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And you wonder why players don’t like signing: Example No. 3,772,695 by Chris Olds
July 15, 2010, 10:18 am
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This YouTube video from All-Star FanFest is making the rounds where a pushy adult insults Hall of Famer Gary Carter for not signing a pair of photos for kids. (He was instead signing All-Star FanFest autograph sheets and cards.)

While a player has the right to sign (or not sign) whatever he wants, the spectacle was made and the adult should look like a fool of much larger proportion than what he tried to make out Carter to be.

Obviously “the fans” in the video never saw Carter play — they weren’t old enough to be alive back in 1992, his last season.

The sad thing? The photos were signed for “the fans” after the stunt, anyway.

And $50 says they’re on eBay right now.

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Comment by Blowoutcards

This is what’s wrong with the hobby. Guys like this make it no fun. I truly enjoy getting to meet guys like Gary Carter (as a side note, I’ve met Gary and had him sign a mini expos helmet, and he was very nice). This guy is the reason athletes charge $100 or more for their autograph; because it’s not worth putting up with guys like this. Ugh, this makes me so mad.

Comment by Benny T

Thanks for this post Chris. It’s a shame people act like this guy with the video camera, who feels empowered by his ability to post on youtube. You couldn’t pay me enough to put up with that. Notice that Gary Carter was even having a good dialogue with the fans … not something they all do.

Comment by Alex M

What an idiot.

Comment by Dan

I couldn’t agree with you two more. This guy was a Grade A jerkface… It is a shame that this hobby is made less fun because of money-hungry posers like him. I feel bad for Gary Carter being put into this situation. He seems like a really nice guy. It’s cool you got to meet him Benny T!

Comment by Ken

I bet money the idiot ( and I’m being nice) probably will sell the photos. Those poor kids should be embarrased. Gary Carter was above and beyond any star I’ve seen signing autos.

Comment by Chris Thomas

While there is no debating that the guy with the camera was being an idiot, I have never quite understood why some players will only sign this or that and not sign other things. Does it take any more effort to sign a photo than to sign a sheet of paper? And what the heck are you supposed to do with a signed sheet of paper? You can at least frame a picture of a player and hang it in a game room or something. Again, I am not defending the way that the guy with the camera acted, but I don’t quite understand Carter’s perspective either.

Comment by George

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