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Which one of These Cards is Not Like the Other? by tolentinotown

By Andrew Tolentino | Assistant Editor

Knee deep in non-sport research, Beckett analyst Bryan Hornbeck discovered a baffling eBay listing this morning. Although the $1,000,000 listing did not sell, the most puzzling part of the eBayer-described “9 Card Collection of the Greatest in Baseball” is the eighth player selection.

Granted, every fan is entitled to a few outlying picks, and this seller even does a decent job of justifying the oddball. However, l have a feeling that hobbyists will be saying “Huh?” after seeing this audacious addition to Baseball’s best of the best.

Who did this eBay seller select? Click here to see for yourself.


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HUH? Really? Kent the greatest of all time? lol
It’s a shame the seller didnt sell this set. He could have used some of that million to pay for some spelling lessons.

Comment by delvin ferguson

This seller is a little shady on his auction. If you look at his feedback as a buyer, in the past 90 days of viewable feedback and view item he has bought a lot of old reprints. Two of them are the 1949 Leaf Babe Ruth and one 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle the same two cards in his auction.

Comment by Jason Wong

I agree with the seller Hrbek belongs in that group. He has two more rings than Ted Williams and one more than Hank Aaron and Shoeless Joe.

Comment by Kevin

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