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***NOW CLOSED*** FREE STUFF FRIDAY (7-30) Contest No. 2 — A National Sports Collectors Convention VIP package (courtesy of Blowoutcards) by Chris Olds

***NOW CLOSED*** winner to be selected on Tuesday.

We’re back with another Free Stuff Friday — our weekly ritual where we try and get some cool stuff into the hands of our readers just for answering some simple card-related trivia.

How can you win? Follow the directions below and answer the questions below in a comment right here …  it’s that simple.

Tips: Don’t try stuffing the comments box — it’s one try per person per contest and we’ll check IP addresses — and make sure to include your name and email address so you can be contacted if you win.

Get the question(s) after the jump …

FREE STUFF FRIDAY (7-30) Contest No. 2 — A National Sports Collectors Convention VIP package (courtesy of Blowoutcards)

1. According to, how many total baseball cards does Cal Ripken Jr. appear on? (Hint: Look for the box below and give us that number only.)

2. What is your name?

We’ll randomly award the prize(s) to a person with the correct answer(s) out of all entries received by Monday at 10 a.m. Central time.  Remember to include your name and email address with your entry… or you will be disqualified. Also note that it’s one entry per person per contest.

Note: The winner of each contest will be notified via email.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.

218 Comments so far
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2.Jason Porter(

Comment by Jason Porter

1. 12,460
2. Daniel Wilson

Comment by Daniel Wilson

Total Cards: 12,460
Dan Cugler

Dan Cugler

Comment by Dan Cugler

1. 12,460
2. Zack Hoyle

Comment by Zack Hoyle

1. 12,460
2. Jason Newton

Comment by Jason Newton

1. 12,460
2. Mark Duell

Comment by Mark Duell


1. 12,460
2. David

Comment by David Puccio

1. 12,460
2. Drew

Comment by Drew

1)- 12,460
2)- Ray Chin

Comment by Ray Chin

Total Cards: 12,460

Ben Bartels

Comment by Ben Bartels

Ripken has 12460 total cards.

David Campos

Comment by David Campos

1. 12,460
2. Jason Lococo

Comment by jason lococo

1. 12,460
3. Travis Carter

Comment by Travis Carter


Comment by Corry gross

Total Cards: 12,460
Total Rookie Cards: 3
Total Memorabilia Cards: 3,395
Total Autograph Cards: 2,344

Chris Harris

Comment by Chris Harris

1. 12,460 Cards
2. Mike Large

Comment by Mike Large


Josh Spence

Comment by Josh Spence

1. 12,454 total cards 2. Brycen Johnson

Comment by Brycen Johnson


Comment by Jeff Gates

1) Total Cards: 12,460

Comment by KC

12,460 total cards

Comment by Brendan Faherty

1) 12,460
2) Samuel Pair

Comment by Samuel Pair

1. 12460
2. Jordan Lawver

Jordan Lawver

Comment by Jordan Lawver

1. 12,460
2. Tyler Nichelson

Comment by Tyler Nichelson

1. 12,460
2. Shawn Pettyjohn
Shawn Pettyjohn

Comment by Shawn Pettyjohn

1= 12,460

2= Jordan G

Comment by Jordan G

1. 12,460 cards
2. Josh Handler

Comment by Josh

1- 12,464
2- Nestor Cortes

Comment by Nestor Cortes

1) 12,460

2) Brian

Comment by Brian H.

1. 12460
2. William Hackney

Comment by william hackney

1. 12,460
2. Jason Palmira

Comment by Jason Palmira

1. 12,460 total cards

2. Lucy D.

Comment by Lucy D.

Cal Ripken Jr – 12,460 total cards

Hutch Nazak

Comment by Hutch Nazak


Comment by Sean

2. doug caskey

Comment by doug caskey

mike buzzard

Comment by Mike buzzard

Cal Ripken Jr per Beckett has a total of:
12,460 (Twelve thousand four hundred and sixty) cards
My name is: Robert Potts
Email address is:


Comment by Robert Potts

1. 12,460
2. heino skovgaard

Comment by heino skovgaard

name: hector lopez
2: hector

Comment by hector lopez


Comment by sam

1. 12,460 cards

2. Brandon Hausler

Comment by Brandon Hausler

12460 total cards
Bill Eastman
beast_man1 at comcast (dot) net

Comment by bill eastman

12515 randy rykiel

Comment by Randy Rykiel

1. 12,460
2. Matthew Ganek

Comment by Matthew Ganek


Comment by Taylor

Total Cards: 12,460
Total Rookie Cards: 3
Total Memorabilia Cards: 3,395
Total Autograph Cards: 2,344

Comment by MIke Januzzi

1) 12,460
2) Alvin West

Comment by Alvin West

Cal Ripken Jr. had a total of 12,460 cards
George Perlinger

Comment by George Perlinger

The National is the Super Bowl of Card Shows, and Beckett is the Bentley of Hobby Info! Thank you for accepting my entry.


