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If you’ve got a big head, New Era just might have a surprise for you, too by Chris Olds

I sit in a pretty good seat in the ol’ hobby these days, but it’s one that also includes a flame-filled one-liner or two sent my way from time to time.

I’ve been told a few things — and called a few others — on occasion.

And I’ve been told I have a big head.

Don’t I know that.

I know that every time I see the latest cool cap from New Era, the official manufacturer of on-field MLB caps.

You know those off-color or  all-white or all-black versions of your favorite MLB team’s cap?

Every time I see them, I know they’re not for me.

Every time I see the phrase “one size fits all,” I know better.

Every time I see “adjustable,” I know it only works for me if I add a panel — or maybe some duct tape or a bungee cord.

You see, I have a noggin (one so full of baseball card knowledge, I’m sure) that makes Kevin Mench blush. The former Texas Ranger — not Barry Bonds — was known for having the biggest head in baseball. (I know, it’s also hard to believe it’s not Alex Rodriguez.)

Mench was known for his size-8 cap — not a size that most stores stock, at least not these days where a full array of fitted caps for every MLB team is often a rarity. A decade ago? Maybe.

Big hair can make a difference at times, too, when it comes to a cap fitting well. But the caps seen above aren’t reflective of the before and after needed to rein in Tracy Hackler‘s now-missing HackFro™ — nor are they my cap and that of a normal noggin. It’s my latest cap and one of the size 4 1/4 mini caps that New Era makes and sells as a novelty.

A novelty. I’d laugh at that cap more often if it wasn’t so hard to find. (No joke; I’ve never seen any minis except for the one I own. Despite that, I think they’re great autograph items if you’re looking for a new niche.)

Every cap seems like a mini when you can’t wear it, though, and on a whim recently I checked New Era’s website. While there, I just happened to notice that the Buffalo, N.Y.-based company carried caps that were more-than Mench-sized for my Oakland A’s — not for many other teams. (Go figure.) There were six sizes available above a size 8 — which I can technically wear (uncomfortably) if I break it in … a lot.

It’s been a few years since I had bought a cap on the site as even New Era had seemed to cut back on its selection — at least when it came to size.

But not now. Not for Oakland.

After such a discovery, though, I couldn’t help but pick one up and it arrived today.

The irony?

This one might be a little too big.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.

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I also have a big head and need larger New Era caps… although I top out at 7 5/8. Still larger than most, and not always easy to find. New Era fitteds are the ONLY kind that ever fit.

Comment by jswaykos

And to think, I’ve never mentioned anything about you ginormous head. Man, I must be slipping in my old age! On a positive note, I did enjoy your ’79 OPC break. See, it’s not all negative, all the time.

Comment by gritz76

Got A Big Head…

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