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Were you a winner on Free Stuff Friday? by Chris Olds
April 26, 2010, 11:31 am
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Were you a winner on Free Stuff Friday? Find out after the jump.

Be sure to check back this Friday when we’ll give away two hobby boxes of the new 2010 National Chicle baseball cards courtesy of Topps.

1. Tim Hertzog

2. Jeni Lewellin

3. Samy Fineman

4. John Jaskiewicz

5. John Ayres

6. Rob Botello

7 Travis Tithof

8. Robert Belenzon

The winners will be contacted via email on Tuesday morning.


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Topps Rules…just got done trading some of my redemptions on their million card site…

Comment by Dave Wicker

I’d love to win a hobby box of 2010 National Chicle Baseball i’ll be trying to win that prize 4 sure

Comment by Anonymous

Of course, Anonymous, you can never win if you don’t include a name and email address with your entries on Fridays…

Comment by chrisolds

anyone else have trouble entering? every time i tries to enter it would tell me i had already answered.

From mod: That’s impossible because there’s nothing automated set up on these contests.

Comment by Anonymous

Sa thing about this Michael Runyon guy who has entered multiple times using different accounts is, that just in the last 2 months, of those six names, Vince Williams won on April 12, Anthony Treece (aka Tony Treece) won along with another Treece person on March 8th and on March 15 Michael Runyon himself won.

From mod: If that’s the case, good job outing the problem. We can’t control people who will go to lengthy degrees just to get something free.

Comment by Amber

umm, it’s not impossible, it happened to me repeatedly and on two different computers. just giving you a heads up.

From mod: Perhaps you’re not the only “anonymous” who isn’t putting your name and email address with your entry?

Comment by Anonymous

was I a winner?

From mod: I don’t know — none have been drawn yet.

Comment by Travis Leflar

To anonymous — there are no blocks of multiple entries. A comment is a comment on WordPress. All are held until approved.

Comment by chrisolds

We have three choices:

1. Continue as is — where cheaters will constantly try to find ways around the system.

2. A free-for-all that makes it harder for you to win (enter as much as you want).

3. We stop doing contests — just as Topps is on board to provide items on occasion.

I’m leaning toward 1-2.

It’d be nice if people weren’t desperate to win something by any means necessary.

Comment by chrisolds

Free Stuff Friday contest winners to come later tonight…

Comment by chrisolds

I’ve never entered more than once for any FSF contest, and I’ve been randomly drawn as a winner twice (I won a third item thanks to my Black Knight on the Black Horse story). It is certainly possible to be a winner without going to extreme lengths. Sad truth is, if there’s a system, some people will attempt to find a way to cheat it. But even then, everyone making a post properly has a chance of winning, and I think that the Beckett staff does a great job of doing all they can to stop cheating from occurring. Keep the contests coming, and keep doing a great job with them, guys! They’re fun!

Comment by Andrew Meeusen

man, thats the second week in a row a Travis won but it was a different last name. LOL maybe next week you’ll get the last name right

Comment by Travis Leflar

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