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First look: 2011 Topps baseball cards by Chris Olds
September 16, 2010, 3:36 pm
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Topps released the first look at its 2011 baseball card set on Thursday with the above image of an Albert Pujols card from its Diamond Anniversary set, which will arrive in early 2011.

As with the last few releases, Topps has opted for a white border and a subtle use of foil stamping in its design. The look has a similar feel to last year’s base set, but with a larger photo frame and a slightly smaller presence for the team logos as Topps enters its second season as the official licensee of MLB cards.

We’ll have more on this upcoming product in the coming days.

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I have been collecting cards for 30 years. I can identify every Topps issue at first glance from 1952-1990. After 1991, that’s where things start getting blurry as the card designs become less and less uniquely designed. It’s not that recent designs don’t look nice. The 2011 looks nice, as do many recent issues. However, I find it difficult to identify distinctive design cues in recent issues that make the cards stand out from year to year. Will I be able to easily identify a 2011 card in 2021? I believe that answer will probably be, “No.”

Comment by Mark Duell

Whoa! Mark Duell. MDuell. mduell! Are you the mduell of the rest of the interweb?

Comment by sc

I agree with Mark. The last few sets seem bland. It’s like they’re trying not to mess up with a generic look as opposed to creating something interesting and potentially great. Topps could take a cue from some of the great stuff being released from Panini and Upper Deck.

Comment by Brian Hostetler

I hope they don’t foil the name. I’m okay with foiling the arcs around the name or around the team logo or the “Topps” logo or the position, but please not the name.

Comment by Robert

Card design is OK, not spectacular. Less is more, so this is an improvement over 2010. Hope Topps shows some concern for collectors’ eyesight when numbering the backs – sorting 2009 was a nightmare!
p.s. – How does one get in touch with Chris Olds?

From mod: His email address is at the end of every story he writes here.

Comment by Dave

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