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***NOW CLOSED*** FREE STUFF FRIDAY (10-15) Contest No. 3 — Win a hobby pack of 2010 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Football by Chris Olds

We’re back with another Free Stuff Friday — our weekly ritual where we try and get some cool stuff into the hands of our readers just for answering some simple card-related trivia.

How can you win? Follow the directions below and answer the questions below in a comment right here …  it’s that simple.

Tips: Don’t try stuffing the comments box — it’s one try per person per contest and we’ll check IP addresses — and make sure to include your name and email address so you can be contacted if you win.

Get the question(s) after the jump …

FREE STUFF FRIDAY (10-15) Contest No. 3 — Win a hobby pack of 2010 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Football

1.What is your name?

2. Who is your favorite player? (Pretty tough, eh?)

We’ll randomly award the prize to a person with the correct answer(s) out of all entries received by Monday, at 10 a.m. Central time. Remember to include your name and email address with your entry… or you will be disqualified. Also note that it’s one entry per person per contest.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.


283 Comments so far
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1: Pete Borini
2: Paul Posluszny

Comment by Pete Borini

Pete Borini
Paul Posluszny

Comment by Pete Borini

1. John
2. Wayne Hunter

Comment by John

Jason Martin

Tom Brady!

Comment by Jason Martin

kyle mudge
hines ward

Comment by kyle mudge

Nathan Crandell
Brett Favre
Even with his current harassment debacle

Comment by Nathan Crandell

1. Jesse!
2. Brett Favre

Comment by Jesse Schweizer

1. Heath Brown
2. Aaron Rodgers

Comment by Heath Brown

David Puccio

1. David
2. Felix Jones

Comment by David Puccio

1. My name is John A. Brown
2. My FAVORITE player is Drew Brees

Comment by John A. Brown

1. Terry Kwentus
2. Jeremy Maclin

Comment by Terry Kwentus

Jahvid Best

Comment by Jason Kenny

Jeff Catalano

Hines Ward

Comment by Jeff Catalano

John Kenney aka pbean :)

Barry Sanders ….. best RB in NFL history :)

thanks for another great contest :)

Comment by John Kenney

1. steve miller
2. ryan grant

Comment by steve miller

1. My name is Ryan Sutley
2. My favorite player is Matt Hasselbeck

Comment by Ryan Sutley

1. Brandon
2. Tom Brady

Comment by Brandon Covey

My name is Darrel Alfrey/ My favorite player is Emmitt Smith.

Comment by Darrel Alfrey

My name is Steve, and my favorite player is Walter Payton.

Comment by Steve

Comments will be approved in bunches. Keep them coming.

