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Panini’s Tracy Hackler takes back seat to real rock star by Chris Olds

We all know Beckett Media’s Panini America‘s Tracy Hackler acts like a box-busting rock star, but on Monday he took a back seat to a real rock star, Jonathan Cook lead singer for Forever The Sickest Kids.

Cook, who is a collector and Dallas Cowboys fan, is the nephew of Panini America’s Ted Barker (working the camera). He sat down with Hackler to open a box of 2010 Epix football cards for what you’ll find above.

What will they find inside? Watch and find out …

And if you’re not familiar with FTSK, you might have seen this video for their biggest hit so far on MTV or on heavy rotation awhile back.


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Theres nothing worse then bad cards, and bad music…
Well yeah there is I just won’t mention it.

Ill take some Black Crowes, and a case of 2006 Allen & GInter..

Good day sir..

Comment by themojohand

When it said rock star, I thought the music would be rock. I think you meant pop star. Even the tags for this article list pop music.

Comment by Spankee

Beckett is a bunch of sell outs who just push Panini products that basically suck for the most part. Show me one review outside of your site that speaks highly of the garabage they put out.

Comment by GH

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