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Undertaker, Triple H, Chris Jericho & new faces on 2010 Topps WWE autograph checklist by Chris Olds

Several World Wrestling Entertainment stars will make their trading card and certified autograph debuts in the forthcoming 2010 Topps WWE set, which we previewed right here earlier this week.

Now, the preliminary checklist is out and, although it’s always subject to change, there are some debuts and some big autographs to be found, including the first autographed memorabilia card ever made for one of the WWE’s biggest stars — Undertaker — who hasn’t signed since a single Fleer set in 2001.

The product also includes the first certified autograph for Triple H since 2002, when he signed for Fleer. It’s just his second signed card ever made.

Undertaker appears on the Superstar Signature Swatches checklist — a group of autographed memorabilia cards that is also set to  include the first autographed memorabilia card of Chris Jericho, who hasn’t signed for any wrestling card sets since 1998. The first-time signers on the checklist include Tyson Kidd, Shad, David Hart Smith and JTG.

Among the single autograph cards, there are also several other first-time signers as well as Ezekiel Jackson, Luke Gallows, Serena, Vance Archer, Trent Baretta, Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendes.

But the big one among the debut single autographs? For better or worse, it’s former WWE champ Sheamus.

The dual autograph checklist includes a couple of high-dollar combos in a John Cena-Randy Orton card as well as an Edge-Jericho card. But the one that might get the most attention from collectors might be the one featuring one of WWE’s more dynamic duos, Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella.

The base set will include 110 cards, marking the debuts for several mentioned above as well as the first cards for eight of the WWE NXT rookies: Daniel Bryan, Darren Young, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Michael Tarver, Skip Sheffield and Wade Barrett.

See the preliminary autograph checklists below …

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.

Autograph Cards
A-BP    Beth Phoenix
A-CC    Caylen Croft
A-CH    Christian
A-CJ    Chris Jericho
A-CM    CM Punk
A-CR    Cody Rhodes
A-DS    David Hart Smith
A-ED    Edge
A-EJ    Ezekiel Jackson
A-JC    John Cena
A-JM    John Morrison
A-KK    Kofi Kingston
A-LZG    Luke Gallows
A-SE    Serena
A-MM    Michelle McCool
A-GK    Gail Kim
A-MS    Matt Striker
A-RO    Randy Orton
A-SAN    Santino Marella
A-SH    Shad
A-SHE    Sheamus
A-VA    Vance Archer
A-TB    Trent Baretta
A-TD    Ted DiBiasi
A-TH    Triple H
A-TK    Tyson Kidd
A-TM    The Miz
A-ZR    Zack Ryder
A-RM    Rosa Mendes

Superstar Signature Swatches
SSS-TM    The Miz
SSS-TD    Ted Dibiase
SSS-CR    Cody Rhodes
SSS-SA    Santino Marella
SSS-CH    Christian
SSS-TU    The Undertaker
SSS-MH    Matt Hardy
SSS-EB    Evan Bourne
SSS-CG    Chavo Guerrero
SSS-TK    Tyson Kidd
SSS-CJ    Chris Jericho
SSS-CM    CM Punk
SSS-TH    Triple H
SSS-JM    John Morisson
SSS-BS    Big Show
SSS-SH    Shad
SSS-RM    Rey Mysterio
SSS-JC    John Cena
SSS-ED    Edge
SSS-DS    David Hart Smith
SSS-KK    Kofi Kingston
SSS-RO    Randy Orton

Dual Autograph Cards
DA-CB    Caylen Croft
Trent Baretta
DA-CO    John Cena
Randy Orton
DA-DR    Ted Dibiasi
Cody Rhodes
DA-ES    Edge
Chris Jericho
DA-JC    Ezekiel Jackson
DA-KM    Kofi Kingston
The Miz
DA-PM    CM Punk
Luke Gallows
DA-RM    Zach Ryder
Rosa Mendes
DA-SK    David Hart Smith
Tyson Kidd
DA-SP    Santino Marella
Beth Phoenix


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