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Brian Gray revives Leaf brand at The National by Chris Olds
August 4, 2010, 2:43 pm
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The gates of the National Sports Collectors Convention are about to open and there’s already a few nuggets of news with the return of an old, familiar name.

Brian Gray, formerly of the Razor Entertainment Group has launched Leaf Trading Cards, one of the past brand names commonly associated with Donruss products in the 1980s. However, Panini America does not own the Leaf trademark as part of the Donruss-Playoff umbrella.

“When I saw that the Leaf brand was available, I immediately recognized it was the perfect match for my new endeavor,” said Gray in a prepared statement. “The Leaf brand is synonymous with high quality and longevity, pre-dating any current manufacturer. My vision is to produce the highest quality cards with an irresistible value, while maintaining a long-term commitment to improving this industry.”

Leaf has acquired all non-baseball brands of the Razor Entertainment Group.

Its first release will be 2010 Leaf MMA available in late September 2010.

Leaf provided this Q&A for consumers who night have questions about the new company:

Is the new Leaf Trading Card Company Razor Entertainment Group?
NO! Leaf is committed to continuing the new hobby traditions that its president, Brian Gray, introduced to the hobby as the president of Razor. However, Leaf is not related in any manner to Razor Entertainment Group or to any other manufacturer in the trading card business.

For what products will the new Leaf Trading Card Company provide customer support for?
Because of its acquisition of some of the popular brands of Razor Entertainment Group, Leaf will provide customer service and support for previously released, non-baseball Razor-branded products. In addition, Leaf pledges the strongest customer service in the industry for all Leaf 2010 and beyond releases! Unfortunately, we cannot provide customer service for pre-2010 Leaf branded items.

What upcoming products can we expect from the new Leaf trading card Company?
Leaf Trading Cards is excited to bring you some of the brands you know and love such as, Cut Signature, Sports Icons, Historical Heroes, U.S. Army All American Football, Pop Century and MMA!
In addition, Leaf Trading Cards is pleased to announce a 2 year license agreement with Muhammad Ali Enterprises!  Beginning in the Fall of 2010, Leaf will be releasing a series of trading cards highlighting the life and accomplishments of Muhammad Ali, “The Greatest of All Time”

Will 2010 Razor MMA and 2010 Razor Rookie Retro still be released?
Yes! The 2010 MMA will now be released as a Leaf-branded product. 2010 Rookie Retro will be released as the final non-baseball Razor branded product. Leaf will proved customer support and distribution for this item.

What about my Razor Redemption cards?
The new Leaf Trading card Company will provide full support of all Razor Redemption cards and promotions for their complete valid period.

How can I become a Leaf dealer or distributor?
If you were a Razor Dealer or Distributor in the past then you will be afforded the opportunity to order direct from Leaf.


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