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Guest commentary: Collect vintage in a bad economy by Chris Olds
April 23, 2010, 3:11 pm
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by Russ Cohen

When I first noticed a slip in the economy, I was at a card show.

What made me notice was the dramatic dip in the vintage hockey card market? The pricing was downright affordable for some pretty cool items, and over the past few years I’ve been able to get some great cards at a reasonable price.

This Andy Aitkenhead matchbook card is pretty rare considering he only played three NHL seasons for the New York Rangers. In 1932-33, his rookie season, he won the Stanley Cup.

It’s a nice story, and I found out through other endeavors that he didn’t have a lot of pictures of any kind. So this shot is indeed rare and the card is as well.

I paid $15 for it — that’s it — and I talked the dealer down from $20! The card is in good shape, and it made me think. Why don’t I collect more of these matchbook cards?

The 1936-39 Diamond Match hockey cards all have some creases where the match cover folded, so condition isn’t really an issue here — the relative supply is. But when you go on eBay you will see them listed at starting prices of just $5.99 up to $9.99!

As I perused a checklist of these cards, I saw that the Aitkenhead was the first card in the set, so I’m off to a good start.

There are 70 in all and there are some great oldschool players like “Bun” Cook, “Pit” Lepine, Howie Morenz and Earl Siebert to be found

Here’s the biggest dilemma about owning these cards. If your power goes out, and you have to light a candle, which card do you use to light a match? Mine definitely would work — at least once — but I would hate to do it.

Russ Cohen is a freelance writer and a co-author of the book “100 Ranger Greats.”


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I’ve seen those on eBay, but never really gave them a good look. Have to check them out.

Comment by LivingDedMan

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