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Were you a winner on Free Stuff Friday? by Chris Olds
March 29, 2010, 3:38 pm
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Another Free Stuff Friday has come and gone — you know the weekly ritual where we give you guys the chance to win something cool — and we’ve selected this week’s winners.

Are you among the lucky few? Find out after the jump.

If not, be sure to come back on Friday and try again…

1. Abram Torrence

2. Bryan Miller

3. George

4. Steve Chin

5. Wade Kuehnast

6. Lucy D

7. Simon Mallett

8. Sam

9. Daniel Chairet

10. James Bush


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Kudos to the winners. I have one question though to a few that enter these contests. How can several of you get the same wrong answer? Looking thru the different contests, the same wrong answer was given by the following:
Matt Horibe, Steve Shissler, Michael Cook, Robert Burkett, Jeff Moley, Tina Smith, Tim Lawson, Kent Chisler, Chris Osborn, Charles Petit
and especially the following who obviously used the same IP address:
Matt Cianfrone, Elliott Harris, James Thompson, David (dpuccio), Stan Wang, Hector Lopez, and Tim. The give away was that all these had the same colored icon.
I know alot of people enter these contests, but it seems that there are a few that are getting a few extra entries and screwing the rest over if they win. The rule is clearly mentioned and though the first list is not as blatant as the second, it seemed odd that they got the same wrong answer from the rest and not just in one contest but almost all of them (at least the ones that they entered). Anyways, I think the rest of us would like a fair chance and not get shorted because others choose not to follow the rules. I have only looked at this weeks contests but have seen this before, I will have to go back and see if a pattern is there in the others as well. I hope Chris Olds is watching this and taking notes. Thanks

Comment by AK

This isn’t the first time you’ve accused others of cheating…

But I’ll tell you this. I went back and checked the IP addresses on ALL of the names you threw out here (at least the ones spelled correctly) and NOT ONE of them had the same IP address as a different name that also entered in the contest.

Not one.

Comment by chrisolds

If you noticed, I was wondering how those mentioned with the same wrong answers could have possibly got the same wrong answer over and over on each question. The question is asked and there is clearly one answer that could be given, yet on each of their answers, the same mistaken answer was given and the odds of that happening over and over on each question leads one to wonder how several different people could be giving the same wrong answer while majority of the people who entered gave the correct one that is given at the beckett site. The only explanation would be that there is a group sharing answers as like in sharing test answers in a classroom, except that they are looking over the shoulder of a student who they should not be copying their answers, lol. As for the latter names given, I did see the same colored icon. Take a look. IMO, it seems that ones that have the same colored icon are from the same IP as in the same network, thus why they have the same icon. Is there another eason why the same icon is found on theirs? Appreciate you looking into this. The other time I mentioned this was because it seemed that certain people were winning this over and over multiple times. Heck, there was one person who was so lucky, they had won it over 6 times and several 4+ times. While I have won it once, I am sure there are lots others that have entered every week yet have had none. Your system for picking the winner is okay, but I just questions some who entered as far as their honesty over the ONE PER IP. Thanks again though. I will keep an eye on it.

Comment by AK

Consistently wrong answers happen when people don’t read the “hint” part. If you search for a name, it will say X objects found — which includes all cards PLUS the player’s player page entry. (Meaning that number is NOT correct.)

That’s why we tell people to find the stats box…

Comment by chrisolds

the second Kolb contest, the answer was 440, yet these people ALL answered 441. Was there some sort of collabarated answer that would have each one of these people giving the same wrong answer by one? Was there a mistake that each one of these people did the same mistake, and not just with this contest, they repeatedly gave the same wrong answer on several of the contest while the majority provided the correct answer. There was a pattern that was seen with these same people. I am not finding any wrong with their entries as much as I was wondering why they were relying on some giving them the wrong answer over and over on several of the contest. IMO they should look for someone else to do the research for them and supply the correct answer between them all before answering them. Wrong answers are thrown out, correct? Maybe when notifying and posting the winner, you should also post the correct answer.
The second part of my post was about people who were using the same network/IP, thus their posted answers were being tied together with the same colored icon that is found next to their name and answers. Thanks again. I can email you this info if you would like.

Comment by AK

BTW, if this is accepted, the one where multiple people with the same icon, then I would like to know so I can share the same answers in these contests with others who collect cards in my dorm at school and we can log in and do answer them from the same network. I haven’t mentioned this to others here since I was scared that that would disqualify mine.

Comment by AK

Did you read my previous comment?

If people use the stat box, they are fine. If they sort other ways, the number will likely be one off.

Comment by chrisolds

In case you missed it the last time you complained about situations like this, we found that YOUR IP was linked to more than one name.

However, we gave it benefit of the doubt as it wasn’t an overabundance of entries.

Comment by chrisolds

Well then, is there an official answer or are they are taken as being correct? I assumed that there was only one correct answer and not just “close enough”. Again, is there any way that you might post in the future along with the name of the winner, the correct answer? Your question starts with “According to…” There is a way of getting to the players page and see the stat box so as to get the correct answer which is not several different ones.

From mod: The absolute only accepted answer is the one found in the stats box.

Comment by AK

I am not surprised. Hopefully they gave up and don’t enter them anymore, lol. I havent told anyone about them in fear that would eliminate mine. I would feel a bit at ease if I knew the exact rule about the “NO STUFFING THE BALLOT” rule and checking IP. I am not a computer expert, so I don’t know if people using the same network would have the same IP or different. If I enter from my computer and then someone enters from their computer in a different room/floor, does it come up as the same?

Comment by AK

“From mod: The absolute only accepted answer is the one found in the stats box.”

Okay, then that answers my question and all this was for nothing since these people are giving the wrong answer therefore their entries are not included. I just need to clarify the process. Thanks for your time in all this rant and raving. I follow these contest every week and look forward every week to the contests. Its sort of like playing the lotto and best part, its free. Winning something is always great and I hope everyone gets to someday get theirs, I just was trying to see if there was some suspicious activity that was denying them with others stuffing the ballots. Thanks again.

Comment by AK

Kudos to Beckett for answering the questions and pointing out that some people don’t read the rules or keep making the same mistake. I think having all the drawings at once is very fair and gives everyone a chance to win which is all that I want.

Comment by Paul

As for the icon, I know that I picked mine on some website and it populates on certain websites I visit so perhaps those without one just get a random one?

Comment by Paul

yes, they get one random, but if you notice, everytime I have posted, I have gotten the same one. Its like a caller ID. The impression I get, is if you were to log in with my computer under a different name and different email address, you would still get the same one. That is why if you go look at the names I posted, they all have the same one in 99% of them along with the same answers which are wrong 99% of the time. It was odd how these guys all have the same answer and same icon yet different names multiple times on the same contest.

Comment by AK

See, if I change my name and email address, it still comes up the same icon as under my AK one (the odd looking green thing to the right). BTW, this is from AK, lol. Just trying to prove a point.

Comment by Frank Fake

Now that we saw that it changed it if I changed the info in the name and email slots, lets see if I leave it blank in the name and email slot yet provided the info in the message.

Frank the Fake

Comment by Anonymous

Just using the post here to test this theory out.

Comment by Anonymous

Not seeing any of my comments. I guess they are being held for the mod first.

Comment by AK

I could care less about the icons. If I have reason to suspect foul play I will check IPs. In the case of these — all were the same.

However, your frank fake did NOT have the same icon.

Either way, all of the names you accused of cheating above checked out with different IP addys.

Comment by chrisolds

quit complaining all you babies!!!!!!!!
it is a game of chance—do you get this angry when you don’t win the lottery?

Comment by Anonymous

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