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200,000 and Counting . . . by Pepper Hastings
May 21, 2008, 3:26 pm
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Beckett Behind the Scenes a few minutes ago collected its 200,000th view since Nov. 1, 2007. Coupled with more than 2,500 comments from our readers, Beckett Behind the Scenes is one of the hobby’s most active blogs. Keep those comments coming, and if you want to rip me, you’ve got about a week and a half left. So you’d better hurry. — Pepper Hastings  ;-)


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Congrats on the success of your blog!

Comment by Darcy Elliott

A week and a half? Pepper – Where are you going?

Comment by JRJ

New challenge.

Comment by Pepper Hastings

More like downsizing aka cutting the fat. Long live tracey hackler!

Comment by President Obama

Prez, you’re wrong on the first count. But I agree with the Tracy part.

Comment by Pepper Hastings

Joining forces with Ron Paul?

Comment by JRJ

Prez obvoiusly has a secret man crush on Pepper! Gotta Love it!

Comment by ted barker

What does this tell you about Beckett, first Rich Klein now Pepper. Congratulations to any and all that leave beckett. If anyone can not figure it out Beckett and the entire industry is like a sinking ship. I can not begin to tell you how many important young people have have left the hobby in the last 18 months ( left the hobby meaning they had important jobs in the business, not collectors ) Most of them being in their 30’s or early 40’s. Many had new and fresh ideas, but the card companies have the vision of the Bush administration. Ask a card manufactorer about the state of the industry and you are likely to receive the same answer Bush, Cheney, or McCain gives on the state of the war in Iraq. Like Bush or Cheney gives a crap about gas prices, their net worth is about 50 million each, so they really care about the everyday citizen. Just like UD, does anyone have any idea how rich RICHARD McWILLIAMS is???? Rich enough to have a private jet. So yes, McWILLIAMS is just as concerened about the collector getting his $4 Javon Walker jersey as a redemption out of a $250 box of Ultimate Collection as Bush is concerned about oil prices. Oh yeah, and that Javon Walker jersey card, there is about the same chance it was worn by Javon Walker as it was worn by Tatum Bell, Rod Smith, Champ Bailey, or just purchased on closeout from Reebok or Foot Locker.

Comment by Card Biz in Crisis 2008


Best of luck in all your endeavors. You are a credit to the hobby. You join a long list of distinguished Beckett alums.

Comment by Frank Barning

Card Biz has it all wrong. Yes there are problems, but there will always be problems. Beckett is the premier in sports card pricing and news if you ask me. Good luck to Pepper Hastings in whatever it is he might be doing.

Comment by intelliracer

Who do we abuse now?

Comment by Fatboye

Here in the Beckett building, we enjoy abusing Tracy Hackler, so I would point you in that direction. Thanks for asking!

Comment by ted barker

Today is the last day with Pepper at the helm. Be sure to give him a good send off.

Comment by Brandon Cacek

I heard that he is going to work for Tuff Stuff.

Good Luck Pepper in what ever comes your way. You will be missed.

Comment by Brandon Cacek

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