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Box Busters Gallery: 2010 Topps Finest Football by Tracy Hackler

Beckett football fanatics Dan Hitt and Tracy Hackler mauled an early box of 2010 Topps Finest Football on Friday, revealing a sparkly spectacle steeped in Refractor and Atomic Refractor printing technologies with a slightly high-end predisposition.

Sporting a $10-per-pack SRP, each six pack mini box (two per master box) revealed either a dual relic autograph card or a rookie patch autograph card (both of which are really nicely done), a healthy dose of dazzling sheen and a rather ho-hum base set.

The must-see episode of Box Busters should be posted shortly. Until then, enjoy this shining first-look gallery of the contents of a second box of a landmark product that’s been around since 1993.


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Refractors are always nice, but that AND atomic refractors! Pinch me, lol.
This looks like it will be nice-nice, regardless of the standard chrome base set design.

Comment by Ken R.

Ken! What’s up, brother? I hope you’re doing well, man. Thanks for the comments. Glad your Steelers pulled it off last week.

Comment by Tracy Hackler

Hey Tracy! Nothing much, thanks for asking. Super stoked the season is under way, and I’m biding my time to jump on Topps Finest here, haha.
Thanks for Steelers comment. This week should prove to be quite the test against CJ28.
Sorry your Broncos couldn’t pull out the close one last week. I have a feeling you guys will take it to the ‘Hawks this weekend. I can’t wait to see how Demaryius does this week when he hits the field. And now you have Maroney too! You guys are gonna be stacked if everyone can get healthy and stay that way.

Comment by Ken R.

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