Comment by chrisolds

Travis Makuk

Ladainian Tomlinson

Comment by Travis Makuk

1. Shawn Pettyjohn
2. Jared Allen

Comment by Shawn Pettyjohn

James E. Jackson Jr.
Tony Romo

Comment by James E Jackson Jr

1. Josh Dermott
2. Brett Favre

Comment by Josh Dermott

Tyler Lambert
Antoine Winfield

Comment by Tyler Lambert

1. Nathan Oak
2. Frank Gore

Comment by Nathan Oak



1. Jackson Vose
2. Drew Brees

Comment by Jackson Vose

1. David Patent

2. Drew Brees

Comment by David Patent

Jeff Schaefer
Jared Allen

Comment by Jeff Schaefer

Kevin Wade
Steve Hutchinson

Comment by Kevin

Dan Cugler
Troy Aikman

Comment by dan cugler

Jeff R. Arends
Larry Bird

Comment by Jeff R. Arends

MIke Buzzard
Tim Brown

Comment by mike buzzard

Daniel “Horace” Lee
Donovan McNabb

Comment by Daniel S. Lee



1. Nicholas Volinchak
2. Peyton Hillis

Comment by Nicholas Volinchak

William Gareau
Tom Brady

Comment by William Gareau

Jason Ballew
Andre Johnson

Comment by Jason Ballew

1. Christopher Chapman
2. Brett Favre

Comment by Christopher Chapman

1. Keith Black

2. Nnamdi Asomugha

Comment by Keith

Todd Hilger
Brett Favre

Comment by todd hilger

jeremy johnson

chris johnson

Comment by jeremy johnson

1. Todd Shipler
2. Adrian Peterson

Comment by darkship17

1. Anthony Chu
2. Clinton Portis

Comment by Anthony

jacob clark

Comment by Jacob Clark

mario williams

Comment by Jacob Clark

1. Don Sarver
2. Brett Favre

Comment by Don Sarver

Matt Rupert

Tony Gonzalez

Comment by Matt Rupert

1) Michael Mutuc

2) Marshall Faulk

Comment by Michael Mutuc

1. Jeff Fiedler
2. Peyton Manning

Comment by Jeff Fiedler

Eric Roth
Phillip Rivers

Comment by Eric Roth

1. Sean Watko
2. Troy Polamalu

Comment by sean watko

Greg Macalinao
Michael Jordan

Comment by Greg Macalinao

1. Simeon Alexander Cortezano
2. Ndamukong Suh!

Comment by Simeon Cortezano

Randy Le
Peyton Manning

Comment by Randy

Adam Collins
Peyton Manning

Comment by Adam Collins

1. Ben Harrison
2. Brett Favre

Comment by Ben Harrison

1. Bryan Parcell
2. Ken Stabler

Comment by Bryan Parcell

Matthew Ganek
P.J. Hill

Comment by Matthew Ganek

1. Sanders Yen
2. Walter Payton

Comment by The Card Investor

1. Chris Hicks
2. Jamaal Charles

Comment by Chris Hicks

Omar Velazquez
Peyton Manning

Comment by Omar Velazquez

Charles Tackett
Patrick Willis

Comment by Charles Tackett

1. Chris Hendrix
2. Matt Ryan

Comment by Anonymous

1. Chris Hendrix
2. Matt Ryan

Comment by Chris Hendrix

Douglas Beatty
Trent Dilfer

Comment by Douglas Beatty

Brad Butler
Kansas City Chiefs

Comment by Brad Butler

Brad Butler
Adrian Peterson

Comment by Brad Butler

Adam Hirniak
Darrelle Revis

Comment by Adam Hirniak

Mike Lambe

Mark Bavaro

Comment by Mike Lambe

1. Jeffrey Regan
2. Wes Welker

Comment by jeffrey regan

Brian Mason
Terrell Davis

Comment by Brian Mason

Carson Palmer

Comment by Ricky Mulvey

1. Chris Anderson
2. Art Monk

Comment by Chris Anderson

1. Vincent Busch
2. Troy Polamalu

Comment by Vincent Busch

James LaCroix
Tom Brady

Comment by James LaCroix

1.Luis Lopez
2.Emmitt Smith (The Best ALL-TIME Running Back in NFL history)

Comment by Luis Lopez

Michael Gruhl

Jerome Bettis

Comment by Michael Gruhl

Josh Spence

Randy Moss

Comment by Josh Spence

Adam Ohanesian
Ray Lewis

Comment by Adam Ohanesian

1. Greg Myers
2. Art Monk
fav current player is DeAngelo Hall

Comment by Greg Myers

1. Kevin Richards

2. Chipper Jones

Comment by Kevin Richards

1.Jason Zetts
2.Michael Crabtree

Comment by jason zetts

1-Kent Ritchie
2-Aaron Rodgers

Comment by Kent Ritchie

Ron Anderson
Jim McMahon

Comment by Ron Anderson

Sam Berson
Clay Matthews

Comment by sam

1.Nils Pallack
2.Rich Gannon

Comment by Nils Pallack

1. Geoff
2. Antonio Gates

Comment by Geoff

1. Jason Boehm
2. Brian Bosworth

Comment by Jason Boehm

carlos virgil
frank gore

Comment by carlos virgil

Rob Schlicht
Brett Favre

Comment by Rob Schlicht

Ron Rubino
Randy Moss

Comment by Ron Rubino

Lucy Dalterio

Tom Brady

Comment by Lucy D

Jason Taylor
Ray Rice

Comment by Jason Taylor

Vincent Jackson

Comment by Jordan G

David Levine
DeSean Jackson

Comment by David Levine

1. Jose Luis Prieto
2. Tom Brady

Comment by Jose Luis Prieto

Michael Pomponio

Joe Namath

Comment by Michael Pomponio

1. Laura Bendixen
2. Peyton Manning

Comment by Laura Bendixen

Dave Newton
Devin Hester

Comment by Dave Newton

1. Adam Cowling
2. Eddie Royal

Comment by Spankee

1. Brandon Mason
2. Barry Sanders

Comment by Brandon Mason

Chris Williams

Favorite player is Tim Tebow!

