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Vic(k)tory for the Hobby? by tolentinotown

By Andrew Tolentino | Assistant Editor

After last night’s stunning six-touchdown performance in the face of a $78 million Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick is becoming a serious comeback case. Reaffirming fortitude on the field, he might be on the verge of rebuilding his hobby following.

If Martha Stewart can do it, then Vick could very well bury his time behind bars with a wealth of air-cleansing appearances. Then again, comparing Michael Vick to Martha Stewart is like…well, comparing Michael Vick to Martha Stewart. Arguably the more grievous offender, No. 7 isn’t likely to be seen baking apple pies on daytime television, but record-breaking NFL play can be a decent substitute for positive public relations.

As one would assume, Vick’s card values tanked in 2007 due to criminal charges, prosecution and prison sentence. Numerous collectors and fans turned the quarterback’s memorabilia into canine kennel lining and chew toys. In a matter of months, the former Falcon’s total card value (Beckett Hi Price) fell from $109,847.46 to $75,335.30, ultimately bottoming out early this October at $70,557.10. Then, fall football happened.

Perhaps, because of performance-inspired forgiveness and the passage of time, Vick collectors are making a slow, but noticeable resurgence. As of today, the high-flying Eagle’s prices are perched at $76,588.25 (as seen below) and there are still over 12,000 Vick cards to be collected on the Beckett Marketplace. Sure, they’re not soaring past the hundred thousand dollar mark, and they might not be a dealer’s best seller, but any player’s cards with a $6,000 spike in a month’s time is worth a second glance — particularly when the player is Michael Vick.

With a reputation as tarnished as Vick’s, many speculated that he might not even make it back to the league. But he did. Even after being reinstated, his cards were still too tainted to rise from the depths of the pricing pits. But they are. Maybe I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill here, though. Even before his reinstatement, Vick’s total card value managed to climb back up to $85,000.

Whether this is a short term spike or the beginning of a true upward trend, Vick’s collectible clout is now a natural curiosity. Consequently, I’m interested to hear from Vick reformists, new bandwagon jumpers and conscientious objectors. No matter your side of (or on) the fence, your thoughts are critical to this collecting quandary.



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