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BerkMAN by ejahnke

OK, it took a while for him to heat up…but those upper deck shots sure were sweet.

Am I a homer?  You bet, go Berkman! (and go Hamilton – a close second for you, sir.)

Justin Morneau is next…like him, too, but I gotta go with my two favorites…

Any quick predictions?

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OK, 502 footer for Hamilton…

Comment by ejahnke


Comment by Dave ©


Comment by ejahnke

They are chanting, “Hamilton!” in Yankee Stadium?!?!?!

Comment by ejahnke

First round record, 28. Wow!

Comment by Spiff

How about a distant first for Hamilton instead?


Comment by thehamiltonian

The HR Derby has been good so far but I think it is ridiculous that several people are not in this contest. The fact that ARod or Manny Ramirez is not in this is a joke.

Comment by BostonRob

Too bad, he ran out of steam…but what a show!! How often do they interview the SECOND place guy instead of the first place guy?

I am very proud of him!

@ Baasten Rob–it’s pathetic that a Yankee was not in this, um, it’s kind of the last time in this stadium…

Comment by ejahnke

Um, did the guy presenting the check call him “Jason Morneau?”

Comment by ejahnke

Yeah, he absolutely called him Jason.

But he got the kid’s name right.

Comment by thehamiltonian

OK, good, I am not the only one that heard it then…now I can stop wondering what’s in my drinking water…

Comment by ejahnke

So, ejahnke, do I get a prize for predicting Morneau to win?

Comment by Dave ©

Ummmm…..congrats and stuff?

That does give me an idea for the next time something comes up like that though.

More contests are planned…many prizes, mostly the runner-up-to-the-runners-up prizes, might actually come from my personal collection from 1987-1992. :P

Comment by ejahnke

“prizes, might actually come from my personal collection from 1987-1992”

Ooooh…I can’t WAIT!!!

Comment by Dave ©

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