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101 A-Rod Rookies Walk Through the Door by Pepper Hastings
May 13, 2008, 2:41 pm
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You never know what comes through the door here at Beckett. Today, a guy walks in with 101 A-Rod Rookies graded BGS 9.

Graded card investor Brad Englehart has amassed during the past eight months 101 BGS 9 examples of 1994 SP Alex Rodriguez. (Are you sure there are really 101? Click on the photo and count ’em for yourself.) Some were purchased at shows, some online and some were purchased raw and graded by BGS.

“I think that over the last 10 years, the grading companies have realized what a tough card this really is,” said Englehart, a Florida dealer who was at Beckett HQ on a business visit.

The full story of how Englehart ammassed the collection and what he intends to do with it will be revealed in the next issue of Beckett Baseball magazine and in Beckett Sports Card Collector.

The BGS population report for the card lists 1,137 of the cards graded 9.0 out of 10,324 total cards graded. Just 83 have attained GemMint 9.5 status. There is not currently an example of a BGS Pristine 10.

Englehart says the 101-card collection will stay intact at least until the National Convention in Chicago the last week of July. The card currently sells for around $350-$375 at BGS 9 condition.— ph


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if he had 101 of the autographed version then i’d be impressed

Comment by President Obama

Out of curiousity, if they had walked in raw would you have fanned THOSE out on a counter for a pic?

That’s quite the collection there. QUITE THE COLLECTION!

Comment by halfbreed23

Baseball cards have truly evolved. Far different from dechipering whether or not those packs of Topps were re-waxed or not…

Comment by shrewdamire


I knew somebody would take the bait, ;-) Thanks for your comments.

Comment by Pepper Hastings

I have none send me a free one.

Comment by Ron La Roque

Very nice array of cards (well card really).

Comment by intelliracer

that’s pretty cool..please send me one i sold my last one on ebay….101 a-rod’s wow

Comment by mike sutton

Of course, once he starts selling them, the price will drop on a per card basis.
Simple rules of supply and demand. As supply increases, the amounts offered for
the cards will drop unless there is something that comes along to stimulate demand.
As an example, AROD starts hitting a series of HR’s or makes some sort of
spectacular plays.

Comment by Richard

Fourth row, 10th card from the left, that one only looks like an 8 to me :-)

Comment by JW

i dont like arod. id rather have 100 different autographed mcgwire cards.

Comment by Don

Brad is a great E-bay buyer, I’m sure one of them I sold to him!!

Comment by skunkberry

Wish I had just one…I’m jealous!

Comment by Don Sturm

If you put them under glass they would make a really cool coffee table. Very expensive…but very cool.

Comment by Zach

[…] 101 A-Rod Rookies Walk Through the Door [image]You never know what comes through the door here at Beckett. Today, a guy walks in with 101 A-Rod Rookies […] […]

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I just sold Brad a bgs 9 and a bgs 8.5 die cut about a month ago….I didn’t know he was gonna do this though, he gave $583.00 for the 9 and $325.00 for the 8.5….through Ebay…this is so nutz…he made me a little richer…. Hey Brad I still hava a bgs 8.5…..but your not getting that one ….I am keeping that….

Comment by aderito

“Pepper” ;)

I haven’t let go of that worm since it was dangled so carelessly in front of my face.

The question is, would you have fanned them out raw? ;)

Comment by halfbreed23

Hey nice cards, if u are willing to give me one i would really appreciate it. Keep collecting!

Comment by Shane Sullivan


If it would give you some enjoyment or excitement and enhance your hobby experience, I certainly would….but only very carefully and only on the custom-made BGS velvet-covered fanning table.

Comment by Pepper Hastings

The hobby needs more people like Brad who try to corner the market on a card. Its good for prices! Remember David Greenhill?

Comment by Dave-O

Is he that guy that hangs out at the Beckett booth at every show?

Comment by Squidproquo

o.k. President Obama, Why don’t you send me a auto. baseball card of you?
I have 5, but not autographed. Oh and i would like to have one of the Error Clinton too.
I’ve gave up on trying to find one.

Comment by Deborah Haney

In 10 years, these cards will share shelf space with other former sizzling hot stars like Don Mattingly, Mark McGwire, Cal Ripken Jr., Barry Bonds, Will Clark, Ken Griffey Jr., etc. – – collecting dust and at prices half it’s peak, while the “next big thing”, some young kid with lots of potential commands prices 10x proven winners like A-Rod…

Comment by Rick $

VN 101 i have a couple none graded but i am a huge AROD fan and that is “The Grail” for an AROD fan……….. wanna make it “The Holy Grail” show me 101 auto’d ……… but awesome collection ……………

Comment by Big Dawg

[…] had to read it twice, and still I have no idea what a good half of this posting is trying to […]

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