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***NOW CLOSED***FREE STUFF FRIDAY (3-12) “Grand Prize” — A Panini Basketball promotional display signed by Beckett Basketball’s Keith Hower & Tracy Hackler (And others?) by Chris Olds

We know this one is the one you guys will be really fighting over on this fight-fueled Free Stuff Friday

How can you win the item above? Follow the directions below and answer the questions below in a comment right here …  it’s that simple.

Tips: Don’t try stuffing the comments box — we’ll check IP addresses — and make sure to include your name and email address so you can be contacted if you win. (Also note that you will see your comment on your screen after posting but that does not indicate its order of posting as it has not yet been approved. WordPress’ time-stamping of comments once all are approved will determine the winner.)

Get the question(s) after the jump …

FREE STUFF FRIDAY (3-12) “Grand Prize” — A Panini Basketball promotional display signed by Beckett Basketball‘s Keith Hower & Tracy Hackler (And then, for some reason … the Beckett Baseball guys, Chris Olds & Brian Fleischer, too?)

1. Seriously, why in the world would you want this? (I mean, we know Tracy Hackler’s autograph is popular, but … )

We’ll randomly award the prize(s) to a person with the correct answer(s) out of all entries received by Monday at 10 a.m. Central time.  Remember to include your name and email address with your entry… or you will be disqualified. Also note that it’s one entry per person per contest.

Note: The winner of each contest will be notified via email on Monday.


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A quad-signed piece! Awesome.

I want it so I can display it with the ORIGINAL Tracy Hackler auto giveaway. Ha.

Comment by Newspaperman

1. for the autos

steven hay

Comment by steven

1. It would be a great addition to any collection or Beckett fan.

Comment by Lucas Morrison



I love Beckett!!

Comment by Andrew

Yuan Le

Finally a foursome autographs for me to collect.

Comment by Yuan Le

1. Becket is hands down incredible
2. I will just stare in awe each time I pass this 1 of a kind masertpiece
3. It will be hung up in my house for all to see( the centerpiece of my room)

Comment by Jeffrey Maizes

Seriously,who wouldn’t.

Comment by David Brown

I’ve never won one of these contests

Comment by william delee

because tracy hackler is the best!

Comment by ken hopkins

Cuz T Hizzle is bomb shizzle!

Comment by Jerome

I already have Chris Olds’ auto, why not another one?

Comment by Jeff Klank

1. I’m from the future and you guys are all kings. Oh, and the answer to your next question is “Yes”…the future is pretty sweet.

Comment by Ken R.

Tracy, Keith, Chris, & Brian….that’s “QUAD AUTO GOODNESS”!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by James Bush

I just really like pictures of guys hugging their ball…

Comment by Chris Cantwell

just to say i won an auto from one of the guys from beckett. thanks

Comment by Delvin Ferguson

For any sports collector out there who has used Beckett’s services over the years, it would mean the world to me to bring home a piece of my childhood, my teenage years and my adulthood. Without Beckett, there’s no price guides, no grading…nothing in my opinion!

From mod: Winner via random selection

Comment by Jon Addison

Its still a autograph so that would be cool.

Comment by Jordan

why not

Comment by Ray Molina

It’s like getting the starting line-up of the 72 win Bulls team. Just amazing

Comment by mike buzzard


Comment by Mike

I need this to replace my picture of Screech from ” Saved by the Bell”. I had it hanging above my toilet and it fell off the wall so this would do nicely in its place and if it were to fall off the wall (with some help) it to would end up where it should be !!! Hope I win.

Comment by dave newton

Lot Bates
For my Kid who loves this kind of stuff.

Comment by Lot Bates

I,ll hang this great piece between my A.J. Hawk auto jersey and Bob Euker auto Milwaukee Admirals checkered hockey jersey SWEEEEEEEEET…..

Comment by Joe Bothe

Woo Hoo Quad auto, can’t beat that and Chris and Brian they are my HERO. :)

Comment by Gruvdog

Cause I still wear my Beckett shirt, which is now faded that i got when i sign up to be a Platinum member, I guess it was 10 years ago.

