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***NOW CLOSED*** FREE STUFF FRIDAY (9-24) Contest No. 5 — A 2010 Panini Hall of Fame Willis Reed autograph by Chris Olds

We’re back with another Free Stuff Friday — our weekly ritual where we try and get some cool stuff into the hands of our readers just for answering some simple card-related trivia.

How can you win? Follow the directions below and answer the questions below in a comment right here …  it’s that simple.

Tips: Don’t try stuffing the comments box — it’s one try per person per contest and we’ll check IP addresses — and make sure to include your name and email address so you can be contacted if you win.

Get the question(s) after the jump …

FREE STUFF FRIDAY (9-24) Contest No. 5 — A 2010 Panini Hall of Fame Willis Reed autograph

1. According to, how many autograph cards does Willis Reed appear on? (Hint: Look for the box below and give us that number only.)

2. What is your name?

We’ll randomly award the prize(s) to a person with the correct answer(s) out of all entries received by Monday at 10 a.m. Central time.  Remember to include your name and email address with your entry… or you will be disqualified. Also note that it’s one entry per person per contest.

Note: The winner of each contest will be notified via email.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.


139 Comments so far
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1.He has 74 autographed Cards
2.Jason Porter(

Comment by Jason Porter

1. 73
2. Michael Gregory

Comment by Michael Gregory

1. 74 autograph cards
2. Ralph Cobb

Comment by ralph cobb

1)- 73
2)- Ray Chin

Comment by Ray Chin


2. Matt Cianfrone

Comment by Matt Cianfrone

Jordan G!

Go Magic!

Comment by Jordan G

1. 73
2. Sanders Yen

Comment by The Card Investor

Total Autograph Cards: 73
Dan Cugler

Dan Cugler

Comment by Dan Cugler

1. 73
2. Jeff Maizes

Comment by jeffrey Maizes

1. 73
2. Alex Harrison

Comment by Alex Harrison

Willis Reed has 73 autographed cards.


Comment by sanjosefuji

Michael Montville

Comment by Michael Montville

1. 73
2. Richie Sliwinski

Comment by Richie Sliwinski

1. 73
2. Nick Manca

Comment by Nick Manca

[two.] ZANE

Comment by Zane Bishop

Evan Trimas

Comment by Evan

Michael Montville
Chirs Olds…I messed up on my first attempt not trying to double dip.

Comment by Michael Montville

Answer 73

David Thimesch

Comment by David Thimesch

Clint Neidig

Comment by Clint Neidig

Willis Reed total autographs=73.Name=Excelso

Comment by Excelso Aniez

1. 73

2. David Patent

Comment by David Patent


Comment by Marcus Flores


Comment by chris spikoski

jeff gates

Comment by Jeff Gates

1. 73
2. Pat W

Comment by Pat Watkins

According to, Willis Reed appears on 73 autograph cards.

Dave Brumley

Comment by Dave Brumley

mike buzzard

Comment by mike buzzard

1. 73
2. Ben Leslie

Comment by Ben

1. 73
2. Joe Mello

Comment by Joe Mello

He appears on 73 autograph cards.

Comment by Tyler Lambert

1) 73
2) Bo Padgett

Comment by Bo Padgett

1. 73
2. Terry Kwentus

Comment by Terry Kwentus

1. 73
2. Matthew Ganek

Comment by Matthew Ganek

1. 74
2. Nathan Mayberg

Comment by Nathan Mayberg

1. 73
2. Ken Remley

Comment by Ken R.

1. 73
2. Ben Harrison

Comment by Ben Harrison

1. 73
2. Todd Shipler

Comment by darkship17

1. 73
2. Travis Makuk

Comment by Travis Makuk

Willis Reed appears on 73 autograph cards

Comment by Ryan Sutley

joey fjeldstad

Comment by Joey Fjeldstad

1. 73 (seventy-three)
2. Bryan Dirks

Comment by Bryan Dirks


jack tirko

Comment by jack tirko


Comment by Amberz


Comment by Craig Johnston

Gia Nobel


From mod: winner via random selection

Comment by Gia Nobel

1- 74
2- Victor Lara


Comment by Victor Manuel Lara Garcia

1. 73
2. Michael Boykin

Comment by Michael Boykin

1. 378 cards

2. brian viskovic

Comment by brian viskovic

1. 73

2. Kevin Richards

Comment by Kevin Richards


James LaCroix

Comment by James LaCroix

Adam Ohanesian

Comment by Adam Ohanesian

1. 73
2. Shawn Howland

Comment by Shawn Howland

1. 73
2. David Johnson

Comment by David Johnson

1) 73
2) Justin Roush

Comment by Justin Roush

1. 73
2. Ryan Grother

Comment by Ryan Grother


Comment by Linda K

William DeLee

Comment by William DeLee

1. 73
2. Jeff Fiedler

Comment by Jeff Fiedler

Kent Chisler

Comment by Kent Chisler

Willis Reed has 74 Autographed cards.