Comment by Chris Williams

1. heino skovgaard
2. brett favre

Comment by heino skovgaard

Kent Chisler
Peyton Manning

Comment by Kent Chisler

1. My name is Robert Murphy

2. My favorite player is Mark Sanchez

Comment by Robert Murphy

Jason Storch
Max Starks

Comment by Jason Storch

John Power
Joe Montana

Comment by John Power

Paul Teufer
Adrian Peterson

Comment by Paul Teufer

1. Micheal
2. Dez Bryant

Comment by mjda

1. Brandon Stubblefield
2. Warren Moon

Comment by Brandon Stubblefield

1. Eric Link
2. Barry Sanders

Comment by Eric Link

Bryon Pratt
Brian Urlacher

Comment by Bryon Pratt

Michael Montville
Tom Brady

Comment by Michael Montville

1. CLint Neidig
2. Brian Orakpo

Comment by Clint NEIDIG

1. Sarah Pratt
2. Peyton Manning

Comment by Sarah Pratt

1. Shawn Howland
2. Wes Welker

Comment by Shawn Howland

My name is Dave Brumley

My favorite player is Tony Gonzalez

Comment by Dave Brumley

Seth M. Murphy
Mario Manningham

Comment by Seth M. Murphy

1. Jonathan
2. Orval Overall

Comment by Jonathan W. Iwanski

Chris Johnson

Comment by W.E. Wainwright

1. Tommy Long
2. Aaron Rodgers

Comment by Tommy Long

Craig Davis
Clay Matthews III

Comment by Craig Davis

Beth Ranches
Thurman Munson

Comment by beth

1. Joe Cali
2. Hakeem Nicks

Comment by calicokidcards

Christopher Siefken
Ndamukong Suh

Comment by Christopher Siefken

1) Sean Langon
2) Brandon Jacobs

Sean Langon

Comment by Sean Langon

1) Justin Roush
2) Peyton Manning

Comment by Justin Roush

Jeff Ortiz
Spergon Wynn

Comment by Jeff Ortiz

Peter Lee
Kobe Bryant

Comment by Peter Lee

1.Chris Bumann
2.Deven Hester

Comment by Chris Bumann

1. Brycen Johnson 2. Brett Favre

Comment by Brycen Johnson

1.nasser selami
2.darren mcfadden

Comment by Nasser selami

David Thimesch
Joe Mauer

Comment by David Thimesch

1. Chris Tong
2. Kevin Durant

Comment by Chris

1. Tim Lindgren

2. Brian Urlacher

Comment by Tim Lindgren

1. Dan
2. Warren Moon

Comment by Dan

ethan cahn

Darrell Green…

Comment by ethan cahn

1. stephen bellhorn
2. jay cutler

Comment by Stephen Bellhorn

Steve Centurioni

Dan Marino

Comment by Steve

Jason Seat
Peyton Manning

Comment by Jason Seat

Aarne Hamalainen
Doug Flutie

Comment by Aarne Hamalainen

1. Brendan Faherty
2. Thurman Thomas

Comment by Brendan Faherty

1. Ryan Meck
2. Roddy White

Comment by ryan meck

Mitch Gosha
Adrian Peterson

Comment by Mitch Gosha

1. Keith
2. Adrian Peterson

Comment by Keith Schimke

Justin Maddox
Tony Romo

Comment by Justin Maddox

1. Ken Remley
2. Austin Collie

Comment by Ken R.

