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*** NOW CLOSED *** FREE STUFF FRIDAY (3-26) “Grand Prize” Contest — A Beckett Media Box Busters All-Stars autographed card lot by Chris Olds

We’re back with another Free Stuff Friday our weekly ritual where we try and get some cool stuff into the hands of our readers just for answering some simple card-related trivia.

How can you win? Follow the directions below and answer the questions below in a comment right here …  it’s that simple.

Tips: Don’t try stuffing the comments box — we’ll check IP addresses — and make sure to include your name and email address so you can be contacted if you win. (Also note that you will see your comment on your screen after posting but that does not indicate its order of posting as it has not yet been approved. WordPress’ time-stamping of comments once all are approved will determine the winner.)

Get the question(s) after the jump …

FREE STUFF FRIDAY (3-26) “Grand Prize” Contest — A Beckett Media autographed card lot (as in business cards) by the Box Busters All-Stars: Tracy Hackler, Chris Olds, Dan Hitt, Brian Fleischer, Keith Hower and Bryan Hornbeck. (There’s no Tim Trout — he’s too big-time.)

1. We’ve given away Tracy Hackler’s autographed mail, and plenty of other weird stuff lately as “grand prizes”  — and yet you guys keep on trying to win this stuff. Tell us why we should pick you as the winner of this.

We’ll randomly award the prize(s) to a person whose answer we feel is the most creative (or least creepy) out of all entries received by Monday at 10 a.m. Central time.  Remember to include your name and email address with your entry… or you will be disqualified. Also note that it’s one entry per person per contest.

Note: The winner of each contest will be notified via email on Monday.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball and Beckett Graded Card Investor. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at


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Because the signed business cards are a great idea and could easily fit into top loaders and placed into my collection of nonsense.

Comment by Newspaperman

Beckett is famous so the box breakers are. And good idea

Comment by Jordan G

Maybe 1 day one of this group will go become CEO of Upper Deck, and once again make them the #1 card company. If that was to happen, I would have my 1st and only 1/1 card.

most valuable card will be Dan Hitt… cause after Bret Hart wins at wrestlemania his card with will be big “HITT” as the “HIT MAN” will be back as the best there is, was and will ever be!!! Thus making DAN HITT the best there is, was and will ever be @ Beckett.

Comment by Ron Rubino

I’m still in need of a haclker auto and i would say all would be equal in value cause you all make beckett awsome..

Comment by KC

Because I’m a type 1 diabetic athelete and this would be the first contest I’ve won from free stuff friday (oh snap, I did just play the diabetic card) :)

Comment by Nick Davis

who’s Tracy Hackler ???

Comment by john kenney

When looking at the buisness cards, I find it quite amazing that these could possibly be mine, that is if I won, I am a huge fan of box busters, and would really like to add these to my collection of sports memeborialla.

Comment by Jimmy

I know that it is wierd for us to want your auto’s but it is also wierd for you to keep asking us why we want this wierd stuff. WE ARE WIERD OK, now show me the auto’s!

Comment by Shaun Reed

I don’t really know???? But I should.

Comment by Jeff Gates

I was a collector in the 70s 80s and 90s and left after that but I,am back because my grandson is collecting know. collecting has got a lot harder with all the sub sets you guys and beckett web site make it easier to understand. Thank you Dan

Comment by DAN

Because you guys are tops, and you deserve to have auto cards out there.

Comment by james jackson

lol cuz i never win anything

Comment by dan cugler

1. I love Beckett and I visit the site every day. These would be a great addition to any collection and they could easily fit into top loaders.

Comment by Lucas Morrison

I’m a big fan of the boxbusters videos. I collect autographs. Two great tastes that taste great together. It’s like the Reese’s of collectibles!

Comment by Wayne Martin, Jr.

I don’t really want to win this,but I’ll take anything,as long as I won it Robert Cable

Comment by Robert Cable

Simply because, unlike my girlfriend, I don’t think I could live my life without Beckett. No, no, I know I could not live without Beckett. Just don’t tell her I said that.

Comment by Jon Belk

Because my son and I just love baseball cards! Love busting boxes together and breaking packs together. Great lifetime hobby that we are sharing together.
– Steve

Comment by Steve Shissler

Love the Tracy Hackler auto! One of my favourite guys online. I have a stutter too and his box breaking vids inspired me to do start doing my own too – busting the boxes and busting through the stammering =)

Comment by Aaron

Again, I have been inquiring for weeks now about a Tracy Hackler autograph. This was well before Beckett Media personalties were making their FSF autographed memorabilia debuts! I have still not won or received any of the aforementioned autographs. It’s very disheartening to say the least. Ya’ll are my heroes!!! What more can I say? I want to win this far more than any other person commenting! I’ve been a true FSF participant since the beginning. So please select me…. Please…. See, now you’ve made me resort to begging!

