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NFL cancels NFL Experience and Card Show for 2010 by Chris Olds
May 11, 2009, 9:43 am
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Super Bowl Football

After 18 years, the NFL Experience will not be held in 2010. (AP photo)

The NFL has decided to cancel the NFL Experience and Card Show for Super Bowl XLIV in South Florida, according to an official with the league.

The league plans for the events to return in some fashion in 2011 when the Super Bowl is played in the Dallas Cowboys’ new stadium.

Last year’s NFL Experience in Tampa was the 18th year that the event had been held. The event included several interactive activities, corporate booths, autograph guests and entertainment acts for the weekend surrounding the big game.

For a look at some of what could have been seen at this year’s NFL Card Show, click here.

Chris Olds has collected sports cards and memorabilia since 1987. Before coming to Beckett Media, he wrote about the hobby for the Orlando Sentinel on his blog, SportsStuff, and for the San Antonio Express-News and The Tuscaloosa (Ala.) News. Do you have a comment, question or idea? Send e-mail to him at


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That’s too bad. I’ve gone to a couple of them and really enjoyed them. Granted, Topps ran the autograph area like complete amateurs, but I still enjoyed the guests and the card show.

Comment by JRJ @ SportsLocker

I have enjoyed the Card Show for 18 years and meet groups at each NFL Experience. Probably will skip Miami since there is nothing for friends and a place to meet. It is a real shame that the NFL scheduled the Pro Bowl and the SB at the same sight!! Good luck since many fans will stay home. Maybe Topps will put on their own Show!!

Comment by Jr Nelson

I can not believe the NFL has cancelled the experice in Miami. The last time this event was here my boys loved it. Miami has tons of venues and hotels suitable for all. I seriously hope they reconsider.

Comment by Jen

BUMMER-I have been to Seven NFL Experiences. First in LA, 3-SD, 2-AZ & DET. The family was looking forward to a trip to MIAMI in 2010 from SD. On the fence now.

Comment by BP

As an avid pin collector. I am extremely distressed! How could the NFL do this to me.
( Not For Long ) get it:)

Comment by Gerald Sinn

had no idea that this event was canceled. that is the life-line for the kids to feel that they belong.

how sad…

does the pro bowl have a show that follows them????

Dad with Boys :-(

Comment by john

WOW!! I can’t believe this me and my Family were looking forward to this event all year long.Why did they cancell this event?

Comment by edrey machado

@machado – I know, complete bummer. I’ve been to a couple and really liked them (except for the amateur hour parts). NFL canceled this one last summer.

My guess is the cancelation was more due to corporate sponsors pulling out and cutting costs during the recession vs. the NFL just not wanting to do it (although it was a huge expense for them too). Samsung, DirectTV, and others put a ton of money into the event, staffing, etc to run their booths. Once a few big names pulled out, it probably didn’t make sense for the NFL to continue it this year.

Comment by James

come on

Comment by Anonymous

Why is it being canceled this year, and then bring it back next year??? I took my kids and their friends to it a few years ago and they had a GREAT time!! Their gym bag and souvenir caps are some of their prized possessions. I love football, too, but can’t afford to go to a game of my beloved Dolphins, the NFL experience was as close as I was going to get to the stadium for awhile. Too bad :( I’m really disappointed!!

Comment by Grace

This is horrible. I cannot believe this crap. If a couple of companies backout of their commercial spots, are they going to cancel televising the game too?!

Way to blow it!!!!

Comment by Pissed fan

rented a condo for 2

renter a condo for 2 months so we could go to the nfl experiance, thanks for NUTTEN gidell, go to rymes with

Comment by kingo

Um, this news was announced last MAY, so …

Comment by chrisolds

NFL – No Fun League

Comment by Danny B

WOW…this is a major disappointment, I’ve attended each time it’s been held in Miami and never missed a day…I love the interaction, games and player autographs and card show…what a damn shame this sucks!!!! I was looking forward to it since last year. Upset!!!

Comment by Alisa

WTF… The richest sport league in America and they can’t afford to give back to the Fans. What BullShhhh. I hope it rains again this Superbowl. Damm Roger “Fidel” Goodell….F U

Comment by WTF

one more reason to hate the way the nfl does things yet wants us to pay more and more for tickets you suck!!!!!!!!!1

Comment by garneau

Another stupid NFL decision just like having the Probowl before the Super Bowl. Did all of the top brass come from the Banking Industry? All totally stupid people. Hope it rains on all of the corporate fat cats on Super Sunday!! They take away the only thing average people can enjoy.

Comment by ED

I can’t believe this was so much looking forward to this event. I have spent so much money in helmets etc. it would had been nice to have had them sign. We go with our family it’s been a tradition. Really UPSET!!!

Comment by Ileana

wow!what is the reason for this stupid madness! thanks ED. you just read my mind. the nfl is becoming a p**sy for all these retarded rules. just play the game, thats why these pre modonas are getting paid millions! and now no nfl experience or card show!

Comment by Sean

Come On Man !!!!
The NFL Expereance is the only way for the local averge joe can take the family to enjoy the feel of NFL and a Super Bowl My family and I went to last won held in miami at super Bowl 41 and loved it to the person who great idea it was to cancell you suck.

Comment by Jc

THAT SUCKS!!!!!! Who was the idiot that pulled the plug?

Comment by roger

What the heck is going on with the NFL ? They are going down the tubes ! Games in other countries is just the beginning. Now they cancel this event ? It is ALL about the $$$$$$ now. SAD

Comment by mike

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