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Four Cards I’m Thankful For by tolentinotown


By Andrew Tolentino | Assistant Editor

In the interest of giving gratitude this week, I pulled four cards from my personal collection and gave them a hand turkey tribute. As a card-carrying Texas Ex, I can’t help but highlight players who have donned the burnt orange. Even though Vince Young and Cedric Benson have had their woes as pros, I am nonetheless thankful to have a few of their cards in my Longhorn shrine. If nothing else, our shared school colors are appropriately autumnal.

Below, you’ll find four cards for which I am very grateful. Since every collector has a few personal favorites, we’re interested in finding out which four cards land on your hand turkey finger feathers.

2007 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Class of 2006 Unsigned #170 Vince Young

Although this isn’t the fanciest VY card in my personal collection, it earned a spot in the shadowbox because of its relative simplicity and nostalgic qualities. Despite the recent drama surrounding his career, I am still (and always will be) thankful for his epic national championship performance.



2006 Playoff National Treasures Helmets #9 Earl Campbell/9

Featured here in his Houston Oilers uniform, the living predecessor of many great Texas running backs motivated me to splurge on a  high-end product for the first time. This little piece of the legendary Longhorn’s helmet is a tangible connection to school pride.


2006 Donruss Classics Saturday Stars Jerseys Autographs #26 Cedric Benson/5

When he was recruited, Benson was touted as the next big thing for Texas. As you may read in the next issue of Beckett Football, I had a brief but significant encounter with the future Bear and Bengal that made me a fan forever. Overlooking an underwhelming NFL career thus far, I am proud to put this card on a pedestal.

2009 Topps Magic All Americans #AA6 Earl Campbell

Making Earl Campbell appear in any present day football product is magic to me. Topps had me tearing open pack after pack to pull this contemporary Campbell card with old school appeal.


Sure, the cards I’m thankful for might make Sooners boom and Aggies yell, but these are just my personal picks. Please feel free to post the four cards to which you are giving gratitude this week.

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As a former Marine, I have a definite soft spot for sports professionals who have done some time in the Marines. There is a long list … Ted Williams, Roberto Clemente, Rod Carew, Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch, Ray Mercer, Bum Phillips, Tom Seaver, Leon Spinks, Jerry Coleman … I am forgetting some.

But here is the card I am thankful for …

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