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Stephen Strasburg makes eTopps appearance by Chris Olds

We know of a few reasons that this one won’t last long — two MLB victories and 22 strikeouts being just a couple.

Topps announced on Monday that Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg is one of two eTopps IPOs this week.

A maximum of 1,999 Strasburg cards will be made with an IPO price of $8 per card.

Not everyone who puts in a claim for a card will receive one as the online, stock market-style program will undoubtedly have allocations for such a popular player’s card.

And you can bet, given eTopps’ popularity in the short-term market and Strasburg’s present status as baseball’s latest phenom, that the card will be a hot one.

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I have this on order and can’t wait for it to be released.
I also own 2 of his Minor League rookie cards from eTopps.
Selling them for $50 a pop.

Comment by C-money

C-money those minor league versions are dropping like a rock after today’s IPO. You’ll be lucky to get $30 for them. Last week was the time to sell. You snoozed, and now you are going to lose, son.

Comment by Adam Gellman

I sense Jealousy on your part. Tell you what, I’ll sell you my remaining one for $10 less than I just sold one. That’s exactly $51, just for you my man…

Comment by C-money

Are these actual cards or cards seen online only?

Comment by Del

The cards are managed in an online account and only sold on ebay until you request their delivery.

Comment by chrisolds

I put a request in for 2 of these cards and will wait and see if I get them. I am new to this and will see. So if I get them, they keep them until I want them or sell them to someone else? If I sell them on ebay, I am giving them the rights to the card and they then will request it so Topps? Thanks for any info on this type of card

Comment by AK

That’s great! I hope you get your two but it might end up that every person that orders will only get one. This is because eTopps only has a print run of 2499 or less. They print them and hold them in a safe spot for you. If you sell them on eBay or trade them on the eTopps trade post then they are virtually transferred immediately for you. Both the buyer and the seller is pretty well protected so there are no mess-ups.
The eTopps message boards are helpful as well.

What is really exciting is this: eTopps sometimes offers the players sign your actual copies of the cards, potentially increasing your card’s value immensely. You simply buy into the autograph upgrade.

Comment by Cranky money

But my understanding is that if you want it autographed you have to leave it with topps until the player is selected. Now what are the chances he will sign cards
/strasburg\? Btw when will we know about who got one of the 1,999?

Comment by Del

Yes, you have to keep it in their storage facility. They remove it from storage and have it autographed and then put it back in storage. You can take delivery of it after that. Topps has signed an exclusive deal with Strasburg, so it’s probable that he will be available for signings at some point.

Everyone finds out if they got a Strasburg Rookie Card the following week. You can modify your order to add additional cards. Don’t forget to pick up the RRO as well!

Comment by Cranky money

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