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Guest Commentary: Why We Collect Hockey Cards by Chris Olds
May 7, 2010, 6:37 pm
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By Russ Cohen

The other night, I got to witness Boston Bruins forward Blake Wheeler reach a career milestone, his first playoff goal, and in that moment I saw every hockey fan and every hockey collector.

He talked about the excitement of the game and the fact that he hadn’t scored in quite some time and then he was asked the million dollar question. Do you have the puck?

“No,” he said, and then there was a long pause. “Maybe? I don’t know. To be honest I don’t know where the puck is. I doubt it. There’s bigger things than individual accomplishments.”

He said it with all the sincerity in the world. However, how much to you want to bet that five minutes later he asked the equipment manager if he had that puck. I say that because most hockey players collect their jerseys, memorabilia and their cards.

Wheeler was a first-round pick of the Phoenix Coyotes back in 2004. He was the fifth-overall pick right out of high school. Amazingly enough the Coyotes didn’t come to terms with him, so the Bruins did and now he’s one of their best players.

At 6-5 he’s maturing at the right time. He’s going to turn 24 this August and he’s just scratching the surface as far as his goal-scoring talent is concerned. He’s had 39 in the past two years, and I think right now is the time to start snapping up some of his Rookie Cards.

Next year will be his third pro season, and I think that’s when he will really shine. So if you get his 2008-09 Upper Deck Young Guns rookie, how can you lose?  Right now you can get one for a few bucks. His team has a great chance to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals and that’s a big deal since the Bruins haven’t made it that far since 1992!

Trust me when I tell you, power forwards take time to develop. He’s got 83 points in his first 163 games. That’s pretty good — go back and look at some late developing players and you’ll see similar numbers. This is an opportunity for you to get ahead of the curve and get a good deal. You’ll thank me later and if his career doesn’t jump the way I think it will, hey, you’ll only be out a few bucks.


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