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Would you want to own a New York Yankees office chair? by Chris Olds

By Chris Olds | Editor

It’s probably not quite ergonomically sound and it’s probably not going to be expensed– at least not by me — but there’s a new office chair that just might be a hit among many executives in the sports world and in more than a few dens around the world.

Well, at least if the owners are fond of New York Yankees pinstripes.

Steiner Sports has unveiled a new offering among its game-used Yankee Stadium memorabilia lineup — and it’s something that just might get some attention around the office for being one part memorabilia and one part daily life accessory.

It’s the Yankee Stadium office chair.

What will it cost you to get one of the famed blue seats from one of baseball’s most famous, but gone, venues?

A mere $799.99 plus $70 shipping.

Each seat comes with a Yankees-Steiner letter of authenticity — and some will likely show the battle scars of years of bustling below fans of the Bronx Bombers — but it’s perhaps as unique as they come.

Is it for you? Leave a comment and/or take our poll.

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I guess that’s one thing to do with stadium seats that aren’t selling. I think it destroys any collectible value, though.

Comment by Paul

This is really a great conversation starter for Yankee Fans and its a piece of history that can be a part of your office. These chairs are guaranteed authentic and would be a great gift for employees to pitch in and give their boss that perfect holiday gift.

Comment by Steiner Sports

I agree with Paul…I think that the Yankees still have a warehouse full of them & need to come up with ways to unload them.
Be on the lookout for the “Dinner Table”, which would be a set of 4 Yankee seats and a table put together from various wood/debris from the stadium…or maybe they could attach a couple chains (and no legs) and create a “lawn swing”….:-)
Wouldn’t surprise me if they did. It’s not that people don’t want the seats, but most stadium seats go for around $250 each. Yankee seats are 3x that much…

Comment by Jeff

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