Wayne Martin, Jr.

Comment by Wayne Martin, Jr.

1. 12,464
2. Joey Fjeldstad

Comment by Joey Fjeldstad

1. 12,460
2. Travis Makuk

Comment by Travis Makuk


jack tirko

Comment by jack tirko

1) 12,460
2) Steven Hurd

Comment by Steven Hurd

cal has appeared on 12,460 cards
demetrius cooper

Comment by demetrius cooper

1. 12,460
2. Bryan Dirks

Comment by Bryan Dirks

1- 12464
2- Victor Manuel Lara Garcia

Comment by Victor Manuel Lara Garcia

1. 12,460 Total Cards
2. Thomas Auyeung

Comment by Thomas Auyeung

1. 12,460
2. My name is Colby

Comment by Colby Stratten

Total Cards: 12,460

Name: Derrick Wolfe

Comment by Derrick Wolfe

12464 cal ripkens’ unfortunately that little box didnt pop up on my computer so this is the only number i found on your site

Comment by Chris Stevens

Nathan Crandell

Comment by Nathan Crandell


Comment by dan frazier


Comment by Joseph Paul

James E. Jackson Jr.

Comment by james e jackson jr

1. 12,464

2. Kevin Richards

Comment by Kevin Richards

1) 12,460
2) Kent Ritchie

Comment by Kent Ritchie

1. 12,460
2. J.J. Bonneville

Comment by J.J. Bonneville


Jason Wong

Comment by Jason Wong

1. 12,460
2. Wayne Martin

Comment by Wayne Martin

Cal Ripken, Jr, = 12,460 cards

Comment by matt aber

1) 12,460
2) Nick

Comment by Nick K

Kent Chisler

Comment by Kent Chisler

tina smith

Comment by tina smith

Ripken Jr. appears on 12,460 cards.

Comment by Andrew Pinion

1. 12,460
2. Matt Chin

Comment by Matt Chin

1. 12460
2. Larry Fassauer

larry fassauer

Comment by Larry Fassauer


Comment by Ted Dastick, Jr.

1. 12,460
2. Aurelien Durand

Comment by Aurelien Durand

1. 12,460

2. Tim Lindgren

Comment by Tim Lindgren

1. 12,460
2. Mike Janeway

Comment by Mike Janeway

Tim Thompson

Comment by Tim Thompson

1. Cal Ripken Jr. appears on 12,460 total baseball cards
2. Ryan Sutley

Comment by Ryan Sutley

1. 12,460
2. Aaron Hynum (

Comment by Aaron Hynum

1. 12,460
2. Michael Kiley

Comment by Mike Kiley

1. 12,460
2. William schumpert

Comment by Will Schumpert

1. 12,460

2. Ean Davis

Comment by Ean Davis

Adam Ohanesian

Comment by Adam Ohanesian

1. 12,460 total cards
2. Tanner McClure

Comment by Tanner McClure


Cant wait for the National. Would save me money to buy a box

Comment by Wes Taylor

1. 12,460
2. Nick Manca

Comment by Nick Manca

1. 12,460
2. Lucas

Comment by Lucas Morrison

1. 12460
2. Dan Stevens

Comment by Dan


Comment by Maxwell Shrem

robert jackson

Comment by roert jackson

Mark Q. Toribio

Comment by Mark Q. Toribio

1. 12,460
2. Will MacMillan

Comment by William

Mitch Gosha

Comment by Mitch Gosha

1. 12,460
2. Jonathan W. Iwanski

Comment by Jonathan Iwanski


Steve Burnite

Comment by Steve Burnite

1. 12,460
2. Dan Piehl

Comment by Dan Piehl

1. Total: 12,464 RC’s: 3 Memorabilia: 3,397 Auto’s: 2,328

2. Josh Wolters

Comment by Josh Wolters


This is my first time entering one of these things, so I hope I’m doing it correctly. :)

Comment by Irene Hernandez

matt seip
cal ripken: 12,460

Comment by matt seip



1. Ripken appears on 12,460 base cards

2. My name is Rob Murphy

Comment by Rob Murphy

Chad Stroud

Comment by Chad Stroud

12,460 cards

Jay Pangan III

Comment by Jay Pangan


Comment by tim

12,460 total cards.

