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Collecting Coach Garrett by tolentinotown


By Andrew Tolentino | Assistant Editor

With only 33 Jason Garrett cards in the Beckett database, the recently appointed Cowboys interim head coach has never held the matches for a hobby fire. Even with his new title, he isn’t carrying collecting kerosene. His limited modicum of memorabilia, however, is something to keep an eye on as he is tested in his new role.

After conducting a quick “Jason Garrett” search on eBay, I didn’t quite break the internet, but I did spot a slight (still statistically negligible) influx of collectibles bearing his name over the past couple of days. After Sunday’s Packer pummeling, these listings could have come from nostalgic Cowboys fans remembering Garrett’s heroic performance against Green Bay in 1994. On the other hand, speculative sellers might be trying to cash in on the latest league spotlight. One eBayer in particular even draws attention to Garrett as the “new Cowboys coach” in an auction for a 1999 Official Cowboys Bluebook.

Realistically, Garrett’s collectible value isn’t expected to spike at breakneck speed, but if nothing else, it will be interesting to witness sellers stretching to make a coin with whatever they can find. As his first game as head coach approaches, hobbyists will have to work with what they’ve got. If he proves himself a hero though, Garrett’s ‘graphs (both ‘photo-‘ and ‘auto-‘) might make a return to cardboard in 2011.


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