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***NOW CLOSED*** FREE STUFF FRIDAY (6-4) Contest No. 2 — A five-pack lot of 2010 Press Pass Stealth NASCAR hobby packs (two winners) by Chris Olds

We’re back with another Free Stuff Friday — our weekly ritual where we try and get some cool stuff into the hands of our readers just for answering some simple card-related trivia.

How can you win? Follow the directions below and answer the questions below in a comment right here …  it’s that simple.

Tips: Don’t try stuffing the comments box — we’ll check IP addresses — and make sure to include your name and email address so you can be contacted if you win.

Get the question(s) after the jump …

FREE STUFF FRIDAY (6-4) Contest No. 2 — A five-pack lot of 2010 Press Pass Stealth NASCAR hobby packs (two winners)

1. According to, how many autograph cards does Dale Earnhardt Jr. appear on? (HINT: Look for the box below on his player page — and give us that number only.)

2. What’s your name?

We’ll randomly award the prize(s) to a person with the correct answer(s) out of all entries received by Monday at 10 a.m. Central time.  Remember to include your name and email address with your entry… or you will be disqualified. Also note that it’s one entry per person per contest.

Note: The winner of each contest will be notified via email.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.


131 Comments so far
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1. 231

2. John Sorensen

Comment by John Sorensen

Total Autograph Cards: 231
dan cugler

dan cugler

Comment by dan cugler


Ron Anderson

Comment by Ron Anderson


1. 4581
2. David

Comment by David Puccio

1. 231
2. Nick Manca

Comment by Nick

1. 231
2. Tyler Nichelson

Comment by Tyler Nichelson

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has 231 auto cards

Comment by Jeff Kirchhoff

1) Total Autograph Cards: 231

Comment by KC

1. 231
2. Terry Kwentus

Comment by Terry Kwentus

1) 231

2) Tom

Comment by Tom Larsen

1. 231

2. Eric Scott

Comment by Eric Scott

1. 231
2. ethan cahn

Comment by ETHAN CAHN


Comment by Nick Cattau

he has 231

Comment by Jessie Griffin

Ben Kraft

#1: 231
#2: Ben Kraft

Comment by Ben Kraft

1.) 4,637
2.) Harry Romano

Comment by Harry Romano


Adam Rahm

Comment by Adam Rahm

Paul Pearson

Comment by peoplespigskin

1. 231

2. Jason

Comment by Jason S

1. 231
2. Adam Morse

Comment by Anonymous

1. 231
2. Jordan Lawver

Jordan Lawver

Comment by Jordan Lawver

Total Autograph Cards: 231
-Eric Waner

Comment by Eric Waner

1. 231 auto cards

2. Paul Tjimis

Comment by Paul Tjimis

1. 231
2. Shawn Pettyjohn
Shawn Pettyjohn

Comment by Shawn Pettyjohn


Comment by James Cattau

1. 231
2. John

Comment by John W.

1. 231
2. Lee Vue

Comment by Lee Vue

1-Total Autographs: 231

2-Dave Augustine:

Comment by Dave Augustine

1. 231
2. Wayne Martin

Comment by Wayne Martin

231 cards

Comment by Hutch Nazak

231 autos

Comment by Chris Todd

1. 230
2. Tim

Comment by Tim L.

1. 231
2. Randy Tatum

Comment by randy tatum

The answer is 231. My name is Mike Mason, and my email is love the box busters, keep em comin guys.

From mod: Winner via random selection.

Comment by Mike Mason

231…steven witkowski

Comment by Steven Witkowski

1. 231
2. Aarne Hamalainen

Comment by Aarne Hamalainen

232 autos

Comment by Eric Dan Munke III

231 autograph cards

Comment by Mike Janeway

1. 231
2. Will Schumpert

Comment by Will Schumpert


Comment by Yvette

Kent Chisler

Comment by kent

1. 231
2. C Parks

Comment by C Parks

2. C Parks

Comment by C Parks

230 cards

Comment by Jerry Rosales

1. 231
2. J.J. Bonneville
Thanks for another great week.

