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First Look: 2010 Topps 206 baseball cards by Chris Olds
April 16, 2010, 4:10 pm
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Topps announced Friday afternoon that the famed T206 design will return for another year as Topps 206 will arrive on Aug. 30 packing one autograph and one Relic card per 20-pack hobby box.

The showcase for multi-branded mini cards will include 1/1 Red Chrome Carolina Brights cards, while there will be stamp cards, Gold Chrome Piedmont cards (limited to 50) and 1/1 T206 Cut Signature mini-book Relics to be found as well.

The base set will consist of 300 cards with veterans, legends and rookies in the mix — 50 of those cards being short-prints. The Mini parallels will include the Carolina Brights, Cycle, American Caramel, Piedmont, Old Mill and Polar Bear as well as 50 cards that will be found as silks.

Among its insert offerings are a 20-card Historical Events set that includes such firsts and notables as subway cars with side doors, the Army’s first military plane, the first Lincoln penny minted, the first U.S. junior high school, the first radio contest, and the “world’s first female cop.” For those more interested in baseball cards in their baseball sets, there’s an 80-card stamp set (well, they’re close to baseball cards) as well as Bronze parallels and the MLB Logoman Continuity program that will continue here. (Get it… continuity?)

The autograph lineups will include American Caramel (a new addition), which will be 35 cards, as well as T206 Cut Signatures (1/1s) along with the previously mentioned cards. (Get a preliminary autograph checklist after the jump.)

More to come.

See a full gallery of images after the jump.

Also new this year are Mini book Relic cards, a 50-card set that will be found one per case with each of them limited to just 50 copies. Also new are T206 Dual Relics, which will feature 25 players, while the familiar Polar Bear and Old Mill Relic parallels return.

Hobby-exclusives worth noting are T206 buybacks as well as printing plates of both the minis and the standard cards.

The preliminary autograph checklist includes:

American Caramel
ACA-MC  Melky Cabrera
ACA-MM  Miguel Montero
ACA-PP  Placido Polanco
ACA-RI  Raul Ibanez
ACA-VM  Vin Mazzaro
ACA-CT  Chris Tillman
ACA-AC  Asdrubal Cabrera
ACA-DB  Dallas Braden
ACA-OC  Orlando Cabrera
ACA-EC  Eric Chavez
ACA-CG  Chris Getz
ACA-JL  Jed Lowrie
ACA-MB  Milton Bradley
ACA-SP Steven Pearce
ACA-KS Kurt Suzuki
ACA-DW David Wright
ACA-PF Prince Fielder
ACA-MH Matt Holiday
ACA-MY Michael Young
ACA-NM Nick Markakis
ACA-RC Robinson Cano
ACA-TH Torii Hunter
ACA-AP Albert Pujols
ACA-AH Aaron Hill
ACA-AR Alex Rios
ACA-MR Manny Ramirez
ACA-HR Hanley Ramirez
ACA-ARO Alex Rodriguez
ACA-DO David Ortiz
ACA-MCA Matt Cain
ACA-BU B.J. Upton
ACA-JU Justin Upton
ACA-CB Chad Billingsley
ACA-MBU Madison Bumgarner
ACA-CS CC Sabathia

T-206  Autographs
TA-CR Colby Rasmus
TA-JC Jeff Clement
TA-PS Pablo Sandoval
TA-CC Chris Coghlan
TA-MS Max Scherzer
TA-PP Placido Polanco
TA-HB Heath Bell
TA-MB Mitch Boggs
TA-FM Fernando Martinez
TA-EC Evereth Cabrera
TA-MT  Matt Tolbert
TA-CP  Cliff Pennington
TA-CY  Chris Young
TA-JZ  Jordan Zimmerman
TA-JL  John Lannan
TA-TC  Trevor Crowe
TA-DM  Daniel Murphy
TA-JW  Josh Willingham
TA-NF  Neftali Feliz
TA-JF  Jeff Francis
TA-SG  Sammy Gervacio
TA-EV  Eugenio Velez
TA-FC  Francisco Cervelli
TA-AL  Adam Lind
TA-JK  Jason Kubel
TA-RP  Ryan Perry
TA-CT  Clete Thomas
TA-JT  J.R. Towles
TA-TG  Tom Gorzelanny
TA-DB  Daric Barton
TA-GB  Gordon Beckham
TA-CPE  Chone Figgins
TA-RB  Ryan Braun
TA-TT  Troy Tulowitzki
TA-TH  Tommy Hanson
TA-DP  Dustin Pedroia
TA-RP  Rick Porcello
TA-RZ  Ryan Zimmerman
TA-RH  Ryan Howard
TA-CRI  Cal Ripken Jr.

T-206 Cut Sig Book Cards
BC1  Ty Cobb
T-206  Cut Signatures

The preliminary checklist for the notable Relics are:

Mini Book Relics
MBR1    Albert Pujols
Ryan Howard
MBR2    Prince Fielder
Ryan Braun
MBR3    Evan Longoria
David Wright
MBR4    Ichiro
Albert Pujols
MBR5    Joe Mauer
Johnny Bench
MBR6    Hanley Ramirez
Jimmy Rollins
MBR7    Adam Jones
Nick Markakis
MBR8    Tim Lincecum
Zack Greinke
MBR9    Grady Sizemore
MBR10    Tim Lincecum
Roy Halladay
MBR11    Ian Kinsler
Gordon Beckham
MBR12    Chase Utley
Ryan Howard
MBR13    Shin Soo Choo
Grady Sizemore
MBR14    Miguel Cabrera
Prince Fielder
MBR15    Justin Upton
Matt Kemp
MBR16    Carlton Fisk
Ivan Rodriguez
MBR17    David Wright
Jose Reyes
MBR18    Matt Kemp
Andre Either
MBR19    CC Sabathia
Andy Pettitte
MBR20    Hanley Ramirez
Dan Uggla
MBR21    Dustin Pedroia
Kevin Youkilis
MBR22    Hunter Pence
Josh Hamilton
MBR23    Prince Fielder
Pablo Sandoval
MBR24    Andrew McCutchen
Adam Jones
MBR25    Joe Mauer
Brian McCann

T-206 Dual Relic Cards
DR-PF    Prince Fielder
DR-MM    Mickey Mantle
DR-AP    Albert Pujols
DR-RH    Ryan Howard
DR-DW    David Wright
DR-GS    Grady Sizemore
DR-JR    Jose Reyes
DR-JRO    Jimmy Rollins
DR-BM    Brian McCann
DR-MC    Miguel Cabrera
DR-AR    Alex Rodriguez
DR-NM    Nick Markakis
DR-IS    Ichiro
DR-CJ    Chipper Jones
DR-JH Josh Hamilton
DR-AD Adam Dunn
DR-CC Carl Crawford
DR-SV  Shane Victorino
DR-MR Manny Ramirez
DR-WS Willie Stargell
DR-RS Ryne Sandberg
DR-ADA Andre Dawson
DR-JB Johnny Bench
DR-APE Andy Pettitte
DR-NR Nolan Ryan

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.


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Not impressed … and you know I love vintage sets.

Comment by Newspaperman

One exception though, that horizontal dual relic is nice.

Comment by Newspaperman

Topps 206? Again? Really, Topps?

Here’s an idea. Just call it what it is: “Allen & Ginter Series Two.”

Comment by Chris Harris

[…] along with the previously mentioned cards. (Get a preliminary autograph checklist after the jump.) First Look: 2010 Topps 206 baseball cards The Beckett Blog __________________ Shop for Sports Cards and Trading […]

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