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Teaser gallery: 2011 Topps Pro Debut Series 1 minor league baseball cards (with poll) by Chris Olds

Topps unveiled a selection of preview images for its second year of manufacturing Minor League Baseball cards on Tuesday — 2011 Topps Pro Debut.

Pro Debut will have a few more touches next year — a new addition being dual autographs — but we’ll wait for the full preview information to come later this week.

Until then, feast on the photos and tell us whether you like what you see … after the jump.

We want to know if you like what you see. Take our poll below — and be sure to comment, too, if the desire strikes.

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I think Topps moved in a good direction with the base card design in 2010…not convinced that they kept that momentum going in 2011. Not a fan yet

Comment by Abe Doctor

i still don’t understand the need for cut sigs on players that are living and active. Bought a box of 2010 Pro Debut the day it came out and it was a major disappoinment. My 2 autos were no name guys. Topps has really dropped the ball. Thats why i mostly stick to EEE for prospects.

Comment by Josh Handler

Why the hell do they keep cutting apart old auto cards to insert them into new cards? What’s wrong with just inserting the old cards and saying its a buyback insert? I would think that would be a helluva lot more valuable.

Comment by Jim Farley

It’s likely contractual. If they could insert the autographed cards, I’m sure they would.

They wouldn’t go to the hassle of printing them and getting them signed if they were planning to use them as cuts.

Comment by chrisolds

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