1 George Christoforou

2 Tom Brady

Comment by george

Adrian Peterson

Comment by Caleb Douthitt

1. Matt Cianfrone

2. D. Ware

Comment by Matt Cianfrone

Steve Emerick
Sam bradford

Comment by steve emerick

Michael Swanson
Randy Moss

Comment by Michael Swanson

Mark Fiscus

Peyton Manning

Comment by Mark Fiscus

1.James Wong
2.Frank Gore

Comment by sportsheros123

1. Matt Chin
2. Walter Payton

Comment by Matt Chin

1. Mike A
2. Wes Welkaaaaaaah

Comment by Mike A

1. Richie Sliwinski
2. TJ Houshmandzadeh

Comment by Anonymous

1. Rich Sliwinski
2. TJ Houshmandzadeh

Comment by Richie Sliwinski

1. Lucas
2. DeSean Jackson

Comment by Lucas Morrison

Mike Janeway
Peyton Manning

Comment by Mike Janeway

1. Michael Simmons
2. Matt Forte

Comment by Michael Simmons

1. John Sluyter
2. Tim Tebow

Comment by John Sluyter

Delvin Ferguson
Dan Marino

Comment by Del Ferguson

1.Dante Camia
2.Steve Smith

Comment by dante camia

eric marcus
logan morrison

Comment by Eric Marcus

1. Eric Hitt
2. Drew Brees

Comment by Eric Hitt

1 robert
2 vince young

Comment by robert

Nick Manca
Nate Burleson

Comment by Nick Manca

James Cropper
Chad Ochocinco

Comment by James Cropper

John Glazewski
Dan Marino

Comment by John Glazewski

1. Christopher Daigle []
2. Wes Welker

Comment by Christopher Daigle

1. Chuck Papandrea
2. Peyton Manning

Comment by Chuck Papandrea

1)Wayne Flemmer
2)Philip Rivers

Comment by Wayne Flemmer

1. Ricky Simon
2. DeSean Jackson

Comment by Ricky Simon

1. John W.
2. Joe Montana

Comment by John W.

Glen… George… Crap I always screw up this question…
1. Galen
2. Howie Long

Comment by galen

tim tebow

Comment by phillip bates


Roy Halladay

Comment by Nolan

1- Joshua Deerinwater
2- Sam Bradford

Comment by Joshua Deerinwater

1. Abe Doctor
2. Rob Gronkowski

Comment by Abe Doctor

Connor Nerland
Jared Allen

Comment by Connor Nerland

Joe Mello
Danny White

Comment by Joe Mello

Owen Pence
Ahmad Bradshaw!

Comment by Owen Pence

Name: Kevin Boisjolie
Favorite Player: Wes Welker

Comment by Kevin Boisjolie

Dan Petrosky
Ben Roethlisberger

Comment by Anonymous

1. Larry Mitchell
2. Chris Johnson

Comment by Larry Mitchell

Ron Hamberger
James Lofton

Comment by Ron Hamberger

Samuel Chevadisaikul
Sam Bradford

Comment by Samuel Chevadisaikul

1. Keith Midgette

2. Maurice Jones-Drew

Comment by Keith Midgette

1. Richard Raftus
2. Chicago Bears
3. Walter Payton

Comment by Richard Raftus

1. Nigel Lee
2. Donovan McNabb

Comment by Nigel Lee

Excelso Aniez.Joe Montana.

Comment by Excelso Aniez

jack tirko

lofa tatupa

Comment by jack tirko

Bill Flow
Jermaine Gresham

Comment by Bill Flow

1. Melissa S.
2.Eli Manning

Comment by Melissa S.

Nick Landry
Vince Wilfork

Comment by Nick Landry

1) Mike Byron
2) Peyton Manning

Comment by Mike Byron

mark marecek
ahmad bradshaw

Comment by mark marecek

1. Craig Johnston
2. Derrick Thomas

Comment by Craig Johnston

Dylan Hyun
John Elway

Comment by Dylan Hyun

1. Chris Klimek
2. Brett Favre

Comment by Chris Klimek

Jeremy Pease
Joe Montana

Comment by Jeremy

Chris Cuddy
Wes Welker

Comment by Chris Cuddy

1. Steve Walth
2. Tom Brady

Comment by Steve Walth

David Brown
Brett Farve

Comment by David Brown

1. Michael Lee
2. Hakeem Nicks

Comment by Michael Lee

1) Josh Newman
2) Patrick Willis

Comment by Josh Newman

1. Bryan Dirks
2. Trevor Linden

Comment by Bryan Dirks

1. Jeff Maizes
2. dexter mcluster

Comment by jeffrey Maizes

1. Tim Anderson
2. Adrian Wilson

Comment by Tim Anderson

Marco Giorno

Randy White

Comment by Marco Giorno

Peter Heinz
Adrian Peterson

Comment by Peter

1. Eric Lundy
2. Peyton Manning

Comment by 87 Murphy Squirrels

Tyler Anglin!
Austin Collie!

