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Topps goes back to the future with a pair of insert sets in 2010 Series 2 by Chris Olds

Critics might say that Topps spends too much time looking into the past for its products, but a pair of new insert card sets in the forthcoming 2010 Topps Series 2 baseball card set shows that they’re doing that again as well as looking into the future.

It’s fair to say that collectors spend plenty of time looking to the past as well, so it’s a practice that’s justified. After all, baseball history is reflected in Topps’ history. But with a legacy that will be marked by Topps’ 60th anniversary of making baseball cards next year, it’s really more than justified.

A part of that legacy can be seen in the 25-card Vintage Legends collection where old-time players appear on card designs distinctly not from their playing eras — Babe Ruth on a 1999 Topps card, Cy Young on a 1987 card, Lou Gehrig on a 1958 card, Mel Ott on a 1989 card and so on. We’ve seen these designs re-created in recent years in the Fan Favorites and Topps Archives sets, but not with this crop of players (many of them players whose rights it acquired in a massive deal with CMG a few years ago). These cards are found one in every four packs.

Could it be a sign of a sweet return for Fan Favorites, perhaps one that adds some elite-level cut autographs into the mix? This collector wishes, but we’ll have to wait and see.

A second insert set in Series 2 — Topps 2020 — carries a distinctly different feel of baseball card. It’s one that the company foresees as perhaps one for a decade from now. While it’s easy to say that the cards might have more of a 1970s Kelloggs or 1980s Sportflics vibe to them, the lenticular technology combined with plastic stock and a clean look should get noticed. And, of course, at one in six packs, it should be relatively easy to collect.

The 20-card set includes players who should be around in a decade — the likes of Joe Mauer, Ryan Braun, Evan Longoria, Tommy Hanson and more — but we have to ask the question… three Los Angeles Dodgers in the set?

Series 2 is largely a strong continuation of the popular first set released earlier this year, but these two additions are just different enough that a few more collectors — both past-looking and future-projecting — might take notice.

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I really like the vintage legends cards ….but the 20/20 cards come with damages wrinkle creases on the backs and also feel like they were popped out as there are little nipple like on the sides and not cleanly die cut probably how the creases are formed………

Comment by Ernest Hebert

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