Dave Wicker

Comment by Dave Wicker

Total Cards: 12,460
Rookie Cards: 3
Total Memorabilia Cards: 3,395
Total Autograph Cards: 2,344

2. Jon Campbell

Comment by Jon Campbell

1. 12,460 cards
2. Logan Jackson

Comment by Logan Jackson

cal ripken jr has 12,460 total cards. my name is josh turnbaugh, email address

Comment by josh turnbaugh

1) 12,460
2) Anthony Piccirello

Comment by Anthony Piccirello

there are 12,460 cards of cal ripken jr.

Comment by archibald johansson

1. 12,460
2. Samuel Chevadisaikul

Comment by Samuel Chevadisaikul

connor nerland

Comment by Connor Nerland

What a great contest, I’d love to go, never been to one, the answer is 12,460 being from baltimore, I would definately love the experience. Great job guys!!!!!!

From mod: Winner via random selection.

Comment by Tony Martin(redskins316)

1. 12,460
2. Sal Rinauro

Comment by Sal Rinauro

We have received your entries if you are wondering. There are plenty of them … but keep them coming.

Comment by chrisolds

1. 12,460
2. Matthew Edwards

Comment by Matt

1. 12,460
2. Micah Distel

Comment by Micah Distel


Comment by James DeCriscio

David Brown

Comment by David Brown

mark marecek

Comment by mark marecek

1. 12,460
2. Bryan Cornell

Comment by Bryan Cornell

Cal Ripken Jr. appears on12,460 total baseball cards. My name is Carlos Virgil

Comment by Carlos

1) 12,460 total cards
2) Wayne Flemmer

Comment by Wayne Flemmer

1. 12,460
2. Jason Taylor (huge Rip fan in MD!)

Comment by Jason Taylor

12451,, I would love this.

Comment by paul hoffman

1. 12,460
2. Ricky Keim

Comment by Ricky Keim

1. 12,460

2. James Acosta


Comment by James Acosta

12460 total cards
dean martin

Comment by dean martin

1. 12,460

2. Jason Winchell

Comment by Jason Winchell


Comment by Tom Record

[one.] twelve thousand, four hundred sixty
[two.] zane

Comment by Zane Bishop

James Hartenbach

Comment by James Hartenbach

Total Cards: 12,460
Total Rookie Cards: 3
Total Memorabilia Cards: 3,395
Total Autograph Cards: 2,344

Comment by John A. Brown

1. 12,460
2. Ryan Sanetra

Comment by Ryan Sanetra

Cal Ripken Jr – 12,460 cards

Comment by Chuck Papandrea

1) 12,460
2) Michael Scott

Comment by Michael Scott

1. 12460
2. Dan Hutchens

Comment by Dan

1. 12,460
2. Greg Macalinao

Comment by Greg Macalinao

He has appeared on 12,460 cards

Comment by Joseph Mace

1. 12,460
2. Ken R.

Comment by Ken

1) Total Cards: 12,460
2) Tim Murphy

Comment by Tim Murphy

2.James Wong

Comment by sportsheros123

1. 12,460
2. Justin Maddox

Comment by Justin Maddox


Comment by Dennis Bole


Scott LaBean

Comment by Scott LaBean

Be sure to stop by our booth #2117 and say hello!!!

Comment by blowoutcards

1. 12,460
2. Joe

Comment by Joe Mello

Question #1:
12,460 total Cal Ripken Jr. cards
Question #2:
Luke Counts

Comment by Luke Counts

1. 12,460

Kyle McConkey

Comment by Kyle McConkey


Comment by Peter Demyan

Ben Kraft

#1: 12,460
#2: Ben Kraft

Comment by Ben Kraft

Total Cards: 27,166
Total Rookie Cards: 7,287
Total Memorabilia Cards: 3,402
Total Autograph Cards: 1,283

Comment by Alec Hrynyshyn

Cal Ripken has 12,460 total cards to date. I have been fortunate enough to have one of his autographs with Lou Gehrig. The card is numbered to 3.