Comment by J.J. Bonneville

1. 231
2. Matt Chin

Comment by Matt Chin

1. 231
2. Seth M. Murphy

Comment by Seth M. Murphy

1. 231
2. Megan

Comment by Megan

1. 4,581
2. Jonathan W. Iwanski

Comment by Jonathan W. Iwanski

Jeni Lewellin

Comment by jpackfan

Tommy Long

Comment by Tommy Long

Mark Quime Toribio

Comment by Mark Quime Toribio

1. 231
2. Jason Boehm

Comment by Jason Boehm

David Dehaba

Comment by David Dehaba

1. According to Dale Earnhardt Jr. has 231 autograph cards.

2. My name is Jared Miller.

Comment by Jared Miller


Comment by Alex Allan

1. 231
2. Richie Sliwinski

Comment by Richie Sliwinski

2)Amanda DiIenno

Comment by Amanda DiIenno

1. 230

2. Mike Young

Comment by Mike Young

Dale Earnhardt Jr. appears on 4,581 cards. My name is Bob Sargent Jr. and my email is

Comment by Bob Sargent Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has 231 total autographed cards
My name is Sean Dickerson

Comment by Sean Dickerson

1. 231
2. Ryan Vanderputten

Comment by Ryan Vanderputten


Comment by Roy

1. 231

2. Jeremy Hanson

Comment by Jeremy Hanson




Comment by Chris Gould

Kevin Newton

Comment by Kevin Newton

1. 231
2. Rod Shear

Comment by Rod Shear

1. 231
2. Sean Tillman

Comment by Sean Tillman


Comment by Charles Tackett


Comment by Mike

1. 231
2. Seth Forry

Comment by Seth Forry

Douglas Beatty

Comment by Douglas Beatty

1. 231
2. Christopher Daigle (

Comment by Christopher Daigle

Tom Bilkie

Comment by Tom Bilkie

Tom Bilkie

Comment by Tom Bilkie

1. 119 total autograph cards 2. brycen johnson

Comment by Brycen

1. 231
2. Chris Carter

Comment by Chris Carter

1. 231



Comment by John Glazewski

4,581 Nick Marken

Comment by Nick Marken

231 autos
Dave Newton

Comment by dave newton

Stephen Levorse

Comment by Stephen

Bill Flow

Comment by Bill Flow

1. 231
2 scott dreher

scott dreher

Comment by scott dreher

1. 231
2. Craig Mc Ginnis

Comment by craig mcginnis

Jeff R. Arends

Comment by Jeff R. Arends

1. 231
2. Larry Mitchell

Comment by Larry Mitchell


Andrew M.

Comment by Andrew Manchego

1. 231
2. Tom Morrow

Comment by Tom Morrow

1. 231
2. Rick Stewart

from mod: winner via random selection

Comment by Rick Stewart

1. 231
2. Madeline Bagley

Comment by Madeline Bagley

1. 231

2. Lucy D.

Comment by Lucy D.


Comment by Chris Hendrix


Jason Steitle

Comment by Jason Steitle

1. 231 cards

2. Anne Bazinet

Thanks for the contest!

Comment by Anne Bazinet

1. 231
2. Ben Harrison

Comment by Ben Harrison

1. 231
2. Lucas

Comment by Lucas Morrison


Comment by AK

Earnhardt jr has 231 total autograph cards
My name i Kris Meyers

Comment by Kris Meyers

2.James Wong

Comment by sportsheros123

mark marecek

Comment by mark marecek

Dave Byron

Comment by Dave Byron

1. 11,120
2. Peter Farkas

Comment by Peter Farkas

1. 231
2. Jose Luis Prieto

Comment by Jose Luis Prieto

1) 231

2) Chad Jousma

Comment by Chad Jousma

1. 231
2. Ray

Comment by Ray Molina

1. 231
2. Dawood Akhtar

Comment by Dawood Akhtar

Joe Mello

Comment by Joe Mello

Alvin Yam

Comment by Alvin Yam


John Ayres

Comment by John Ayres

1. Dale Earnhardt Jr has 231 autograph cards.
2. James Day

Comment by James Day


Comment by CJ

2.)Johnson Zheng

Comment by Johnson Zheng

1. 231
2. Terry Bradford

Comment by Terry Bradford

231 shannon

Comment by shannon

Total Autograph Cards: 231

Steve C

Comment by steve.c.

1= 231
2= Jordan G

Comment by Jordan G


Comment by Kevin Wade

1. 231
2. Shaun Reed

Comment by Shaun Reed

1. 231
2. Michael Boykin

Comment by Michael Boykin

1. 231 auto cards
2. Adam Lenck

Comment by Adam


Comment by George Roberson

231 delvin

Comment by Del


William DeLee

Comment by William DeLee

my name is brett wilson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. appears on 231 autograph cards

Comment by brett wilson


Comment by Chris Hendrix

1. 231 Autograph cards
2. Thomas Auyeung

Comment by Thomas Auyeung

231 autos


Comment by Rob Botello

1. 231
2. Marty Eskenzi

Comment by M. Eskenzi

Winners are Mike Mason and Rick Stewart as noted above.

Please note that entries with incorrect answers were not part of the random draw.

Comment by chrisolds

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