Comment by Michael Boykin

We’ve given away Tracy Hackler’s autographed mail, and plenty of other weird stuff lately as “grand prizes” — and yet you guys keep on trying to win this stuff. Tell us why we should pick you as the winner of this.

Because I have no idea who any of these guys are, who better to give the stuff too then a total stranger. Strangers have good candy!

Comment by Aaron C

I would want these five sigs becauee they closely resemble the five classical elements.

The most frequently occurring theory of classical elements, held by the Hindu, Buddhist, Japanese and Greek systems of thought, is that there are five elements, namely Earth, Water, Air, Fire, which are currently associated with the four known states of matter (solid, liquid, gas and plasma) and a fifth element known variously as space, Idea, Void quintessence or Aether (the term “quintessence” derives from “quint” meaning “fifth”).

In Greek thought, the philosopher Aristotle added aether as the quintessence, reasoning that whereas fire, earth, air, and water were earthly and corruptible, since no changes had been perceived in the heavenly regions, the stars cannot be made out of any of the four elements but must be made of a different, unchangeable, heavenly substance.[1]

The concept of essentially the same five elements was similarly found in ancient India, where they formed a basis of analysis in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hinduism, particularly in an esoteric context, the four states-of-matter describe matter, and a fifth element describes that which was beyond the material world (non-matter). Similar lists existed in ancient China and Japan. In Buddhism the four great elements, to which two others are sometimes added, are not viewed as substances, but as categories of sensory experience.


These five guys from Beckett resemble closely to the five elements mentioned and would be honored to possess them. You decide which one applys for each.

Comment by delvin

OOPS, I forgot there was six, lol.

Comment by delvin



I really need the Chris Olds Auto…it will go great with my SP Chris Olds A&G Mini that I got from the Cleveland National…

I think Tracy is great on Box Busters, as is Brian…those two are like Yin and Yang when it comes to busting a box, and I think having their Autos will be cool (to me).

All in, I think that you guys are celebrities in this card collecting world, and I think it would be cool to have your sigs on display.

Comment by Tom Bilkie

I have been a member of Beckett online since January of 1997 and haven’t won a single item from Beckett (enough said)!

Comment by Robert Burkett

I have been with Beckett alog time now. I started out collecting for myself and now I have 4 Grandsons ages 5,4,3 and 3 months. I collectfor them and I would love to add the prize from this contest to their collections. Thank you.

Comment by Rae McElvain

1. You should pick me to win so I can brag to all my friends that I got five awesome autographs this weekend.

Thanks for the contest!

Comment by Anne Bazinet

I would like this autographed card lot so I can auction them off on ebay just to see who’s autograph is more popular or in demand. It would make for great water cooler talk amongst yourselves for the rest of your lives LOL!! :-)

Comment by Patrick Caviness

when i get fired from work for using company time to do this, at least i will have a reminder of how i got fired

Comment by beth

1. It’s a mystery all right, haha, j/k. You guys are the pioneers…you better slow down though, or you’ll have start numbering these items /100, lol. I have seen some 1/1 items, which is good.

Comment by Ken R.

Because the crew at Becketts has enabled me to sell a quester million cards knowing the pricing.

Comment by Alisha

What could go better with a Vlad Guerrero Beckett cover printing plate than signed cards by the creators themselves?

And of course a Dick Houser original Topps Contract signed by Mr. Berger. You guys are pioneers!

Comment by Will

If I win, I will either use these for Upper Deck Prominent Cuts 2020 (when every other autograph cut has been used) or more likely, will fold each card up over and over again and then tape to a toploader of a card I sell on ebay so that I can say my envelope is wide enough to get delivery confirmation on.

Comment by Paul

I don’t know who Tracy Hackler is, so by acquiring an autographed card of his would give me reason to look him up on and find out more about him.

Comment by Jeff

Because without Beckett where would trading cards be?

Comment by Andrew

Because the Box Busters are my heroes!!

Comment by Jerome

Yuan Le

Bcause you never know down the road that one of the Box Buster All-Star could become famous one day, and also I appreciate all of their hard work on doing the box busting. Also when will there be a baseball card of the Box Buster All Stars? Keep up the good work, guys.

Comment by Yuan Le

If I get your business cards maybe I can put them in a restaurants free meal drwing and win you guys freel unch. just a thought.

Comment by mike buzzard


Comment by Jimmy Davis

Because after I received them, I would be able to send them back to BGS to get graded and I know that they would all come back as perfect BGS 10 Pristine’s with all subs 10’s!

Comment by Tony Ind

Because I don’t really want them. lol

Comment by tina smith

It’s Free Stuff Friday and again I try on end,
To win any free stuff that’s offered my friend!
Will it be autographs, jerseys, OH NO!
The real prize I want is this card lot you know!

