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Guest commentary: 20 Questions for the hobby by Chris Olds
April 5, 2010, 1:48 pm
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By Steven Judd

1. So who exactly is considered to be part of the thought leadership in this industry? Seriously, I’d like to know.  No, really, I am not joking … seriously.

2. Speaking of leadership, or lack thereof, who replaced Judy Heeter as the Director of Licensing for the MLBPA? I must have missed that press release. Hopefully someone not stuck in 1996.

3. Is it possible for a card company to successfully distribute a product without any autograph or game-used cards in its content in the current marketplace?

4. At the beginning of 2012, how many card manufacturers will exist? Notice that I did not say “still exist.”

5. How many different ways can the leagues figure out how to say, “Well, they offer us a boatload of money, and we weren’t about to say no to that?”

6. Did anyone else find it interesting that Panini America chose not to show any Rookie Cards or RC autograph variations in its 2010 Donruss Elite preview images?

7. Is an Elvin Hayes autograph really a case hit? Come on, now. The guys that put this list together are a lot smarter than this.

8. Who thought out of all of the licensing chaos that has taken place in the last 18 months that the folks at the NHL would be the voice of reason and sanity?

9. Is it time for Topps Triple Threads to get a configuration overhaul?

10. If a card is serial-numbered out of 10, but only three people want it, is it still scarce?

11. With Topps Series 1 and Topps Heritage already having been released, is it me or does it feel like the baseball card season is over as the actual baseball season has just started?

12. What corporate entity is the largest buyer of sports trading cards in the world?

13. Should you really put pieces of stadium seats in a $50-per-pack product? Isn’t it common sense to not do that?

14. What effect will eBay’s new listing format have on the buy/sell landscape?

15. If the economy is still lagging, why do we continue to see product after product with premium or super-premium price points that do not deliver consistent value to collectors?

16. Would a non-traditional form of distribution (packs/boxes/cases) be feasible for a manufacturer in order to introduce a new long-term brand?

17. How would the landscape of the industry be different if NCAA bylaws allowed image usage of current players in trading card products?

18. Is there a place for the vending box/case in today’s marketplace?

19. Where is Rob Broder?

20. Has anyone else noticed that the amount and quality of oddball cards has been terrible during the last decade when you look at the plethora of cards that was issued during the 1990s?

Steven Judd has worked for Donruss, Topps and Upper Deck.


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So wish you still maintained your blog.

Comment by votc

Awesome questions, Steven. A lot of us have been saying some of this for quite some time.

Comment by Jason Ballew

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