When Dallas scored in the final minutes, they figured the game was over and my uncle thought he had frostbite so they left.

Comment by Rich Mueller

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