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Topps Tribute baseball cards return for 2009 by Chris Olds


Topps announced on Friday that its past high-end Tribute baseball line will return in 2009 after a five-year break.

Every pack will include an autograph or Relic card in addition to three base cards and a parallel card when it arrives in November. Every six-pack box will include three autographed Relic cards and three Relics numbered to 99 or fewer copies. Each box also will include six parallel cards numbered to 199 or less. Cases will include eight boxes split into two mini cartons of four apiece.

The base set consists of 100 cards — 83 retired legends of the game, 14 veterans and just three rookies. The set will include Refractor parallels — Reds (1/1s), Golds (/50), Black (/99) and Blue (/199). It also will include Framed Printing Plates.

See more images and get more information after the jump.

The set will be loaded with variations including multiple swatches of memorabilia as well as booklet cards.

The Autographed Relic cards checklist is 375 cards deep — variation cards, variation duals, variation triples  with Refractors (Reds will include patch pieces).

Also included are Franchise Tributes cards (duals and quads) as well as Cut Above the Rest cut signature cards.

The Relic card checklist is 365 cards deep and includes duals, triples, Refractors, jumbo duals and quads.

Here’s a portion of the preliminary checklist:

Variation Cards
TAR-RP1    Rick Porcello
TAR-RP2    Rick Porcello
TAR-RP3    Rick Porcello
TAR-RP4    Rick Porcello
TAR-EL1    Evan Longoria
TAR-EL2    Evan Longoria
TAR-EL3    Evan Longoria
TAR-EL4    Evan Longoria
TAR-JB1    Jay Bruce
TAR-JB2    Jay Bruce
TAR-JB3    Jay Bruce
TAR-JB4    Jay Bruce
TAR-ML1    Matt LaPorta
TAR-ML2    Matt LaPorta
TAR-DS1    Duke Snider
TAR-DS2    Duke Snider
TAR-DS3    Duke Snider
TAR-DS4    Duke Snider
TAR-RB1    Ryan Braun
TAR-RB2    Ryan Braun
TAR-RB3    Ryan Braun
TAR-RB4    Ryan Braun
TAR-DP1    Dustin Pedroia
TAR-DP2    Dustin Pedroia
TAR-DP3    Dustin Pedroia
TAR-DP4    Dustin Pedroia
TAR-KH1    Keith Hernandez
TAR-KH2    Keith Hernandez
TAR-KH3    Keith Hernandez
TAR-KH4    Keith Hernandez
TAR-SB1    Sal Bando
TAR-SB2    Sal Bando
TAR-SB3    Sal Bando
TAR-SB4    Sal Bando
TAR-AD1    Andre Dawson
TAR-AD2    Andre Dawson
TAR-CK1    Clayton Kershaw
TAR-CK2    Clayton Kershaw
TAR-CK3    Clayton Kershaw
TAR-CK4    Clayton Kershaw
TAR-TH1    Tomnmy Hanson
TAR-TH2    Tomnmy Hanson
TAR-JP1    Johnny Podres
TAR-JP2    Johnny Podres
TAR-TS    Tom Seaver
TAR-JH    Josh Hamilton
TAR-JM    Juan Marichal

Variation Cards Dual
TDAR-RC1    Robinson Cano
TDAR-RC2    Robinson Cano
TDAR-EL    Evan Longoria
TDAR-DP    Dustin Pedroia
TDAR-GC    Gary Carter
TDAR-DS    Duke Snider
TDAR-AI    Akinori Iwamura
TDAR-PF    Prince Fielder
TDAR-AR    Aramis Ramirez
TDAR-JB    Jay Bruce
TDAR-MC    Melky Cabrera
TDAR-DW    David Wright
TDAR-DS    Darryl Strawberry
TDAR-DG    Dwight Gooden
TDAR-BJ    Bo Jackson
Variation Cards Triple
TTAR-DW    David Wright
TTAR-AP    Albert Pujols
TTAR-RH    Ryan Howard
TTAR-CJ    Chipper Jones
TTAR-DM    Don Mattingly
Topps Franchise Tributes Dual
DARBC-BB    Johnny Bench
Jay Bruce
DARBC-BM    Johnny Bench
Joe Morgan
DARBC-SR    Tom Seaver
Nolan Ryan
DARBC-SW    Tom Seaver
David Wright
DARBC-PR    Jim Palmer
Cal Ripken
DARBC-RR    Cal Ripken
Brooks Robinson
DARBC-MC    Juan Marichal
Matt Cain
DARBC-SC    Mike Schmidt
Steve Carlton
DARBC-PO    Dustin Pedroia
David Ortiz
DARBC-WB    David Wright
Carlos Beltran
Topps Franchise Tributes Quad
QARBC-CR    Johnny Bench
Joe Morgan
Jay Bruce
Joey Votto
QARBC-NYM1    Nolan Ryan
Tom Seaver
David Wright
Gary Carter
QARBC-BO    Frank Robinson
Brooks Robinson
Jim Palmer
Cal Ripken
QARBC-NYM2    Gary Carter
Dwight Gooden
Keith Hernandez
Darryl Strawberry
QARBC-CHC    Derrek Lee
Andre Dawson
Alfonso Soriano
Aramis Ramirez

Variation Cards Triple
1    Babe Ruth
7    Mickey Mantle
58    Jackie Robinson
77    Alex Rodriguez
91    Albert Pujols
Jumbo Dual
DJR-RJAR    Reggie Jackson
Alex Rodriguez
DJR-SMAP    Stan Musial
Albert Pujols
DJR-MSCU    Mike Schmidt
Chase Utley
DJR-JPBR    Jim Palmer
Brooks Robinson
DJR-PMRB    Paul Molitor
Ryan Braun
DJR-TPJB    Tony Perez
Johnny Bench
DJR-DSDG    Darryl Strawberry
Dwight Gooden
DJR-CYTS    Carl Yastrzemski
Tris Speaker
DJR-SGTG    Steve Garvey
Tony Gwynn
DJR-RCMP    Roy Campanella
Mike Piazza

QR-NYY    Reggie Jackson
Alex Rodriguez
Mickey Mantle
Mark Teixeira
QR-BO    Cal Ripken
Jim Palmer
Frank Robinson
Brooks Robinson
QR-PP    Mike Schmidt
Ryan Howard
Chase Utley
Robin Roberts
QR-NYM    Carlos Beltran
Darryl Strawberry
Dwight Gooden
David Wright
QR-SL    Bob Gibson
Stan Musial
Rogers Hornsby
Albert Pujols

Chris Olds has collected sports cards and memorabilia since 1987. Before coming to Beckett Media, he wrote about the hobby for the Orlando Sentinel on his blog, SportsStuff, and for the San Antonio Express-News and The Tuscaloosa (Ala.) News. Do you have a comment, question or idea? Send e-mail to him at


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Sal Bando? Come on Topps……

Comment by sendmeyourjunk

[…] The base set consists of 100 cards — 83 retired legends of the game, 14 veterans and just three rookies and will includes parallels — Reds (1/1s), Golds (/50), Blacks (/99) and Blues (/199). It also will include Framed Printing Plates. You can read more about the product and see the preliminary checklist by clicking here. […]

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