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Is This The Greatest Football Insert Ever? by Tracy Hackler


Some hardcore product purists are deriding it as an affront to the very hobby it’s meant to help rejuvenate. Others are calling it a welcomed addition to even the most exciting pack of football cards.

Either way, the 15-card Topps Cheerleaders insert (seeded one in nine hobby packs of 2009 Topps and one in eight packs of the just-released 2009 Topps Chrome) is an utterly compelling conversation piece.

Personally, I think the tasteful inclusion of cheerleaders in any pack of football cards is long overdue and I applaud Topps for the effort. Heck, if I had pompoms I’d be shaking them like mad right now. (Bad visual; I apologize).

Cheerleaders are a huge part of the “NFL experience” and they work wonders for sprucing up a pack-busting neighborhood too often occupied by no-chance rookies and been-there, done-that veterans.

Given the choice between a first-year Amanda or a 14th-year Amani (Toomer), I’ll take the former. The complete set — honoring cheerleaders from the Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals — is valued at just $10, with individual cards booking for a buck apiece.

Whether you love the set (or hate it), it’s football season, doggone it. And to help us kick it off, here’s a must-see gallery of all 15 cards.

— Tracy Hackler

Click on the images for a closer look.



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Comment by iamjoecollector

Short, simple and to the point. I like it.

Comment by Tracy Hackler

If a team mascot can have an autograph card and the Invisible man and Bigfoot can both have cards then I suppose there is a place for cheerleaders.

Comment by LivingDedMan

I’d rather see offensive/defensive coordinators.

Comment by Paul

Sure, why not? They’re beautiful cards, and they’re just for fun. I’d like to see more teams represented, though.

The greatest football inserts? I’m sticking with 1970 Topps Super Glossies.

Comment by nearmint

Puuleeze! Why only 15? One third the card is wasted on graphics. Finally, where’s the auto’s?

Another useless subset of a parallel set, subsetted into a parallel subset with a refractor subset and possibly a parallel parallel subset of superfractors.

The whole thing is a distractor. Yes, that too has a parallel subset!

Comment by Richard B

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