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The Crosby Show by Tracy Hackler


It’s 10:25 p.m. in Dallas and Sidney Crosby just won his first Stanley Cup in Detroit. For the record, there are 2,447 Crosby items on eBay at the moment, including almost five full pages of new listings.

Compare Crosby’s showing to that of Red Wings star Henrik Zetterberg, who helped vanquish Crosby’s Penguins last year to hoist the Cup but is being force fed a little role reversal this year. He’s got 429 items for sale right now, including just 29 that are newly listed.

It would appear that another Crosby craze is upon us – and for good reason. The kid who entered the league four years ago with the kind of pomp and circumstance normally reserved for guys named Gretzky — and only guys named Gretzky – skated his first Cup Friday night. That’s huge for hockey and for the hobby.

Never mind that Crosby hobbled off the ice in Friday’s do-or-die Game 7 after a second-period collision. Never mind that he scored just one goal in the Finals. He added 14 more in Pittsburgh’s other three playoff series, and 16 assists on top of that.

Plus, there’s every reason to believe that Crosby, who’ll turn 22 in August, has the talent and the teammates to make this whole championship thing as annual as a family reunion.

Make no mistake about it: Crosby clutching the Cup is good for hockey. Very good. But don’t take my word for it. Let tonight’s listings lead you.

Let’s see:
* There’s a 2005-06 The Cup Rookie Masterpiece Autograph 1/1 listed with a Buy It Now price of $22,000. $22,000? Here’s betting that one ends with a Best Offer.


* There are four copies of Crosby’s landmark 2005-06 The Cup #180 RC live right now (more than 4 percent of the total run of 99), ranging in asking price from $4,599 to $10,999.95. The current Beckett value on the card: $9,000.


* The two live copies of Crosby’s Upper Deck Ice RC – currently valued at $3,800 – are being offered as Buy It Nows for $4,500 and $4,200, respectively.

* All of which seems to make the current issue of Beckett Hockey (the one with Crosby on the cover) or four printing plates used to make the cover of the current Beckett Hockey, bona fide steals at $12.95 and $59.99, respectively.


It’s 10:50 p.m. in Dallas and Sidney Crosby just won his first Stanley Cup in Detroit. For the record, there are 2,505 Crosby items on eBay at the moment, including more than six full pages of new listings.

— Tracy Hackler

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This is definitely a good thing for the NHL, although most die-hard hockey fans (at least in New England) despise The Kid.

Comment by Alan

The series was fixed. The NHL wanted Pittsburgh to win so they would have a face (crosby) that they can promote. and a game 7? detroit is by far a better team. Crosby + Game 7 = Fixed series

Comment by President Obama

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