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National Hockey Card Day Recap by Chris Olds


Saturday was National Hockey Card Day — and collectors in Canada were treated to free exclusive cards if they had a neighborhood card shop.

If they didn’t have a shop to visit, they could have spent the day here at The Beckett Blog, trying to win free stuff courtesy of Upper Deck.

And that they did, but we’re not done yet.

Did you not win anything or miss the contests completely? Everyone is eligible for the grand prize, which will be announced here on Monday.

The grand prize has been awarded. It’s a box of 2008-09 SP Game-Used cards (six autograph or memorabilia cards per box) — just send an e-mail to with the subject line “hockey cards” along with your name and address. The grand prize contest is now closed and the winner will be randomly drawn. E-mails not including addresses will be disqualified.

What did we give away? Through 21 contests (20 and an early bird special launched Friday night), we gave away three other sealed boxes and more than 30 packs of cards (most with an autograph or game-used jersey card inside) to visitors who answered questions about the hobby, hockey cards and Beckett Hockey.

The contests ran from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m., averaging roughly 2,000 hits per hour, so it’s easy to see that collectors are passionate about their hockey cards.

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Great job by some guys who care about the hobby and the people who love to collect hockey. Thank you.

Comment by Chad Gardner

cool…can we make it into the beckett mag??

From Olds: TBD

Comment by jeremy

Chris, I think I speak for everyone when I say: “We are not worthy.” Thanks for caring enough to spend all day Saturday with some of the most passionate collectors on the planet.

This was a tremendous success. Thanks to everyone else who participated.

Comment by Tracy Hackler

Yeah…14 hours…THAT’S DEDICATION!!!
Are the winners going to be in Beckett Magazine. It’s always been a dream of mine to see my name in it. I have been a Loyal Customer of Beckett since issue #1 and it would mean alot to me.

Thanks for your time. It’s been great. Now…GET SOME SLEEP!!!

Comment by Ian

I had a lot of fun, and the Nucks won…

Comment by Joe Campbell

I know it’s late but I hope more people thank you (and Beckett) for all you have done!

Comment by Ian

Well, I gotta go to bed! Thanks again! Looking forward to all the cards. All the best.

Ian Banks
Burlington Ontario Canada

Comment by Ian

Was a very cool thing for Beckett and Upper Deck to throw together for us collectors. It was fun, educational for some and a nice challenge. Thanks to Chris for chugging through the entire day with it, cheers man!

Comment by Carlos Godfrey

This was an absolutely great idea and I really hope that we get to see this type of thing again in the future. I had a blast! Thanks Chris for the fun day!

Comment by Danny Garwood

Thanks for the contest Beckett. Next year you should pull some strings and get the Red Wings on national TV!!! However, I did get to watch some real good games yesterday and since the Wings lost I guess I would be more frustrated to see that!! Thanks again and I’ll post on Beckett when the three packs come in!


Comment by Christopher Vesper

the was extremely fun! I cannot wait until March 26th. i beleive that is national baseball card day. haha that was great. Thanks

Comment by Cj

good job

Comment by rukus917

very cool to hold contests like this

Comment by Patrick

Wow ! Excellent initiative ! I’m from Quebec Canada and I like this place a lot !

Good time everybody

Comment by Martin Brouillard

I am here

Comment by Ken

This is great that ou are doing this

Comment by Ken

Anyone else seeing this

Comment by Ken

It is a great idea and I love to participate in this contest.

Comment by Stan

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