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Michael Vick’s Return to Football Cards by Tracy Hackler

2009 Upper Deck SPx Vick

Post-prison life just keeps getting better for the vastly vilified Michael Vick.

Vick, the disgraced former NFL superstar who spent the last two years in jail for his role in running a dogfighting ring, signed with the Philadelphia Eagles on Aug. 13, joining a team that needs more offensive skill like Beyonce needs voice lessons.

Now comes word from Topps and Upper Deck that Vick will also be returning to packs of football cards beginning next month. Upper Deck will include a short-printed Vick card into 2009 SPx, set to release Sept. 15. The card will be numbered as part of the 2009 Upper Deck set, which launches Sept. 1.

Topps, meanwhile, will include Vick in 2009 Topps Finest, which is scheduled to go live Sept. 14. Both companies, it should be noted, will also include their first Vikings cards of newly unretired legend Brett Favre in those same products.

“Players like Michael Vick and Brett Favre have shown in the past they have the potential to lead their teams to greater heights. When players do that, obviously there will be a demand for their collectibles,” said Chris Carlin, Upper Deck Hobby Media Manager. “Given the amount of attention both of these players have received as they put on their new uniforms for the first time, it’s important for Upper Deck to capture those moments and deliver them to our collector base.

“We felt it was important both of these players have a presence in our flagship 2009 Upper Deck Football set.”

Panini America officials on Tuesday confirmed that they have no plans at this time to reincorporate Vick, who in 2006 became the first quarterback to rush for 1,000 yards in a season, into any of their 2009 NFL products. Panini’s first Favre Vikings card will appear in 2009 Leaf Certified, due out Oct. 14.

“In 2007, Donruss made a decision that impacted not only our industry, but many others, when we were the first [card] company to remove [Michael] Vick from our products,” said Scott Prusha, the Marketing Director for Panini America, which purchased Donruss earlier this year. “We will be monitoring the situation very closely as the season progresses, but as of now, we have not included Vick in any of our 2009 products.”

When word first broke of Vick’s involvement in leading a Virginia-based dogfighting ring back in the summer of 2007, all three major manufacturers – Donruss, Topps and Upper Deck – made headlines by opting to remove the former Atlanta Falcon from all remaining 2007 products.

Stay tuned to for updates to this story, including the first images of Brett Favre’s Vikings cards.

— Tracy Hackler

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It’s up to the Law to release someone after serving time for animal cruelty.

But I would expect a professional sports league not to support someone who has done something so heinous.

Three years in prison is NOTHING for torturing and abusing God’s creatures like Michael Vick did. Forgiveness should come after repenting: something Vick has not shown us.

I have no personal interest in animal rights. I am not biased. I simply believe in living in accordance with the law, and retribution for breaking the law. Justice has not been served here. Not only has Vick been released after torturing and murdering innocent creatures, but he’s once again a celebrity with an obscene income, idolized by millions???

I truly cannot believe that the NFL would allow such a disgusting human being to return to be praised as a sports hero again. I am shocked and appalled at the NFL’s decision to allow Vick to return to the league. Once a fan of the Eagles, I personally can no longer support them or the NFL.

Comment by Jesse

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