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Beckett Grading Services discusses Strasburg SuperFractor by Chris Olds

Beckett Baseball‘s Chris Olds discusses the $16,400 Stephen Strasburg SuperFractor along with Beckett Grading Service Director Mark Anderson and BGS Senior Grader David Poole.

Want a closer look at the card, which was examined and graded a 9.5? Want to know more about what to look for when examining Bowman cards for grading?

Watch and find out …


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[…] Beckett Grading Services discusses Strasburg SuperFractor The Beckett Blog Scroll down to the bottom for the vid… also Chris Olds, without a doubt, reminds me of the comic book dealer from the simpsons. […]

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i should just slip a $20 next time i send something to beckett

Comment by landon mitcheell

in light of this, you should run a BGS special on only 1/1 cards. Do the 20 day level @ like $5-6 each card but has to be a true 1/1. Print plates included. Think it’d be a great special to get a lot of the 1/1 encapsulated.

Comment by Travis Leflar

Hmmm, I dunno, man, that back is pretty bad. I have other Chromes I’ve had graded by BGS over the years that have gotten dinged to a 8.5 centering for much less. Also doesn’t help when a graders says centering is off, edge is a bit rough and there small indentations on the back. Gem Mint means nearly perfect; this card doesn;t appear to be that way given what was discussed here. Sorry, but thems is the facts,

Comment by Newspaperman

BGS is an absolute joke. 9.5?! Ive seen cards in BETTER shape with WORSE grades. Centering and edges are PATHETIC shouldve been an 8.5 or nine at best overall. You guys graded this so high for the publicity and because of that have ruined your reputation.

Comment by Ethan Hutchins

Even in video, from a meter back, there is a GLARING problem with the centering of the back. If I had a Strasburg with that amount of white on one border side I would NOT send it in to be graded, that would be silly. OH WAIT I HAVE ONE! It’s the only one I didn’t send in because I thought it would be a waste of my money and time. I sent the other two in that were centered correctly. Silly me.

Comment by C-Money

What a joke…..the grader had listed numerous problems on the card that would of held it back from a 9.5 if it wasn’t the Strasburgh Superfractor. I found it that Anderson did not say a word during the descrption of the Strasburg card…that speaks volumes. FACT: The majority of the collecting community thinks this card is overgraded. If they didn’t then there were be no need for this video.

Comment by The Mayor

[…] for when examining Bowman cards for grading? YouTube – BGS Grades Stephen Strasburg SuperFractor Beckett Grading Services discusses Strasburg SuperFractor The Beckett Blog __________________ Shop for Sports Cards and Trading […]

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Your grading is worthless when you clearly show inconsistency as this. I will not use BGS anymore

Comment by Eric the Midget

Disgusting. That’s not 9 centering. That’s complete B.S. is what that is.

Of course I’ve known there’s been preferential treatment always going on so I’m not surprised, but to see it so blatant is really outrageous.

9 Centering. LOL. Of course Olds or Hackler will chime in sooner or later with some sarcastic comment to make us look like the fools… Not going to work this time, tough guys.

Comment by Derek Zeran

I posted this response on the thread, but I’ll post it here as well:

I didn’t look closely at the card other than holding it in the video. I can’t say for sure, whether I agree or disagree with its grade. I will say that, in the video close-ups, the edges looked cleaner than the original scans online but I didn’t focus on that when I had the card in my hand.

Ultimately what I think doesn’t matter, anyway. Why? I don’t work for BGS. (I’m not a card grader.) However, I will say that centering is just one of the four pieces in the equation — and most people forget that.

Feel free to keep commenting and send BGS your thoughts, comments, etc. You can find their info at That’s all I can tell you since BGS is a different division of the company. It’s their deal, not mine. I decided to do the video so they could talk about the card being graded. Anything more than that, I’d direct to them.

Comment by chrisolds

Dear Mr. Mark Anderson,

PRO, GEM, & GAI called. They want their grading standards back.


The Hobby

Comment by The Mayor

Beckett……heh. Just when you think you’ve seen it all.

Comment by Andy

In defense of Beckett,

9.5 in relation to what?
It’s a 1/1.
They could label it a 10 and it would still be worth what a 1/1 is worth. or a 9.
or a 3.

Comment by Cranky money

You don’t have to be a grader to apply the centering criteria. Just have to measure the left side and the right side and compare the sizes. Its real easy. Here you go:

That’s a 57/43 centering. That means it SHOULD be a BGS 8.5 centering. No doubt about it. Too bad. Had your chance to prove your convictions and give it an honest grade, but anyone can see and measure it now.

Comment by reoddai

I think the main problem here was the use of a “walleye-vision” camera.
I take back what I said before, as the lens on the camera used is what causes the angles to look exaggerated.

Comment by C-Money

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