Comment by Jan

just wanna win

From mod: Then you just gotta include a name and email address. Because we can’t contact people unless they do…

Comment by Anonymous

I would give it to my 11 year old son, whom I just got parental rights of because of an abusive situation, because he has never has won any contest before.

Comment by Chad Bammer

It is just my time!

Comment by Phil Regetta

Because Its a honor win it if I can

Comment by Brandon


Comment by Randy Netzler

I just got an A+ on my Term Paper! And I love Beckett!

Comment by Andrew

I should win because I have collected cards since I was a little kid and have continued on with my collecting throughout my years or schooling and even college, no matter how silly other people thought sports card collecting was and that I should have out grown it! It’s a love, something to share and bring people together, and most of all lets me enjoy the sports I love so much! To win would be an honor and just prove that there is nothing wrong with collecting no matter your age.

Comment by Matt Ferguson

This will serve as a role model to my sisters and family members and show them that this is a hobby that is fun and exciting. Without Tracey our hobby will not be as influential on people and wouldnt be as fun since AI wouldnt get to see my annual box breakers.

Comment by Jeffrey Maizes

because who else can say they have the box breakers autographs in their private collection

Comment by J.J. Bonneville

I should be picked the winner because I have nerver won a contest in my life. I am starting to think I am bound to never win! Please make my luck change!

Comment by Eduardo Deleon

I’ve spent a lot of time and money on this site : )

Comment by Brandon

they would look good above my bed

Comment by Titus Bishop

The autographs will be added to my collection of almost nothing

Comment by Brady

Because I have not won anything yet! lol

Comment by Keith Midgette

With all of the Box Busters that you guys do, you’re like movie stars. I don’t have any movie star auto’s so I think it would be REALLLLLY cool to win these.

Comment by Taylor

1. because you didn’t pick me last time

Comment by Ryan Sanetra

I only won 1 grand prize in my life My Spouse everything else is a bonus
Luv you honey :)

Comment by robin martino

i’ll take ’em, why not

Comment by Adam Armitage

I keep on trying and haven’t won anything yet on free stuff friday. PLEASE!

Comment by charles brumbaugh

I HAVE TO WIN THIS! Beings from another galaxy came to my house last night and kidnapped my dog, Jay-Z! They left a note in the form of a hologram beside his water bowl. Their demands were specifically to obtain autographed business cards of the Beckett Media family to exchange for Jay-Z! They would like to display these autographed treasures in a special place next to other memorabilia from sports stars who derive from their planet (John Rocker, Dennis Rodman, etc…).

I beg you to please allow me to win this contest! We just found out that our other dog, Beyonce, is pregnant with Jay-Z’s puppies! Do you seriously want these pups to grow up without a father figure in their lives? I think not! Do the right thing guys….

From mod: Too weird not to be the winner. Good luck fighting them beings…

Comment by James Bush

I could say I love this person or that person, but when it comes down to it, it’s all about to cards. These guys are very knowledgeable in that area, and help promote this hobby that we all love. So, keep it real!

Comment by Travis

Nothing would be better than adding these wonderful autographed cards to the Panini Autographed Beckett Display. I admire and respect everything Beckett has done over the years…keeping themselves a step above the rest! And will always be #1 to me :)

Comment by Jon Addison

………I only have four weeks to live……

Comment by Mike Schlueter

If the backs are blank they would make nice scratch paper.

Comment by dave newton

Gee the odds of winning just went down… I’m on the list now! Hope I win!

Comment by Paul worley

It’s my birthday today and I’m used to getting crappy presents.

Comment by Jeff R. Arends

i havent won anything yet

Comment by matt jern

never won before

Comment by william delee

I need an autograph of a person with my same last name besides my dad or brother.

Comment by Eric Hitt

hmm, I would probably appreciate a box of 88 donruss a bit more, but i guess i’m in there because beckett is a quality company

Comment by Andrew Gelhaus

Because I want them is that reason enough

Comment by gary bodtman

id sell them on ebay for pennies or trade them for pokemon cards.

Comment by Jonathan Holt

It’s fun to win stuff, even if it’s a bunch of goofballs, LOL
ethan cahn

Comment by ETHAN CAHN

Because I am a huge fan of Beckett and it would be awesome to own a piece of Beckett history.

Comment by Dave Copeland

I enjoy stalking celebrities. If I’m commenting on this, it means that you are celebrity enough for me to want your autograph. Please send it to me.

(I don’t actually stalk people, no need to worry).

Comment by Joshua Waldman

because box busters is awsome and ive never won a free stuff friday before………and tracy hackler and chris olds are the best!

Comment by ken hopkins

Because I spent all of my money on cards and need toilet paper. These should do just fine…


Comment by Josh Bailey

i need new bookmarks.

Comment by Krista

James Bush is the winner as noted above.

Comment by chrisolds

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