Comment by Tyler Anglin

1. Thomas Auyeung
2. Peyton Manning

Comment by Thomas Auyeung

1. Michael Boykin
2. Jason Campbell

Comment by Michael Boykin

Jason Newton
Adrian Peterson

Comment by Jason Newton

Peyton Manning

Comment by Virgil Furnish

1. Josh Bailey
2. Joe Montana

Comment by Josh Bailey

1. Elex
2. Ladainian Tomlinson

Comment by Elex Sy

John Strout
Shaun Alexander

Comment by John

Oliver Soria

Jerome Bettis

Comment by Ollie Soria

1.Jeff Taylor
2.Peyton Hillis

Comment by budmademewizer

Timothy Johnson

Patrick Willis

Comment by Timothy Johnson

Greg Madrack

Emmitt Smith

Comment by Gregory Madrack

Jeff Gates
Adrian peterson

Comment by Jeff Gates

1. Matt Felker
2. Hines Ward

Comment by Matt Felker

Jeremy Brannon

Tony Romo

Comment by Jeremy Brannon

1) Robert Belenzon

2) Antonio Gates

Comment by Robert Belenzon

1.James Marquette
2.Jared Allen

Comment by James

1. Eric Seat
2. Peyton Manning

Comment by Eric Seat

Mal Wong
Ben Roethlisberger

Comment by Mal

Tony Romo

Comment by Justin Wayne Campbell

Tom Shafer
Darin Erstad

Comment by Tom Shafer

greg brady ray lewis

Comment by greg brady

1. Alex Harrison
2. Drew Brees

Comment by Alex Harrison

Martin Rebello
Earl Campbell

Martin Rebello

Comment by Martin

Chad Jeffery
Derrick Brooks

Comment by Chad Jeffery

1) James Thoman
2) Tim Tebow

Comment by James Thoman

Jay McColister
Darren Woodson former
Chris Gronkowski current

Comment by jay mccolister

1. Mike Large
2. Sam Bradford

Comment by Mike Large

1) Anthony Piccirello
2) Derek Jeter

Comment by Anthony Piccirello

name: hector
1: hector
2: Adrian Peterson

Comment by hector lopez

Matthew Kahn
Michael Vick

Comment by Matthew Kahn

1. Adam Lenck
2. Roddy White

Comment by Adam

louis gonzales jr

laron landry

Comment by louis gonzales jr

Jerry Throneberry
Barry Sanders

Comment by jerry throneberry

1) Kerry Kaus
2) Fred Jackson (buffalo bills)

Comment by Kerry kaus

Brant Hill
Emmitt Smith

Comment by Brant Hill

Steve Drennen
Eli Manning

Comment by Steve Drennen

1. Patrick O’Sullivan
2. Howie Long

Comment by Patrick O'Sullivan

1. Jeff Kirchhoff
2. Ray Lewis

Comment by Jeff Kirchhoff

Andrew Grajczyk
Andre Wadsworth

Comment by Andrew Grajczyk

David Wright
David Wright

You knew that was coming.

Comment by David Wright

Billy Sims

Comment by Derek Loop

1. Dwayne Hirtle
2. Peyton Manning

Comment by Dwayne Hirtle

1. Malachi Dawson
2. Brett Farve

Comment by Malachi Dawson

Dave Wicker

DeAngelo Williams

Comment by Dave Wicker

Benjamin Langford

Brandon Tate

Comment by Benjamin Langford

1.) Ryan Launder
2.) Carson Palmer

Comment by Ryan Launder


Calvin Johnson

Comment by Brandon Altadonna

1Jason Lococo
2 Bo Jackson

Comment by jason lococo

1. Ben Leslie
2. Jessie Tuggle

Comment by Ben Leslie



Comment by steve .chin

1. Jordan Wells
2. Matthew Stafford

Comment by Jordan Wells

1. Tom Messinger
2. Randy Moss

Comment by tom Messinger

1. Dawood Akhtar
2. Chris Johnson

Comment by Dawood Akhtar

Robert Potts

Comment by Robert Potts

Chad Stroud
Peyton Manning

Comment by Chad Stroud

Jeff Klank

Javon Ringer

Comment by Jeff

1. Gus Castellanos
2. George Brett

Comment by Anonymous

1) Allen D. Piazza
2) Joesph Addai

Comment by Allen D. Piazza

1 Aaron Vaught
2 Jonathan Joseph

Comment by Aaron Vaught

1) Joseph ‘GIjoe7’ Fuentes

2) Michael Jordan

Comment by Joseph Fuentes

1) James Pineda
2) Peyton Manning (Best QB ever)

Comment by James Pineda

1. Lenny G
2. LT(old school) or Barry Sanders, its a tie up

Comment by Lenny Golod

Alvin Yam
Gale Sayers

Comment by Alvin Yam

Jamie Brunson
Eli Manning

From mod: winner via random selection

Comment by jamie brunson

Robert Tierney
Tom Brady

Comment by Robert Tierney

John Jaskiewicz

Roger Staubach

Comment by Anonymous

jamie brunson is the winner as noted above.

Comment by chrisolds

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