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Four Boxes of 2009-10 Exquisite Collection Basketball Walk Through the Door . . . by Tracy Hackler


Box Busters filming begins at 4:15 p.m. (CST). How can you win one of these boxes? Stay tuned to find out.

— Tracy Hackler

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can’t wait to see this break! looks like a great product, wish I could afford to open one myself!

Comment by Anonymous

You’ll pull the Tiger Woods/Michael Jordan dual patch auto. You’ll also pull the Tiger Woods 1/1 base card. To top it off you’ll get a Lebron James patch/auto 1/3. The cherry on top will be the Tiger Woods/Michael Jordan/Ali/LeBron/Kobe/Magic/Bird/Elway/Marino/Pele/Lesnar Super Auto -1/1 card.

Comment by Chris

Wrong on all counts.

Comment by chrisolds

when are you gonna tell us how to win a box?

Comment by jeremy

Early next week… and NEXT week’s Free Stuff Friday (on a smaller scale) will include a few cards from the Exquisite break.

Comment by chrisolds

Very cool! Box Busters is probably my favorite part of the website except for the up to the minute price guide. Can’t wait to see what you pulled.

Comment by darrin maurer

awesome can’t wait. thanks chris. what abot the video for the basketball exquisite winner when will that be also.

Comment by jeremy

Also early next week… we have two more hours of free stuff here tonight. And we’re capping it with basketball.

Comment by chrisolds

cool i’m here. now you guys wont feel left alone. lol.

Comment by jeremy

Let’s get the box busting on..Have heard lots good and bad things about this product, wanna see the real deal…

Comment by KC

Boxes have been busted… video is in the microwave. Here’s a tease:

Comment by chrisolds

Those are sweet looking..

Comment by KC

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