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Score Set to Provide Newbies Bang for a Buck by Tracy Hackler

The 2010 edition of Score Football, one of the last bastion’s of card collecting’s entry-level innocence, will arrive in retail outlets in late June packing one Rookie Card, one Glossy parallel and five other cards per pack for the universally appealing price of $1.

A product that won’t get much love from the hardcore hobby sector – and likely won’t care – should be welcome fare at big-box retailers for its 100-card Rookie checklist and its once-in-a-blue-moon’s chance of pulling an autograph.

Each 36-pack box will include 36 RCs, 36 Glossy and six additional parallels, and six Hot Rookies, six All-Pros, four The Franchise and four NFL Players insert cards.

While this product clearly is not seeking its bread-and-butter audience among long-toothed, well-heeled hobbyists, it’s worth noting that many longtime player collectors will find value in Score’s parallel potpourri.

Stay tuned to for additional information.

— Tracy Hackler


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Larry Fitzgerald = Tracy Hackler Mancrush = that main image selection

Comment by chrisolds

Shhhh . . . don’t tell anyone.

Comment by Tracy Hackler

It’s too late…I think that most of the Beckett faithful already know. This just made it that much more clear, LOL.

Comment by Ken R.

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