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2008 Topps Sterling Box Busters by ejahnke
December 22, 2008, 3:41 pm
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Watch the exciting Tracy Hackler and the ever-present Chris Olds as they bust some wax on this lovely day.

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Why do they always get these ridiculous pulls?

An autographed Jim Palmer?!?! I have bought cards for years and nothing ever like that comes out of my boxes. I am getting tired of it.

Comment by Hanesman61

To be fair a Jim Palmer auto is nothing special when it comes to Topps Sterling. This is a fair representation of the Topps Sterling product which in my opinion is not worth the ridiculously high MSRP.

Comment by Holy Hitter


Comment by ejahnke



I would take this opportunity to explain to some of your readers why for Topps Sterling a Jim Palmer auto is not a “ridiculous” pull. Especially since all the autos/gu are #/10. Some people might not know about the product, etc.

It is a bit different then the Exquisite/Razor/etc. fiascos that have caused much controversy. You may have to explain the whole concept of ridiculous High End cards, the player list, etc. to show that in this case the Jim Palmer auto is not even close to ridiculous (as compared to questionable things like AP 1/1 and LT 1/1, etc.)

Give a good solid reasonable argument and you will gain the respect of some of the readers who may not comment, etc.

Comment by Holy Hitter

Hackler gets more excited about the packaging of this junk than every hand seeded pull I have ever seen him get. It would be nice if he was a collector instead of some lackey putting in hours at some peoples dream 9 to 5. Sad.

Comment by Justin

Wow, $221.50 was the cheapest I could find these for and I assume MSRP is substantially more. Good lord, that’s way too much. The Palmer auto jersey is nice, he is a Hall of Famer, but not even $50 nice. Could you imagine if you didn’t even pull the Palmer? How terrible of a break would that have been?

The mystery pack. Well there is no mystery, they are terrible. There needs to be an auto or jersey minimum for that kind of cash.

I haven’t taken the leap to Sterling yet, and it doesn’t look like that is going to happen any time soon.

Thanks for the break.

Comment by Jeff

Actually, Holy Hitter, the *SIGH* was meant for the comment before yours. We posted at about the same time.

I can’t remember what I was doing then, but I probably got a phone call and didn’t hit “submit.”


Comment by ejahnke


I know it was in response to the comment before mine. I was saying it would be good to respond to that person as to why it is not a “ridiculous” hit for Topps Sterling.

Comment by Holy Hitter

Saying sigh is not going to convince us that you haven’t had seeded boxes before. You probably intentionally didn’t get this one seeded to end the controversy. Newsflash: not going to work.

Why don’t you guys go through a retailer instead of the companies themselves? That would end all the controversy would it not?

Comment by OK Eric

Nice to see what most of us will be getting……
I would lose my dang mind if I pulled a 2 dollar tom seaver jersey card out of a 225.00+ product…..

Prime Cuts has effectively DEMOLISHED sterling this year…
good luck topps

Comment by AP

I think the first post was sarcastic – at least I would hope.

Comment by Larry

Yeah you would hope, but unfortunately I think there are many that think like the comment (even if it was sarcastic).

Comment by Holy Hitter

A nice representation of what is likely to be pulled from Sterling this year. Sterling has a great player checklist but your odds of getting the truly special players is pretty long.

I do agree with the guy who complained about the Mystery Packs. When you have a product with such a high price tag and one hit inside, you should really get something other than a base card parallel in the Mystery Pack. Yeah, I know there are other cards in there but those are seeded one per case so your chances of getting one of those is slim.

Comment by dkwilson

Hanesman61 is only familiar with rosey and hairy palmer, so getting a jim palmer auto would be quite a surprise

Comment by President Obama

The “exciting” Hackler? Please. No one in the hobby remotely likes that guy, but even in fairness he is anything but “exciting”. “Petty” maybe, but not exciting.
And, a big “Thanks” to Topps for not presenting loaded boxes.

Comment by Jesse

That’s not a very nice thing to say during this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Comment by Tracy Hackler

I still love you, Hack.

Comment by Andy Broome

I love you , too, Mr. Hackler, sir — especially during this holiday season.

It’s funny how one of the nicest and most genuine people I know in this industry, and in “real life,” gets this kind of stuff for it.

If they only knew …

Now, Mr. Broome, on the other hand, well … aw, heck, it’s Christmas, so I think you are OK, too.

Comment by ejahnke

Are you dodging my question Eric?

What don’t you guys go through a retailer instead of the companies in order to end the controversy?

Comment by OK Eric

No loaded boxes!
Nice couple of jabs at ebay… the accurate source for card pricing b/c it actually reflects what people will spend on a card.
Merry Christmas

Comment by Bryan

Hanesman, get a life.

OK Eric, the answer is obvious — money, why can’t you understand that?

Jesse, you’re a dork. How do you know anything about who likes Hackler in the hobby. You’re stuck on the Internet.

Pres Obama, fuuuunnnny . . .

Comment by Doctor Pangloss

Dear (not a) Doctor –
I know more than you think, and you don’t know me.
Happy Holidays.

Comment by Jesse

if i were buying just 1 box, even having a 1/10 chance of a box break like those seen in this vid would give me pause. kinda product you have to bust by the case or not at all. i am really getting tired of the design of these products (triple threads and sterling). the letter/number cutouts was a design element topps stole and ran into the ground. and most of the relic pieces are unremarkable. i am partial to the early prime cuts and 2005 absolute. straightforward presentation of (at times) some pretty remarkable swatches. i mean if you are going to make me pay $200+ for a non-auto tom seaver game used card, at least have the decency to give me a piece of jersey unlike those that i can find on 10,000 other seaver cards.

Comment by phosgene

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