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An open letter to Hollywood… by ejahnke

Hi Hollywood,

You don’t know me anymore, but I used to pay attention to you years ago.  I say “used to” because back about 10 years ago (roughly) in San Marcos, TX, I went to see a movie called “Face Off” on a date.

With rare exception, I haven’t been back to see you Hollywood, and as the weeks grew into months, and the months grew into years, I have not looked back.  I don’t regret it, Hollywood, there is no hole in my life and I do not feel anything is missing.  Frankly, Hollywood, your days of thrilling me are long over, and from what you have puked up since that dark and horrible date, I imagine there is little to no chance of them returning.

Still, Hollywood, this is America, and there is always a chance!  I firmly believe that, even with all of your garbage, your idiots, your smut, your anti-American propaganda, your plot-less hyper-gore flicks and your complete disdain of anything positive in this world.

You know why I think that, Hollywood?  You know why I think you can come back?

Two words:  Josh Hamilton.

Why would you want to write anything else BUT scripts that are similar to this man’s life?  Do you understand, Hollywood, that the folks in Yankee Stadium were chanting his name?  He was not in Arlington…this is Yankee Stadium.  That is nothing your best writers could come up with…ever.

Hollywood, I understand that you people know nothing about sports, after all, you have spewed forth such classics as Rocky V and Any Given Sunday. Still, even the worst hitters can get one every now and then.

This man has taken the literal roller coaster ride from the top at just 18-years-old to the very, very bottom just a few years later.  This is where you usually stop, Hollywood.  Once the good guy screws up and bottoms out.

Well, guess what Hollywood?   Josh Hamilton’s story did not stop there, he ignored your “The End” and climbed up out of his hole.

Novel concept, eh?

Even stranger to you, Hollywood, he actually took responsibility for his actions!  Nothing like your famous folk who swore to leave the country a few years back.  Can you even fathom someone standing up and saying, “Wow, I sure blew it, please forgive me.”

Blows your mind, doesn’t it, Hollywood?  Who would do such a thing?

Even better, this man, Josh Hamilton, is not afraid of his faith.  I am not saying everyone should be just like him, I am saying everyone should stop bashing those like him, no matter their religion.  Not to point fingers, but that would be me saying you are guilty, Hollywood.

Anyway, I know that you can do it!  Focus on the good things in life, like Josh Hamilton, and I bet you will be shocked at the folks that would come back to see you!

Josh looks like he will end up in second place, he has two outs left…so I guess that’s more your style Hollywood!  Wouldn’t want to be TOO positive, I would not want you to bite off more than you can chew, or blow your tiny, one-track minds!

Still, pay attention, you could learn something!


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I heard they are planning to remake ‘Red Dawn’. If they can find money for that, they can find money to tell Josh Hamilton’s story.

Comment by thehamiltonian

The bad thing is, in the new Red Dawn, the “Cubans and Russians” would be American citizens.

*Sigh* OK, maybe there is no hope for you after all, Hollywood.

Goodnight all, and thanks for a great show, Josh!

Comment by ejahnke

I don’t think Josh’s story is “kid friendly.” Disney and other studios make sports movies about overcoming racism, coming back from an injury, or achieving a personal goal that seemed like a long shot (Rudy}. Josh’s past is dark and full of drug use and I don’t think a studio could make a film that would appeal to the everyday average kid. I guess they could show it in prisons. Plus, Hollywood won’t touch the topic of religion which is what saved Josh. (Unless Mel Gibson would finance it)

I know there are sports movies that feature drug use, sex, etc… like Cobb, Any Given Sunday, but those are movies targeted towards adults and not made with the intention to be meaningful and inspirational like Josh’s story would be.

I might be wrong or might not be making sense but I’ve been up for 32 hours straight. I can’t wait to see The Dark Knight this weekend! Why so serious?

Comment by President Obama

It would indeed be tough to make a family-friendly movie that captures the spiral Josh was in for so many years. It would either be too dark and disturbing if it was honest, or else would be very watered down to make it palatable to families, at which point the 180-degree turnaround in his life would not be depicted very well. And I agree also that a major studio would be likely to try to downplay the role Josh’s faith played, and I don’t believe Josh would sign off on such a film. Still, Hollywood is starting to see the desire for faith-inspired films with the success of The Passion of the Christ, The Nativity Story, The Gospel According To John, etc. Although they did significantly downplay it in Walk the Line, so who knows?

Red Dawn – that move is sheer greatness! Seriously, I was about 12 when that came out, and the Cold War was still very much in full force. I don’t get scared of movies, but that movie gave me nightmares about a Soviet invasion on American soil. I can still vividly picture the early scenes with the teens being slaughtered in the school, hanging out broken windows. Cheesy actors or not, for me this was a defining movie of my Cold War generation. As to a remake, though? Why? It won’t have the same impact now.

Comment by The Hammer

@ Obama – Ah, you never really make sense…but that’s why we like you!

Seriously though, I can for sure see where an honest movie about his life would not be “kid friendly,” I would think a “Josh Hamilton story” would need to be PG-13, if only for the drug issues.

I was really talking about movies in general, how the majority of them are not uplifting. Couple that with American society’s (in general) amazing habit of believing anything they see on a screen… (That phenomena probably fits most of Western society, but I have not studied that outside of the US).

What triggered the whole rant was watching Josh last night, and how happy his face was while he was hitting. I literally had goosebumps when they started chanting for him. Contrast that with how A-Rod looked sitting there last night. That guy sure doesn’t look like he’s having fun.

We all need to have more fun.

Comment by ejahnke

Hollywood will touch the subject of religion, just not Christianity, at least in a positive light. All of our pasts are dark, which is why this makes a great story. It’s those who CHOOSE a brighter future that provide hope for the rest of us. They fuel our dreams and invigorate us, but Hollywood would rather have us dwell on our dark sides. Smut, violence, cheating, and abuse of power abound. True change, submission to something besides hedonistic pleasures and selfish desires, and personal accountability are lacking in Hollywood and the majority of our souls.

There is black & white in this world. There is right and wrong. The nebulous and secularist “gray” view of the world portrayed by Hollywood will be it’s own downfall as it reaps what it sows. Thankfully for Josh, he has chosen THE Light and it shines for all to see. Compartmentalize his past as “too dark”, if you like. That way, you can ignore it and go on about your life, but my eyes are wide open.


P.S. Screw Disney.

Comment by Dsolo

Where, oh where have you been, ejahnke? Great post about a great topic about a great story about a great man and a great change with the help of a great God!

No offense to Pepper and the old Beckett Blog gang but putting you in charge has got to be the best decision Beckett has made in the past couple of years.

Great stuff! Keep it up!

Comment by Dave ©

@Dave- I am humbled, thank you! -Eric

Comment by ejahnke

Dsolo – well put. As you allude to, I believe Hollywood would try to turn Josh’s specific Christian faith into a more nebulous “spirituality” or generic “religion”, and I don’t believe Josh would be in favor of that. I think he would want people to know exactly what he believes, and in Whom his faith rests, and not let it be watered down.

There are smaller companies who have done a good job of that. A favorite all-time movie of mine is “Shadowlands”, a small budget film in which Sir Anthony Hopkins portrays C.S. Lewis. Great movie, great acting, and Lewis’ faith was not diluted in any way. Now that I think of it, how about Walden Media, who worked closely with C.S. Lewis’ stepson Doug Gresham, in bringing The Chronicles of Narnia to the big screen? They may be able to handle a Hamilton film nicely :)

Comment by The Hammer

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