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First Impressions: 2010 Topps Platinum Football by Tracy Hackler

Football collectors, buckle your chinstraps. It’s about to get bumpy.

There’s an honest-to-goodness new-product free-for-all – you know, the thing that happens when you have more than one manufacturer in a given sport? – going on all around us, just in time for the start of football season.

Some might call it “Christmas in September.” Mostly, though, we collectors just call it awesome.

Indeed, the just-days-old 2010 Panini Threads and two-week-old Topps are about to be joined by the third new product in as many weeks: 2010 Topps Platinum, due out next Wednesday.

We managed to get our hands on an early couple of boxes earlier today. We’ll save one for a Friday-afternoon episode of Box Busters. As for the other one, well, we busted it so we could bring you these random thoughts and revealing images:

  • Platinum is a rookie-centric product that does a nice job of delivering, well, rookies. Each pack contains two Chrome Rookie Cards, which means we pulled all of the most collectible names from the 2010 class, including a few sweet parallels of C.J. Spiller and Toby Gerhart.
  • The product’s extra-thick, excessively-shimmering Rookie Variations parallels return, equipped with different photos than their standard-width counterparts.
  • True to its name, Platinum’s base cards deliver a darkish, platinum-tinted background, which helps keep the focus on the vibrant, color-enhanced photography on most cards. But there’s something about the finish or the stock of the base cards that makes them capture more fingerprints than a season’s worth of “CSI: New York.”
  • Luckily, the Chrome-stocked Rookie Cards seem to handle man-handling a little better.
  • I would’ve been fine going the whole season without pulling a Rolando McClain autograph (it’s nothing personal; he’s a Raider, I’m a Broncos fan). This particular box delivered two. Jackpot for an Oakland, Crimson Tide or defensive fan; not so much for anybody else.
  • For what it’s worth, the guaranteed Rookie Patch Autograph in this box – the McClain that’s numbered to 500 – features what appears to be just a standard piece of jersey. Nice-looking card, though.
  • The Aaron Hernandez rookie signature was a nice discovery. As a guy who didn’t attend the NFL Players Rookie Premiere, Tim Tebow’s tight end at the University of Florida isn’t someone collectors have necessarily seen a lot of so far this season. He’s a talented target who could be a real sleeper in a Tom Brady offense.
  • Every autographed card in Platinum is also a Refractor, which remains a mesmerizing technology all these years later. We should be used to it by now, but it still enchants.
  • It’s the tiniest of touches, but look at the Rookie Cards closely and notice the silver-foil outline around the player (especially noticeable on the John Skelton card). It’s cool, that’s all.
  • As one of Topps’ newer brands, Platinum is still searching for an identity; the 2010 version likely won’t blow anyone away, especially when it has to follow the successful base-brand Topps launch.
  • While this particular box is sure to be remembered for its duplicate McClains, at least give it credit for delivering a large number of top RCs.

Tracy Hackler is the editorial director for Beckett Media. Have a comment or question? Send an e-mail to him at Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.


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man Tracy, from what you just said apparently you’ve been spoiled by UD and their loaded boxes. Being upset and disappointed because you got a box like the rest of us would’ve really won;t get you any sympathy and is only proving that you only gave UD and Panini rave reviews because you could take one of the products chase cards and hold it high over everyones head and try and force people to kiss your arse. Im seriously glad Topps didn’t play the usual beckett box game and stuck you guys with a on color patch and mid-level players and also left the monster hits in the release for the true money paying collectors to find.
But im sure UD and Panini will be more than happy to load your boxes full of Quebows so you can give them your oh so “honest” product review.

Comment by James Banicki

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