Comment by Lee Drane

1) 73
2) Stan Wang

Stan Wang

Comment by Stan Wang

1. 73
2. Jonathan W. Iwanski

Comment by Jonathan Iwanski

Mark Juffey

Comment by Mark Juffey

1 – 73 auto.
2 – Joe Cali

Comment by calicokidcards

1. 73
2. Bryon Pratt

Comment by Bryon Pratt


Comment by William Lee

1. 73

2. heino skovgaard

Comment by heino skovgaard

1. 73
2. Melissa

Comment by Melissa S.


Comment by Josh Dermott

1. 73
2. John Sorensen

Comment by John Sorensen

1. 73
2. Sarah Pratt

Comment by Sarah Pratt

1. 74

2. Ray Johnson

Comment by ray johnson

1. 73
2. Travis Leflar

Comment by Travis Leflar

73 autographs

Lane Sarcinella

Comment by Lane Sarcinella

Willis Reed 21

Comment by Tim Hamlin

Amy Stewart

Comment by Amy Stewart


Nils Pallack

Comment by Nils Pallack


Comment by dante camia

1. 73
2. Aarne Hamalainen

Comment by Aarne Hamalainen


Michael Gruhl

Comment by Michael Gruhl

73 auto’s
Wes Wheeler

Comment by Wes Wheeler

Mitch Gosha

Comment by Mitch Gosha

1. 73
2. John

Comment by John Kasl


Comment by richard sabatino

Answer – 73

Michael Mutuc

Comment by Michael Mutuc

1. 73 cards
2. Steve Drennen

Comment by Steve Drennen

1. 73 Total Autograph Cards
2. Tim Farrell

Comment by Tim Farrell


Comment by dan frazier


Jeff Ortiz

Comment by Jeff Ortiz

1. 73
2. Benjamin Langford –

Comment by Ben Langford

1. 73
2. John W.

Comment by John W.

The answer is 2, name is Ryan Nichols, and email is

Comment by Ryan Nichols

mark marecek

Comment by mark marecek

willis reed has 5 autograph cards keep up the good work chris.

Comment by alvin bridges

alisha alletto

Comment by alisha alletto

1. Willis Reed appears on 73 autographed cards.

2. My name is Robert Murphy

Comment by Robert Murphy

1. 73
2. Larry Mitchell

Comment by Larry Mitchell

1. 73

Charles Tackett

Comment by Charles Tackett

1. 73 autograph cards
2. Adam Lenck

Comment by Adam

Riley Cook

Comment by Riley Cook

Mike Cook


Comment by Mike Cook

1. 73
2. Ryan Sanetra

Comment by Ryan Sanetra

1. lists 74 willsi reed autograph cards. 2.Richard A. Grout is my name.

Comment by richard a grout

1. 73

2. Brooks Craig

Comment by Brooks Craig

2)Brian Mai

Brian Mai

Comment by Brian Mai

David Brown

Comment by David Brown

1. 73 autographed cards
2. Daniel

Daniel S. Lee

Comment by Daniel S. Lee

2.James Wong

Comment by sportsheros123

73 Autos
Dave Newton

Comment by Dave Newton

Chad Stroud

Comment by Chad Stroud

73 autos


Comment by Rob Botello

1. 73 cards 2. Dylan Hyun

Comment by Dylan Hyun

2-Kent Ritchie

Comment by Kent Ritchie

1. 73
2. Bryan Parcell

Comment by Bryan Parcell

David Puccio

1. 73
1. David

Comment by David Puccio

1. jacob clark
2. 73

Comment by Jacob Clark

Ken Moniz

Comment by Ken Moniz

1. 378

2. Brad Schwaegel

Comment by Brad Schwaegel

73 auto cards…..

John Jaskiewicz

Comment by John Jaskiewicz

1). Willis Reed appears on 378 total cards.

2). Hutch Nazak

Comment by Hutch Nazak

1. 73
2. jeremy johnson

Comment by jeremy johnson

73 cards


Comment by steve

1) Total Autograph Cards: 73
2) KC Touch

Comment by KC

1) 74
2) Jeff

Comment by Jeff Klank

Paul Teufer

Comment by Paul


Comment by gary bodtman

Contest #5

1. 73

2. Keith Midgette

Comment by Keith Midgette

Bill Flow

Comment by Bill Flow

1. 73
2. Bill Sanders

Comment by William Sanders

greg brady 73

Comment by greg brady

Kevin Wade

Comment by Kevin

1) 73
2) Kerry Kaus

Comment by Kerry kaus

1 73
2 Jason Seat

Comment by Jason Seat

1. 73 Total Autograph Cards
2. Thomas Auyeung

Thanks again for the contest!

Comment by Thomas Auyeung

Josh Spence


Comment by Josh Spence


Comment by jpackfan

Alvin Yam

Comment by Alvin Yam

1. 73
2. Abe Doctor

Comment by Abe Doctor

Gia Nobel is the winner as noted above.

Comment by chrisolds

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