Need I say more???

Comment by Ron Rubino

Because there’s no free football prizes this week…

Comment by Kelly Miller

WOW! The Grand Prizes just keep getting better!
Who wouldn’t want this piece of Beckett memorabilia! I would definitly want to add this to my collection.

Comment by Jan

1) Because it is B-E-A-utiful!

Comment by Eric Hitt

everybody at beckett is the greatest. i want it!

Comment by matt jern

Because Keith Hower is my baby’s daddy and I need that signature cause he shys away from the custody hearings!!!

Comment by Bill Flow

it will be a collectors item in the future and worth a lot.

Comment by amber kay

like i said last week and every other week i just wanna win something

Comment by Anonymous

the centerpiece of my collection

Comment by Titus Bishop

it will definitely be one of a kind

Comment by Larrydi

I would want to have it so that someday far in the future, when Blake Griffin becomes a superstar (or actually plays in an NBA game), someone will say to me “Hey that’s a cool display! Too bad some fools went and scribbled all over it.”

Comment by John W.

Christopher Vesper

2 words…. BOXBUSTERS BABY!!!


Comment by Chris Vesper

i could mount it on my wall and think of all the decoys flying by as i “think” i have another hit


Comment by mark marecek

Because I still haven’t won anything from Beckett from the past.

Comment by Raylon C. Ruggles

I am a Sooner born and raised in Okc,Ok. A Blake Griffin rookie year poster. Signed by several other sports talents. Are you kidding me? It will look great in my living room.

Comment by Randy Hampton

Identity theft

Comment by Jeff R. Arends

So I can say I have the autos of the famous, world renowned Box Busters!

Comment by Dan Jarvis

So I can say I have the autos of the famous, world renowned Box Busters!
Dan Jarvis

Comment by Dan Jarvis

Who does Tracy Hackler play for again?


Rob Braxton (this is the email address I use for things I generally end up returning)

Comment by Robert Braxton

I should win … because I answered a question with a question … How annoying is that?!?

Comment by Robert Braxton

Why Not, My son Likes the Boxbusters, ad He would enjoy it, “Cause He saw them on the Tv”

Ethan cahn

Comment by ethan cahn

1. To make Beckett Cut Signatures!

Thanks for the contest!

Comment by Anne Bazinet

I would love to put it on E-Bay for auction and donate the money to Chris Olds choice of charity

Comment by beth

1. I’ve been begging for an auto of Tracy for the longest time now! You can consider me a Tracy Hackler supercollector!

2. Autographs of Keith, Chris, & Brian make this the best Quad 1/1 in the history of sports memorabilia!

3. This power memorabilia piece just may surpass the power of another guy I have an autographed card of….Raphael Belliard.

4. While prices can be put on the other prizes from Free Stuff Friday, I know that this “masterpiece” will never be priced “due to scarcity”….


Comment by Michael Boykin

because this is a masterpiece and with the beckett sigs it will be a pricless piece of art that i could sell to the nba hall of fame

bill longsworth

Comment by Bill Longsworth

Well it’s unique,awesome and cool….Its uniquely awesomely cool.

Comment by Jason Seat

1. Because it is free and somewhat cool :)

Comment by Shaun Reed

Beckett is huge for collector’s and owning a piece of Beckett history would be awesome!!!

Comment by Dave Copeland

just because

Comment by gary bodtman

who would’nt want this,

Comment by James Harding

it’s a sweet piece to display.. Plus it has Tracy’s and Mr. Basketball Keith howers auto, why would you not want it???

Comment by KC

So I can counsel my patients about their fears about letting go of their basketball – Apparently, Blake Griffin has some.

Comment by Aaron Karlen

Because the guys that have signed it have seen more basketball action than Blake has…

Comment by Josh Bailey

I love autographs! Who wouldn’t want it if they loved autographs?

Comment by Anthony Chu

Jon Addison is the winner as noted above.

Comment by chrisolds

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