Comment by Brandon Kief

1. 12,460
2. Larry Mitchell

Comment by Larry Mitchell

12,460 total cards

Steve santucci

Comment by steve santucci

1. Cal Ripken Jr. appears on 12460 total baseball cards.

2. Jay McColister

Comment by jay mccolister

12,460 , thanks for the contest

Comment by Jonathon Muszynski

1: 12,460 cards
2: david pastoriza

Comment by david pastoriza


Comment by Dan DiVittorio

12,460 total cards
Dave Newton

Comment by dave newton

Mark Juffey

Comment by Mark Juffey

1. 12,460
2. Marc Beutler

Comment by Marc Beutler

1. 12,460
2. Chris Carter

Comment by Chris Carter

1. 12,460

2. Michael Busa

Comment by Michael Busa

1. 12,460
2. Charles Temp

Comment by Charles Temp

on 12,460 cards
Zoran is my name

Comment by Zoran

1. 12,460

2. Jason Seat

Comment by Jason Seat

1) 12,460
2) Robert Klineline

Comment by Robert Klineline


Comment by mike baldwin

12,460 total


Comment by Rob Botello

1. 12,564
2. Nathan Mayberg

Comment by Nathan Mayberg

1. 12460
2. Terry Kwentus

Comment by Terry Kwentus

1. 12460
2. Travis Parys

Comment by Travis Parys

1) 12,460
2) Jim Lenza

Comment by Jim Lenza

1. 12,460
2. Michael Gregory

Comment by Michael Gregory


2)Brian Mai

Brian M.

Comment by Brian Mai

1. 12460
2. wesley malchow

Comment by wes malchow

1. 12,460
2. Tom Messinger

Comment by tom Messinger

1. 12460
2. Eric hitt

Comment by Eric hitt

1. 12,460 total cards
2. Adam Lenck

Comment by Adam

Contest #2:

1. 12460

2. Keith Midgette

Comment by Keith Midgette

Darren Lastofsky

Comment by Darren Lastofsky

Cal Ripken Jr. Total Cards:4943
I hope i get this right.

Comment by Kristian


Comment by Linda


Comment by Chris

1. 12,460 cards
2. colin fenwick

Comment by colin fenwick

Jeff R. Arends

Comment by Jeff R. Arends

1. 12,460
2. Chris Helme

Comment by Chris Helme

1) 12,460
2) Josh Bailey

Comment by Josh Bailey

1. 12,460 total cards
2. James Day

Comment by James Day

cards: 12,460

Scott Majeske

Comment by Scott Majeske

1.) cal ripken jr is appears on 12,460 total cards

2.)Zach VanDeHey


Comment by zachary vandehey

1. 12,460
2. Robert Smathers

Comment by Anonymous

1) Answer: 12,460

Comment by DEAN DEL MAR

1. 12,460

2. Jordan Owens

Comment by Jordan Owens

1) 12,460

2) Tom

Comment by Tom Larsen

Total Cards: 12,460


Comment by steve chin

1. 12460 cards

2. Josh Manning

Comment by Josh Manning

1. 12,460
2. Alec Hemingway

Comment by Alec Hemingway

12,460 total cards, which is only 12,400 and some odd more than me…..

John Jaskiewicz

Comment by John Jaskiewicz

#1: 12460 cards
#2: Matt

Comment by Matt

1. 12,460
2. Richie Sliwinski

Comment by Richie Sliwinski

2)Ryan Smith(

Comment by Ryan Smith

1. 12,460
2. Peter Tebin

Comment by Peter Tebin

1. 12,460 total cards

2. Andrew Meeusen

Comment by Andrew Meeusen

12460 mike e

Comment by Mike E

1. 12,460
2. Christopher Daigle (

Comment by Christopher Daigle

1. 12,460 cards

2. Pat Watkins

Comment by Pat Watkins

1. 12,460 Cal Ripken Cards
2. James Thompson

James Thompson

Comment by James Thompson


Nick Mikulicich Jr.

Comment by Nick Mikulicich Jr.


Comment by Amberz

Winners will be selected on Tuesday morning. (Busy day Monday.)

Comment by chrisolds

Tony Martin is the winner as noted above.

Comment by chrisolds

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