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New Web Site? Full Speed Ahead. by Pepper Hastings
January 29, 2008, 3:13 pm
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encore-new_ad.jpgThe genie is out of the bottle…sort of. Promotional material for the NEW Beckett Web site will be seen in print in about two weeks. Plus, there is a development site up that we can look at internally.

No, it’s for our eyes only at this point. But if you haven’t volunteered to be a Beckett Beta tester for the new site, now would be a good time to be a guinea pig step up and help out your fellow collecting world.

 Here’s a copy of the ad that’s running in the next issue of Beckett Baseball. There’s more detail in editorial form inside the magazine. One day soon, you’ll log on to and freak out — it will be that good.


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It would be nice if the picture was big enough to read the text.

Comment by Jeffrey

I just signed up to be a beta tester–not sure if the fact that I operate a blog precludes me or not, but I hope not. While I have been critical of the usability of the site in the past, I sincerely hope that the new site will be a huge improvement.

Comment by TT

Does anyone know what kind of changes will be made to the “my collections” section? I have most of my cards listed there, and really depend on that section for managing my collection. Will it remain the same? Will I need to re-enter all the items, or will it transfer automatically? And will it still be tied to the online price guide, so it can be updated monthly? Any info is appreciated.

Comment by bost1918

We’re waaaaaaaaiiiiiiting

Comment by Mike

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