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3,000 hits*! by ejahnke
July 30, 2008, 6:59 am
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Besides my MR. Josh Hamilton autographs I got, one of the nice things about the game I attended Monday night was seeing Ichiro play.  I thought I would get to see a little bit of baseball history that night, but Ichiro decided I had enough to babble about already and waited until last night to make history.

3,000 hits*!

This is a stat that I don’t mind putting the * next to, since it’s nothing to do with needles or some sort of clean, clear, magical ointment.

Last night, Ichiro hit his 1,722 hit in Major League Baseball, and combined* with his 1,278 hits in Japan, he hit that magical 3,000 mark (pun intended) younger than anyone else in history, barely beating out Ty Cobb by roughly 100 days.   (Ichiro did it at age 34, 130 days–Cobb was 34, 231 days.)

He did have another hit later in the Mariners loss, so he stands at 3,001 hits.

Critics that argue that his Japanese hits should not count for anything can take a hike.  He played fewer games every season in Japan, and his 1.41 hits-per-game average in the U.S. is actually higher than the 1.34 hits-per-game that he had in Japan.  He’s also never had LESS than 206 hits in a season in MLB.

Congrats to Ichiro, that is an impressive feat.

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that is a very impressive feat, and I always love watching Ichiro play.

Comment by Webkinz

how can you compare a slap singles hitter (ichiro) to the greatest hitter of all time (cobb)? cobb had over 700 doubles and he played in parks that didn’t even have an outfield fence! if he played in the 40’s and 50’s he’d have at least 300-400 home runs. ichiro is the 2nd most overrated player ever, right behind jeter.

i still think the furby in the greatest japaneses import

Comment by President Obama

Don’t take that as a dismissal of Cobb’s greatness.

It is hard as heck to compare player from different eras, for reasons you point out and especially for the way pitching staffs are handled these days.

Stats are really the only thing we can use as a comparison since there is always bias of the heart that will make one player greater than another in the eyes of the fans. Even stats can be argued due to the differences in the game.

225 singles out of 262 hits in 2004 would support your argument, but he still drove in 60 RBI and scored 101 runs.

Different players, different era, different opinions–that will never change, it’s just that my opinions are always the right ones.. :) …just ask my wife!)

Seriously though, to heck with the furby, Nintendo is the greatest Japanese import!

Comment by ejahnke

To Prez O:

Dead wrong on Ichiro being over-rated.

When he came over, I doubted he physically be able to take the longer season. I was dead wrong. If anything, it gives him more chances for more hits.

If you view him a slap hitter, you’re kinda missing the point. Everytime the M’s ask him to change his ways, tactics, etc. his BA and OBP go way down. When they just let him do his thing, he excels and averages over 200 hits a year. Plus, he is a Gold Glove caliber player defensively.

Nobody is saying he’s as good as Cobb was, but he certainly isn’t over-rated. By the way, Cobb himself said “Shoeless Joe” was a better hitter than he was.

Comment by Brian

I’m enjoying the fact that only the blogosphere is getting the facts straight on this: that Ichiro was the youngest at the feat. Check out the accuracy of’s article on the subject…

Comment by mrgenre

“Ichiro already has the most hits in an eight-year Major League span (even with more than a third of that eighth season left), and he will be the second-youngest player to reach 3,000 hits. Only Ty Cobb beat Ichiro to that figure.”

Ooops. That’s one is on the copy editor, if there is one.

Thankfully, Beckett decided I was a good enough boy to give me a job. I did some time as copy editor for another publishing company (AAP), and it can be a real headache, especially with hard deadlines.

Still, that kind of factual error should have been caught.

Comment by ejahnke

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