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***NOW CLOSED*** FREE STUFF FRIDAY (4-30) Contest No. 3 — A box of Panini Hannah Montana The Movie cards (four winners) by Chris Olds

We’re back with another Free Stuff Friday our weekly ritual where we try and get some cool stuff into the hands of our readers just for answering some simple card-related triviaand this week’s biggest prizes are courtesy of Topps.

How can you win? Follow the directions below and answer the questions below in a comment right here …  it’s that simple.

Tips: Don’t try stuffing the comments box — we’ll check IP addresses — and make sure to include your name and email address so you can be contacted if you win. (Also note that you will see your comment on your screen after posting but that does not indicate its order of posting as it has not yet been approved. WordPress’ time-stamping of comments once all are approved will determine the winner.)

Get the question(s) after the jump …

FREE STUFF FRIDAY (4-30) Contest No. 3 — A box of Panini “Hannah Montana The Movie” cards (four winners)

1. What’s your name? (Yes, we’re making this one difficult.)

2. True or false — A cast member from “The Office” appears in this card set.

We’ll randomly award the prize(s) to a person with the correct answer(s) out of all entries received by Monday at 10 a.m. Central time.  Remember to include your name and email address with your entry… or you will be disqualified. Also note that it’s one entry per person per contest.

Note: The winner of each contest will be notified via email on Monday.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball and Beckett Graded Card Investor. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at


86 Comments so far
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1. Kellen Hansen
2. True

Comment by Kellen Hansen

Michael Joseph

Comment by Michael Joseph

1. Jordan Lawver
2. True

Jordan Lawver

Comment by Jordan Lawver

1.heino skovgaard


Comment by heino skovgaard

Ricky Keim

Comment by Ricky Keim

1. Phillip Tindall
2. True

Comment by Phillip Tindall

michael runyon


1. Nick Manca
2. False

Comment by Nick

jay mcalpine
jay mcalpine

Comment by jay mcalpine

Nathan Bailey

Comment by Nathan Bailey

1) KC
2) True

Comment by KC

1. roger wood

2. true

Comment by roger wood

1. Michael
2. True (gotta love Melora!)

Comment by Michael Boykin

Chris Carter

Comment by Chris Carter

1. Andy Moseley, 2. True (Jan/Melora Hardin)

Comment by Andy Moseley

Anne Ruth

Comment by anne ruth

1. Delvin Ferguson
2. True

Comment by delvin

Brian Oakley

Comment by Brian Oakley

steve lange, true

Comment by stephen lange

Hutch Nazak


Comment by Hutch Nazak

1) Anthony Treece

2) False

Comment by Anthony Treece

William Gareau

Comment by William Gareau

Michael Runyon


Comment by Peter Farkas

TRUE, it’s Jan Levinson-Gould!!!!

Comment by Patrick

1. Al Tauriello
2. False

Comment by Al Tauriello

Amy Diane Stewart


From mod: Winner via random selection.

Comment by Amy Stewart


Comment by Mike Schlueter



Comment by Rob Botello


Comment by kent

Jeff R. Arends

Comment by Jeff R. Arends

1. Vince Williams

2. True

Comment by Vince Williams

1. Kyle Turck

Comment by Kyle Turck


Comment by mark standke

1. Jason Boehm
2. False

Comment by Jason Boehm

1. Jim
2. yes (I have no idea) but if I actually win this my 6 year old daughter is gonna thing she won the lottery, lol.

From mod: Winner via random selection.

Comment by Jim Cropper

Adam Ohanesian

Comment by Adam Ohanesian

James, true. Thanks!

Comment by James Hartenbach

1 J.J. Bonneville
2 True
J.J. Bonneville

Comment by J.J. Bonneville

1. John
2. True, Melora Hardin a.k.a. Jan Levinson-Gould from The Office appears in this set.

From mod: Winner via random selection.

Comment by John W.

1. James

James W.

Comment by sportsheros123

1) Nick
2) True

Comment by Nick K

1. Megan
2. Yes


Comment by Megan


Comment by Shannon Hintenach

Linda kay


Comment by Linda kay

1. Lucas Morrison
2. False

Comment by Lucas Morrison

Scott Naecker

Comment by Scott Naecker

1) Eric Hitt
2) False

Comment by eric hitt

1. Victor
2. False

Comment by Victor Rivera

1. Brandon
2. True

Comment by Brandon

1. Mike Young

2. False

Comment by Mike Young

1. Steve
2. True

Comment by Steve

1. craig mcginnis
2. yes

Comment by craig mcginnis

1. Jason
2. True

Jason Steitle

Comment by Jason Steitle

Robert Sobon

Comment by Robert Sobon

Mark Q. Toribio

Comment by Mark Quime Toribio

Steven Witkowski…no

Comment by Steven Witkowski

Greg Jennings
true an actor from the office is in the movie

Comment by Greg Jennings

1= Jordan


Comment by Jordan G

dave newton

Comment by dave newton

Michael Strickland

Comment by Michael Strickland

1.) Tanya
2.) True

Comment by Tanya

1. Rod Shear
2. True

Comment by Anonymous

1. Lee Vue
2. True

Comment by Lee Vue

#1 Joe Gohman
#2 True, I really don’t know but my daughter is in bed, so she can’t help me…really

Comment by Joe Gohman

1. Ben Harrison
2. True

Comment by Ben Harrison

Andrew Manchego


Comment by Andrew Manchego

1. Anne Bazinet

2. True

Thanks for the contest!

Comment by Anne Bazinet

Chris Woodward


Comment by Chris woodward

Jacob Lyons

Comment by Jacob Lyons

1. Ray
2. Sure

Comment by Ray Molina

1 Richard
2 true

Comment by Richard

1 Robert Belenzon
2 Yes

Comment by Robert Belenzon

1. Jeremy Hanson

2. True

Comment by Jeremy Hanson

Mike Travers

Yes, Jan from The Office is in this movie.

From mod: Winner via random selection.

Comment by Offy

1) Josh Bailey
2) True

Comment by Josh Bailey

1.Wayne Martin

Comment by Wayne Martin



Comment by steve

q1- John Wolf

q2 True

Comment by john wolf

mark marecek

Comment by mark marecek


Comment by Tom Bilkie

1. Andrew Gelhaus
2. True

Comment by Andrew Gelhaus

Cory Clappsy

Comment by Cory C.

1) Steve Ritchie
2) False

Comment by Steve Ritchie


Comment by gary bodtman

james harding


Comment by james harding

Kelly Treece


Comment by Kelly Treece

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