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We’re Curious: Question of the Day (May 10) by Chris Olds
May 10, 2010, 4:24 pm
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What’s your pick for the best baseball product of the last decade?

If you could only buy one pack of cards a day from 2000 to today — and could only collect those cards — what would it be and why?


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2005 Bowman Draft Chrome, packed with awesome rookies:

Ryan Braun,
Ryan Zimmerman
Jacoby Ellsbury
Colby Rasmus
Jered Waever
Ricky Romero

and good base rookies:
Jay Bruce
Troy Tulowitzki
Nelson Cruz
Edinson Volquez
Andrew McCutchen
Brett Gardner
Cly Buchholz
Yunel Escobar
Nolan Reimold
Miguel Montero

Comment by Newspaperman

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces. The artwork on the cards is outstanding and the player selection is top notch. A great mix of retired and current players with a few surprises thrown in.

Comment by White Sox Cards

2009 Allen & Ginter. Although I haven’t collected this full decade, this product has amazing looking cards and great chances of good pulls.

Comment by Drew

That’s a hard decision if it’s not my money any exquesite but if I have to pay probably 2005 sterling why pedroia rookie need I say more

Comment by Rbotts

Allen & Ginter, any year. The artwork and style are perfect. Who would have guessed the baseball card was perfected in 1887. I have been very critical of Topps, but I must give credit where credit is due.

Comment by Mark Duell

I’d personally lean toward 2006 Allen & Ginter myself… but don’t let me sway anything.

Comment by chrisolds

2005 Topps Total.

A fairly good challenge to put together because of its size — took me 6 boxes to get close to completion, IIRC — and its size also made it the best because it was the most comprehensive collection of major leaguers available.

Comment by Robert S.

I’m still a Bowman sucker! I love looking up the unknown players, following their minor league stats, then when they make it to the show, I feel like a proud dad. It’s like pulling for the underdog with every pack. Love it!

Comment by Grammar G (Tyler Leavitt)

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